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Apple heeft nieuwe MacBooks Pro onthuld — en ze hebben nieuwe, stillere toetsenborden

12/07 19:45 - Apple heeft nieuwe MacBooks Pro onthuld — en ze hebben nieuwe, stillere toetsenborden
Behalve stillere toetsenborden zijn volgens Apple ook de processoren sneller en tonen de schermen een natuurlijker kleur. The post Apple heeft nieuwe MacBooks Pro onthuld — en ze hebben nieuwe, stillere toetsenborden appeared first on Business Insider....


Meer over economie

20/09 05:30  Beleggen in buitenlandse aandelen kent een extra risico

20/09 02:45 ‘His trial balloon went over like the Hindenburg’: Democrats are skeptical of Michael Bloomberg’s potential 2020 run

20/09 02:30 'Brexit-onderhandelingen over de grens met Ierland zitten vast'

20/09 02:15 ‘There are multiple witnesses who should be included’: A lawyer for the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault raises the stakes ahead of planned hearing

20/09 01:45 Jimmy Butler’s trade demand once again forces NBA teams to face the biggest quandary with star players

20/09 01:45 Read the full statement from Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer who just raised the stakes ahead of a hearing to address sexual misconduct claims against Brett Kavanaugh

20/09 01:15 Trump wants Spain to build a wall across the Sahara desert, which is in Africa, to address the European migration crisis

20/09 01:15 Boston bros with ‘connections’ find lost Red Sox championship banner and wanted to be compensated, but got nothing in return

20/09 00:45 Cristiano Ronaldo left stunned and furious after receiving an absurd red card in first Champions League match with new club Juventus

20/09 00:45 A Bugatti Veyron, a Gulfstream private jet, and a $330,000 diamond Feds charge 3 men for alleged $364 million Ponzi scheme to fund lavish lifestyle

20/09 00:15 iOS 12’s most fun feature is hiding in your iPhone keyboard — here’s how to create your own ‘Memoji’

20/09 00:15 Brett Kavanaugh isn’t the first Supreme Court nominee to be accused of sexual misconduct — here’s what happened last time, and how it compares to now

19/09 23:45 China’s unexpected move during huge war games with Russia shows their relationship is still uneasy

19/09 23:45 College students say they can’t send in their absentee ballots because they don’t know where to buy stamps

19/09 23:15 Inside Verizon’s newly renovated New Jersey campus, which features an indoor taco truck, an exclusive hotel, and a mile-long track

19/09 23:15 Amazon reportedly wants to open up to 3,000 cashierless stores to become one of the largest convenience chains in America

19/09 22:45 Waarvoor zijn er nieuwe 100- en 200-eurobiljetten nodig?

19/09 22:45 Nederlandse industrieën sneuvelden door Aziatische concurrentie – maar staal overleefde

19/09 22:45 A $100 mini version of the original PlayStation is on the way with 20 games packed in — here are the games included

19/09 22:45 One of the most exciting rookies in the NFL is a punter

19/09 22:30 Sentiment op Wall Street blijft positief

19/09 22:15 Met 3.000 nieuwe supermarktjes wil Amazon in de VS naar de top doorstoten

19/09 22:15 The US Navy identified the sailor killed in an aviation accident on the aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush

19/09 22:15 Trump’s latest tariffs are about to hit you where it really hurts

19/09 22:15 Amazon reportedly wants to be one of the largest convenience chains in America with 3,000 cashierless stores

19/09 22:15 Stocks finish mostly higher after upbeat economic data

19/09 22:15 Argentina’s economy craters in the 2nd quarter as an economic crisis grips the country

19/09 22:15 Apple will log about how many ‘phone calls or emails you send and receive’ to give your device a ‘trust score’

19/09 22:15 ‘It was humiliating’: Black candidate has cops called on her while canvassing in a predominantly white neighborhood

19/09 21:45 ’Fouten erftaks kosten schatkist 100 miljoen’

19/09 21:45 'Amazon wil 3000 kassaloze supers'

19/09 21:45 What $10 was worth the year you were born, and what you could buy with it today

19/09 21:45 Uber driver sues Jameis Winston over alleged groping incident and hires an attorney involved in one of his previous scandals

19/09 21:45 9 things you should never keep at your desk

19/09 21:45 Lebron James is making a sequel to ‘Space Jam’ and the director of ‘Black Panther’ is involved

19/09 21:30 Fouten erftaks kosten schatkist 100 miljoen

19/09 21:30 Vereniging 'Fouten erftaks kosten schatkist 100 miljoen'

19/09 21:15 India’s richest man’s plan to revolutionize its telecom industry with cheap data seems to be working

19/09 21:15 Google had to change Gmail’s new Smart Reply responses because its AI kept suggesting ‘I love you’

19/09 21:15 Jack Ma said Trump’s trade war with China will wreck Alibaba’s plans to help create 1 million US jobs

19/09 21:15 The Lyft app will now tell you the fastest way to get anywhere — even if it means taking public transit instead of a Lyft ride

19/09 20:45 Topman Ryanair krijgt flinke kritiek

19/09 20:45 New Jersey gambler misses out on $82,000 winning bet when FanDuel cites a ‘pricing error’

19/09 20:45 Alibaba is reportedly setting up its own company to make a customized artificial-intelligence chip

19/09 20:45 A Google programmer just published a book of hilarious cartoons that shows what it’s really like to work at the search giant

19/09 20:45 Jimmy Butler has reportedly requested a trade from the Wolves and given 3 teams he wants to join

19/09 20:45 Trump hasn’t read the classified Russia documents he wants released to the public

19/09 20:45 Trump’s newest strike in the trade war with China will catch US consumers in the crossfire

19/09 20:45 This machine perfectly places street cones

19/09 20:45 The most anticipated game of the year will be missing a major online component when it comes out in October


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