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China banned all mention of a sassy, eye-rolling reporter after she became a meme

14/03 13:15 - China banned all mention of a sassy, eye-rolling reporter after she became a meme
Liang Xiangyi was caught on live TV rolling her eyes and giving a fellow reporter an extreme side-eye as she asked a rambling question at a state conference. Het bericht China banned all mention of a sassy, eye-rolling reporter after she became a meme verscheen eerst op Business Insider....


Meer over economie

24/05 06:45 Werkstress door technologische innovaties

24/05 06:15 Verlies Uber gehalveerd

24/05 05:45 Een gefilmd monument

24/05 05:45 ’We zijn gekke henkie’

24/05 05:45 ’Mark stierf gruwelijk’

24/05 05:45 ’Vunzige puinhoop bij het OM’

24/05 05:45 Zijslaper, pas op je hartritme

24/05 05:45 Miljonair aan de haak geslagen

24/05 05:45 Spitstaks splijtzwam

24/05 05:45 Weinig over van goede oude tijd

24/05 05:45 Wes en Yo weer samendansend de nacht in

24/05 05:45 Overleven in de hel

24/05 05:45 Nieuw leven voor cellen in België

24/05 05:45 Computer zoekt baan nieuwkomer

24/05 05:45 Daar gaan we weer met die spitsheffing...

24/05 05:45 Scepsis over mes in regelbrij zorg

24/05 05:45 De BIZARRE familievetes van Anthony Hopkins

24/05 05:45 Estland als duistere sprookjeswereld

24/05 05:45 Poppenspel met tienermeisjes

24/05 05:15 1,5 miljard euro uitgegeven bij Europese webwinkels

24/05 05:15 Apple teams up with Volkswagen to make a fleet of self-driving passenger vans

24/05 04:45 Apple teams up with Volkswagen to make a fleet of self-driving passenger vans that will haul its employees around

24/05 04:45 Iran lays out its demands for a nuclear deal with European nations, and it undercuts the US in almost every way

24/05 03:45 Australia’s postal service opened a store whose only customers are personal shoppers for Chinese buyers

24/05 03:45 North Korea claps back at Mike Pence’s ‘ignorant and stupid remarks,’ leaving summit with the US hanging by a thread

24/05 02:45 Police release disturbing body-cam footage of Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown being arrested and tased

24/05 02:45 Android phones everywhere are adopting the iPhone X notch, and it shows a true lack of originality among smartphone makers

24/05 02:15 How gun owners really feel about gun control

24/05 02:15 UFC is about to get a huge boost with casual sports fans thanks to $1.5 billion deal with ESPN

24/05 02:15 Sweden is telling its citizens to prepare for crisis or conflict — and it’s ‘becoming a bit of a trend’ in Europe

24/05 02:15 The best way to disrespect the flag is to compel people to stand for it

24/05 02:15 These are the 10 best-selling men’s watches of the season, according to an expert — and they make gifts for grads and dads

24/05 02:15 In a Twitter rant, Elon Musk just vowed to create a news credibility rating site called ‘Pravda’ — here’s how that’s connected to Russia

24/05 01:45 Trump threatens to take away aid from countries every time one of their citizens comes to the US illegally

24/05 01:45 The most and least expensive places to live in America

24/05 01:30 Bouwsector ziet omzet terugkeren op niveau van voor de financiële crisis

24/05 01:15 LeBron James’ early-season declaration that he would stand for the national anthem reportedly had a big impact around the NBA

24/05 01:15 5 things my parents let me do that I would never let my kids do

24/05 01:15 US disinvites China from military exercise over militarization of South China Sea islands

24/05 01:15 The US is running out of commonly used drugs including ones used in epidurals, and it’s put us on ‘the brink of a public health emergency’

24/05 00:45 Friese kolonel na eeuwen herbegraven

24/05 00:45 Ernstig ongeluk op A32 bij zeker twee gewonden

24/05 00:45 Wie-is-wie in de Vestia-fraude

24/05 00:45 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are about to go head-to-head at the biggest gaming event of the year — here’s what to expect

24/05 00:45 Trump is reportedly considering a plan to slap tariffs on imported cars

24/05 00:45 Photos of a scaly, discolored patch of skin on Trump’s face have gone viral — here’s what it is, according to a Yale dermatologist

24/05 00:30 Veel agressie naar werkers met gehandicapten

24/05 00:30 Nederlanders besteden meer bij webwinkels uit andere EU-landen

24/05 00:15 The GOP just dealt another blow in their steady unraveling of Obama’s legacy

24/05 00:15 A submarine has discovered the 310-year-old ‘holy grail’ of shipwrecks, and it may carry $17 billion in treasure


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