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wij vragen geen medische gegevens

-wij-vragen-geen-medische-gegevens14/04 18:15 - wij vragen geen medische gegevens
VEGHEL – Jumbo spreekt tegen dat het bedrijf medische gegevens van werknemers opvraagt....


Meer over economie

22/06 23:15 Zolang een ander maar betaalt, wil iedereen het klimaat wel redden

22/06 23:15 Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi reportedly gave its CEO a $1.5 billion bonus — one of the largest CEO bonuses in history

22/06 23:15 Trump praises Supreme Court’s sales tax decision in a shot at Amazon, but it could affect his own business too

22/06 23:15 Young Trump staffers are complaining they can’t date in DC because everyone hates them

22/06 23:15 Pokémon trading has finally come to Pokémon Go for all players

22/06 23:15 19 science-backed ways men can appear more attractive to women

22/06 22:45 Moeder gedupeerde leerling in ‘Niet te bevatten’

22/06 22:45 Spanje wil Malta helpen met migrantenschip

22/06 22:30 ’Vrienden verdachte Panorama beschoten rechtbank’

22/06 22:30 Moeder gedupeerde leerling in ‘Dit is niet te bevatten’

22/06 22:30 Nederland helpt eilanden bij verbeteren zorg

22/06 22:30 Raad Maastricht verontrust over vmbo-debacle

22/06 22:30 12 jaar cel geëist voor fatale steekpartij

22/06 22:15 Mexican officials are ready stop helping the US fight terrorism and drug trafficking to get back at Trump

22/06 22:15 Facebook’s controversial app for children, Messenger Kids, is expanding outside of the United States for the first time

22/06 22:15 This controversial Supercross star has 20 minutes to make $1 million

22/06 22:15 China is slamming the US with $34 billion in tariffs. Here are the states that will be hurt the most.

22/06 22:15 An anti-Trump movement is calling for the boycott of these 24 retailers

22/06 21:45 Rumoerige bijeenkomst VMBO ’Emoties liepen hoog op’

22/06 21:45 Veel steunbetuigingen voor agent Utrecht

22/06 21:45 Rat in brand gestoken in ’Dit had niet gefilmd mogen worden’

22/06 21:45 Laat handelsoorlog zich ook in de supermarkt voelen?

22/06 21:45 I’ve walked 12,000 miles around the world as part of a 5-year, 7-continent adventure. Here’s how I got started.

22/06 21:45 One of the toughest World Cup groups is suddenly in chaos, and now Lionel Messi and Argentina have been thrown a lifeline to advance

22/06 21:45 If you think the iPhone X’s $1,000 price tag is expensive, see how much it costs around the world

22/06 21:45 Nintendo is about to bring back its outrageously popular $60 NES console

22/06 21:45 Britain is no longer a ‘tier one’ military power

22/06 21:30 Gedupeerde vmbo- ‘Alles is nietig verklaard’

22/06 21:30 BLØF bezorgt Zoutelande meer bezoekers

22/06 21:30 Bijeenkomst VMBO Maastricht verloopt ’Emoties lopen hoog op’

22/06 21:30 Tsipras met stropdas lost belofte in

22/06 21:15 Grexit is verder weg dan ooit, Italexit weer een stapje dichterbij

22/06 21:15 One of America’s most powerful female executives controls a $30 billion media empire — and she still faces surprising harassment in the workplace

22/06 21:15 A Tesla recycling machine caught fire at its Fremont factory, but the company says production was not affected

22/06 20:45 Sportwetten op kantoor

22/06 20:45 Leerlingen en ouders woedend op vmbo-school

22/06 20:45 Over a million space rocks could strike Earth with more energy than a nuclear bomb, and we don’t know where most of them are

22/06 20:45 The Turkish lira is climbing ahead of Sunday’s snap elections

22/06 20:45 We share 80 million bacteria when we kiss each other — here’s why we enjoy it anyway

22/06 20:45 Paul Manafort is having a very bad month — and the odds of him flipping on Trump just keep getting higher

22/06 20:30 'Bourdain had geen drugs in zijn lichaam'

22/06 20:30 Dutchbatters snakken naar rehabilitatie

22/06 20:30 Vrouwelijke voetbalcommentator is zeldzaam

22/06 20:30 Meisje (14) uit Amersfoort sinds maandag vermist

22/06 20:30 Volop keus in reispolisland

22/06 20:15 Why the 76ers’ heartbreaking draft-day trade of a hometown player could end up being a huge win

22/06 20:15 Elon Musk talks about robots all the time, but nobody else in the auto industry does — here’s why

22/06 20:15 This robot-powered burger restaurant says it’s paying employees $16 an hour to read educational books while the bot does the work

22/06 20:15 Wall Street explains why investors shouldn’t be spooked by Intel’s CEO resignation

22/06 20:15 What it means to be ‘fearless’ at work and how you can get over your fear


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