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Apple made a really annoying change to the main way you send photos to people in iOS 12

13/07 01:15 - Apple made a really annoying change to the main way you send photos to people in iOS 12
Apple has changed the way people send photos through the Messages app in iOS 12. Whereas in iOS 11, where you only need to click the camera icon in Messages to summon their Camera Roll, iOS 12 will force users to click the App Store button in Messages every time they want to share a photo. The post Apple made a really annoying change to the main way you send photos to people in iOS 12 appeared first on Business Insider....


Meer over economie

20/07 19:15 Federal prosecutors charged Ohio opioid distributor that sent 6 million pain pills to small town

20/07 19:15 ‘The Lion King’ is on its way to beating a box-office record held by the ‘Harry Potter’ finale

20/07 19:15 Ga je lekker hard op je e-bike? De kans om erop te sterven is drie keer zo groot als op een gewone fiets, blijkt uit Duits onderzoek

20/07 19:15 People are accusing the ‘Cats’ filmmakers of whitewashing Kenyan-born actress Francesca Hayward in the upcoming film adaptation

20/07 19:15 Private investigator says Epstein used 16-year-olds as recruiters once they ‘lost their braces’

20/07 18:45 Ook ruimtereis maken? Dit kost het

20/07 18:15 LIVE - Dag 2 een pechvogel en beats als een aardbeving

20/07 18:15 A Michigan pageant winner was stripped of her title over social media posts about hijabs and black murder rates

20/07 17:45 ‘Een minister van Meertaligheid in Brussel is zeer nuttig’

20/07 17:45 Larisa Solovyeva vluchtte uit 'Aids was een ziekte van de Amerikanen'

20/07 17:45 Trump says he ‘offered to personally vouch’ for rapper A$AP Rocky’s bail in talk with Swedish prime minister

20/07 17:45 I have almost 30 credit cards — here’s how I keep track of pay dates, benefits, and rewards balances

20/07 17:45 The producers behind ‘Get Out’ made a documentary about a man who was murdered while 60 townspeople witnessed, yet no one will come forward

20/07 17:15 'Netwerkbeheerder Tennet dwarsboomt Duitse energietransitie'

20/07 17:15 Lonely Planet- Bosnië en Herzegovina

20/07 17:15 Drugsmilieu heeft geen monopolie op granaten

20/07 17:15 11 Apollo movies and documentaries to watch on the moon landing’s 50th anniversary

20/07 17:15 Trump says he ‘offered to personally vouch’ for A$AP Rocky’s bail in talk with Swedish prime minister

20/07 16:45 ’Obligaties blijven interessante belegging’

20/07 16:45 Van Aert mag mogelijk maandag ziekenhuis verlaten

20/07 16:45 LIVE - Dag 2 beats als een aardbeving en de Macarena

20/07 16:45 THEN AND The stars of ‘Top Gun’ 33 years later

20/07 16:45 Bernie Sanders pushed back on campaign staffers’ pay complaints and voiced frustration that some went went to the media

20/07 16:45 7 of the world’s most incredible new buildings in 2019, according to architects

20/07 16:45 Justin Bieber tweeted at Donald Trump asking him to free migrant ‘Can you also let those kids out of cages?’

20/07 16:30 Meest gelezen op Jan Modaal, hypotheek en pensioen

20/07 16:15 ‘Eerst werd je geneukt, daarna kreeg je een beloning’: cabaretière Karin Bloemen over haar incestverleden

20/07 16:15 2 elite matchmakers say they always make house calls before helping a millionaire find love — and they can tell a lot by what’s in their fridge and closet

20/07 16:15 A surprising number of NASA Astronauts come from Ohio, the ‘birthplace of aviation.’ Here are all the US cities that produce the most astronauts.

20/07 16:15 Americans love these 10 award-winning cars

20/07 16:15 We went to Barneys’ Manhattan flagship to see why it’s the latest department store to reportedly consider bankruptcy

20/07 15:45 Azië weigert vuilnisbak van de wereld te Cambodja stuurt 1.600 ton plasticafval terug naar VS en Canada

20/07 15:45 Etna opnieuw prachtige beelden van gutsende lava

20/07 15:45 We moeten kiezen tussen groei en ‘Eigenlijk hebben we een ramp nodig’

20/07 15:45 The first trailer for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 10 is here and it teases a Carol and Alpha showdown

20/07 15:45 My first year of being a mother cost me nearly $7,000 — here’s a detailed breakdown of every expense

20/07 15:45 On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the Google Doodle honors the Apollo 11 mission with an animated video of the journey

20/07 15:30 Helft metaalbedrijven komt personeel tekort

20/07 15:15 Zelfs toen ik al twintig was, geloofde ik dat Duitsers naar je brullen. Terwijl het de liefste mensen van de wereld zijn

20/07 15:15 Na de katers de ‘Ik ben nog één keer hervallen. Denk ik’

20/07 15:15 Dag 2 aftellen naar de Belgische zwaargewichten

20/07 15:15 How 18 key moments in the ‘Lion King’ remake compare to the original movie

20/07 15:15 Inside the drama in Goldman Sachs’ private-investing unit; KKR turns to data for an edge

20/07 15:15 Adidas is appealing to the Instagram generation with an exclusive event where visitors had to navigate a maze and compete in a vertical jump test

20/07 15:15 It took less than 10 minutes to open a high-yield cash account with Wealthfront and earn more on my savings. Here’s exactly what it’s like to sign up.

20/07 15:15 Netflix’s biggest challenges in the US and internationally are bubbling to the surface

20/07 14:45 Hugo Camps over 40 jaar De ‘Het intellectuele comfort van DM ligt vooral in wat niet gepubliceerd wordt’

20/07 14:45 ‘Verdienmodel’ was te lang een vies woord bij duurzame supermarktketen Marqt

20/07 14:45 Deze Chinese, elektrische auto gaat over twee jaar in België in productie

20/07 14:45 Vintage photos of the Apollo 11 moon mission show why it’s still arguably NASA’s greatest feat, 50 years later


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