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Mild Temps On Earth-Sized World Just 11 Light-Years Away

13/07 01:45 - Mild Temps On Earth-Sized World Just 11 Light-Years Away
The discovery of any Earth-like exoplanet evokes excitement in the science community, but the hype is definitely heightened when a possible rocky world is found close to home. Last year, researchers announced the discovery of an exoplanet just 11 light-years from Earth — practically in our own backyard. And now, a detailed study published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters reveals crucial details about its composition and potential habitability. ESO’s High Accuracy Radial velocity Plane...


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18/11 15:30 Hoogsensitief modegril of echt probleem?

18/11 15:30 System to rid space station of astronaut exhalations inspires Earth-based CO2 removal

18/11 14:45 19-jarige sterft na inhaleren deodorantspray

18/11 14:45 'Klimaat snel extremer, actie is zeer urgent'

18/11 13:30 Tiny satellites will relay news of InSight’s Mars landing in minutes, not hours

18/11 11:15 Een kijkje in de glazen bol van je genen

18/11 10:30 Dit is waarom er nog geen ‘antikaterpil’ op de markt is

18/11 10:15 Dit is waarom er nog geen ‘antikaterpil’ op de markt is

18/11 08:45 The Picasso Problem

18/11 07:15 Biologische lemmingen plegen massaal zelfmoord

18/11 06:30 Metric system overhaul will dethrone the one, true kilogram

18/11 05:30 Waarom het jaar 536 ‘het ergste jaar ooit’ was

18/11 05:15 Waarom het jaar 536 ‘het ergste jaar ooit’ was

18/11 02:45 In the Climate Deception Game Where The End Justifies the Means, the Objective is the Headline.

18/11 02:30 Could Neanderthals Speak? The Ongoing Debate Over Neanderthal Language

18/11 02:30 The Anthropic Are the Laws of the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

18/11 02:30 Will The Snowiest Decade Continue?

18/11 00:30 What Studying Primate Communication Tells Us About The Evolution of Human Language

17/11 22:30 Coral Adaptation and Epigenetics

17/11 18:45 “Scientists” Determine That the Worst Year in Human History Was… 536 AD.

17/11 17:45  3-D Printing Parts For Historic Ringling Bros Train Car

17/11 17:30 What Studying Primate Communication Tells Us About Our Own Language Abilities

17/11 15:30 Fact-checking the NY Times’ Fact-checking

17/11 13:30 Aflikken speentje beschermt mogelijk tegen allergieën bij baby’s

17/11 13:15 Glinsterende oorwormvleugels stelen de show

17/11 11:45 Aflikken speentje beschermt mogelijk tegen allergieën

17/11 10:45 Wratten, schimmels, soa’s, zweten en haren waar je die niet in Ongemak worden lichamelijke taboes besproken

17/11 09:45 Inslagkrater verstopt onder de Hiawatha-gletsjer in Groenland?

17/11 07:30 Reef Scientist Receives “Standing Up for Science” Award for Defending His Climate Change Claims

17/11 07:15 Column #23 van Hens Hoe repareer je een ruimtestation?

17/11 05:30 A massive crater hides beneath Greenland’s ice

17/11 00:30 Stacking concrete blocks is a surprisingly efficient way to store energy

16/11 23:45 A New Treatment for Alzheimer's? It Starts With Lifestyle

16/11 23:45 Our Attempts to Eradicate Insects are Just Making them Resistant to Pesticides

16/11 23:45 Inslagkrater verstopt onder de Hiawatha-gletsjer in IJsland?

16/11 23:30 FCC Gives SpaceX Green Light for 7,518 New Satellites

16/11 23:30 Simply Seeing and Smelling Food Preps the Liver for Digestion

16/11 23:30 The Bitter Coffee Lovers’ Love of Caffeine is Wired in their DNA

16/11 23:30 Discovered under Greenland a massive meteor impact crater the size of New York City

16/11 22:30 Trump to Nominate Andrew Wheeler for EPA Head

16/11 21:30 These Two New 'Rogue Planets' Wander the Cosmos Without Stars

16/11 21:30 Skeletal Studies Show Sex, Like Gender, Exists Along a Spectrum

16/11 21:30 Research Building Burns Down in Woolsey Fire

16/11 21:15 Bruin vet speelt rol in verzadigingsgevoel

16/11 20:30 Union of Concerned Scientists For Nukes!

16/11 19:30 FDA restricts the sale of some flavored e-cigarettes as teen use soars

16/11 19:30 A Bronze Age game called 58 holes was found chiseled into stone in Azerbaijan

16/11 19:30 Spotted Seatrout Continued to Spawn During and After Hurricane Harvey

16/11 18:45 They're Ants That Collect Skulls. Now We Know How And Why.

16/11 18:45  Dozens of Egyptian Cat Mummies Uncovered


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