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Ook nieuwe cao voor grondpersoneel van Transavia

14/03 15:30 - Ook nieuwe cao voor grondpersoneel van Transavia
De grondmedewerkers van Transavia zijn dicht bij een nieuwe cao. De luchtvaartmaatschappij meldt overeenstemming te hebben bereikt met de betrokken bonden over een nieuw akkoord dat loopt tot en met 2020....


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24/09 00:15 Tiger Woods completes first win since 2013 as celebrating crowd mobs the course in surreal scene

23/09 23:45 Packers coach Mike McCarthy freaks out at referees after Clay Matthews called for another questionable roughing-the-passer penalty

23/09 23:15 ‘It doesn’t look good’: 49ers fear Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a season-ending knee injury

23/09 22:45 Boodschappen doen zonder prikkels en in alle rust? In Sint-Michielsgestel kan het

23/09 22:45 Boodschappen doen zonder prikkels en in alle rust? In Sint-Michielsgestel kan het

23/09 21:15 Nafta-crisis raakt ook Nederlandse bedrijven

23/09 20:45 Nikki Haley hits back at Iran’s president blaming the US after military parade attack

23/09 20:45 The Buffalo Bills are running up the score on the Vikings just a week after a loss so bad that a player retired at halftime

23/09 20:30 Waarschuwing voor turbulentie op financiële markten

23/09 20:30 ’Onrust op beurs blijft’

23/09 20:15 As Hurricane Florence’s floodwaters recede, some North Carolina rivers could rise another foot, and the full moon isn’t helping

23/09 20:15 The 13 worst job markets in America right now

23/09 19:45 Deze toko ziet al sinds 1959 voedseltrends komen en gaan

23/09 19:45 'Toyota zet de deur open voor Android in de auto'

23/09 19:45 Rich millennials with more money than they need or want have found a new way to spend their cash

23/09 19:15 I visited Ibiza, home of legendary 24-hour clubs — but the island’s hidden gems are far away from the glitz and glam

23/09 19:15 Lawmakers are split on the next steps for Christine Blasey Ford

23/09 18:45 België zoekt rosse centen

23/09 18:30  lees hier alles over nieuwe dga-taks

23/09 18:15 After building their careers, successful women across the US are spending thousands on coaches to help them conquer the next dating

23/09 17:45 These are the 5 things you must do before Dreamforce, the 170,000-person tech conference taking over San Francisco this week

23/09 17:45 Couples are going to therapy before getting married to get help dealing with their in-laws

23/09 17:15 Waarom moet alles gezond? Mayonaise hoort vet te zijn

23/09 17:15 De wereld van topruiters kent ook een schimmige kant

23/09 17:15 These $300 Sennheiser headphones are the perfect gadget to help you make movies with your smartphone

23/09 17:15 The best value plays in your DraftKings lineup for Week 3 of the NFL season

23/09 17:15 ‘The House with a Clock in Its Walls’ wins a quiet weekend box office

23/09 17:15 9 ways college is different for millennials than it was for previous generations

23/09 17:15 Here are all the new ways Apple can help you combat your smartphone addiction in iOS 12

23/09 16:45 How Trump exposed, exploited, and embodied the cult of billionaire ‘big philanthropy’

23/09 16:45 We’re learning more about which carbs you should never cut from your diet

23/09 16:30 'Handelsvete blijft belegger bezighouden'

23/09 16:15 Fat in one part of your body is particularly dangerous for your health — here’s what an exercise scientist says you can do about it

23/09 16:15 Vacuums, tires, and computer These are the goods that will be hit the hardest by Trump’s new China tariffs

23/09 16:15 Major retailers like Walmart and Target are doing whatever it takes to convince people to work there

23/09 16:15 Apple’s big bet on the future of USB is increasingly looking like a rare misfire

23/09 15:45 We shopped at 3 of the biggest dollar-store chains in America to see which one offered the best experience, and the winner was clear

23/09 15:45 Apple started and filmed a controlled fire to create cool effects for the new Apple Watch

23/09 15:15 Analysts and experts are zeroing in on where they think Amazon’s HQ2 will be

23/09 15:15 The amazing story of how the Airbus A320 family became the Boeing 737’s greatest foe

23/09 15:15 I met the best chef in the world — and the story behind his most iconic dish is surprisingly relatable

23/09 14:15 'Rappe prijstoename huizen niet vol te houden'

23/09 14:15 'Rappe prijstoename huizen niet vol te houden'

23/09 14:15 Hoe lang nog blijven de huizenprijzen zo hard stijgen? – Dit is wat economen denken

23/09 13:45 This is the difference between Cognac and brandy, and 6 other things you didn’t know about the grape-based drink

23/09 13:30 'Rappe prijstoename huizen niet vol te houden'

23/09 13:30 EU-president Tusk blijft overtuigd van Brexit-akkoord met VK

23/09 13:30 Snelle toename huizenprijzen volgens economen niet vol te houden

23/09 13:15 Turkije moet nog veel doen om lira-crisis te beteugelen

23/09 12:30 Buma wil alternatief voor nog hogere energietaks


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