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Trump wants to create the first US military branch to fight in space

14/03 16:15 - Trump wants to create the first US military branch to fight in space
Congress has discussed creating a Space Corps to counter Russia and China's aim to develop anti-satellite weaponry. Het bericht Trump wants to create the first US military branch to fight in space verscheen eerst op Business Insider....


Meer over economie

17/10 05:30 Toch dreiging pensioenkorting

17/10 05:30 Achterover hangen voor pensioen is funest

17/10 05:15 YouTube went down for over an hour during an abrupt worldwide outage

17/10 04:45 ‘The Conners’ executive producer explains how the spin-off decided to handle Roseanne’s absence

17/10 04:30 'EU biedt Verenigd Koninkrijk langer verblijf in douane-unie aan om tot afspraken te komen'

17/10 04:15 YouTube is scrambling to get back online amid worldwide outage

17/10 03:15 The 10 most popular programming languages, according to the ‘Facebook for programmers’

17/10 03:15 Scammers have been tricking iPhone users into downloading apps that cost hundreds of dollars per year. Now, Apple appears to be cracking down

17/10 02:45 Nederland zakt uit top-vijf van concurrerende economieën

17/10 02:45 Here’s how ‘The Conners’ writes off Roseanne

17/10 02:15 België zakt verder onderuit op competitiviteitsranking Wereld Economisch Forum

17/10 02:15 Mike Pompeo says Saudi leadership is working to ‘ensure accountability’ for Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance

17/10 01:15 Panera is reinventing bread as ‘healthy’ as sandwich chains like Quiznos and Subways struggle to survive

17/10 01:15 ‘This is what happens when you elect a moron to the presidency’: Michael Avenatti claps back at Trump’s ‘Horseface’ tweet toward Stormy Daniels

17/10 01:15 T-Pain brings you inside startups on his new TV show, from weed-infused wine to an all-in-one instrument for musicians

17/10 00:45 Everything we know about the sequel to ‘Black Panther’

17/10 00:45 Here are the deadlines in every state to vote absentee in the 2018 midterm elections

17/10 00:45 A group of marketers is suing Facebook alleging ad fraud, after digging through 80,000 pages of internal documents

17/10 00:45 The 16 healthiest countries in the world

17/10 00:45 10 celebrities you didn’t know are also DJs

17/10 00:45 How ‘The Price Is Right’ is made

17/10 00:30 Vissers hengelen kwart meer binnen

17/10 00:30 'EU biedt VK langer verblijf in douane-unie om tot afspraken te komen'

17/10 00:15 Nederland valt uit top 5 van beste economieën

17/10 00:15 Nederland valt uit top 5 van beste economieën

17/10 00:15  The Fed is the ‘biggest threat’ to the economy

17/10 00:15 Actor Gerard Butler says he canceled a trip to Saudi Arabia after the Khashoggi disappearance — taking a stronger stance than the US government

17/10 00:15 Six Flags paid 6 people $300 to lie down in a coffin for 30 hours — here’s what it was like

17/10 00:15 10 things you never knew about ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’

17/10 00:15 Meghan Markle may have changed her hair to distract people from her pregnancy, and she could have learned the trick from Kate Middleton

16/10 23:45 How members of the royal family dress around the world to respect local culture

16/10 23:45 ‘Everywhere we went, we had to worry about our safety’: Women who attended Yale in the 1980s describe the culture around sexual misconduct amid the Brett Kavanaugh allegations

16/10 23:45 This handy case could fix the most annoying parts of the newest iPhones

16/10 23:45 ‘Halloween’ is a great throwback to the original movie 40 years later and Jamie Lee Curtis is a badass

16/10 23:45 Bankers are reportedly approaching Tesla as debt payments loom

16/10 23:45 18 people share the grossest thing they’ve ever seen on a plane

16/10 23:45 Here’s the long-lost 1975 TV episode that Jeff Bezos makes people watch to understand what his space company is all about

16/10 23:45 ‘There were mistakes along the way, for which I take responsibility’: Eddie Lampert addresses Sears employees day after bankruptcy filing

16/10 23:15 Na miljardenboete wacht vrachtwagenbouwers nu megaclaim wegens prijsafspraken

16/10 23:15 4 ways you’re making your job harder than it needs to be

16/10 23:15 Princess Charlotte stole the show in a heartwarming photo from Princess Eugenie’s wedding

16/10 23:15 NBA’s trend of increasing number of international players appears to be slowing down

16/10 23:15 Former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia says King Salman once told him that 9/11 was an Israeli plot

16/10 23:15 Basketball season is Here are the 10 best NBA players, according to the ‘NBA 2K19’ video game

16/10 23:15 Netflix’s 3rd-quarter earnings blow through Wall Street’s expectations

16/10 23:15 Google will charge phone makers money for its Android apps in Europe — an unprecedented change that it says is to comply with regulators

16/10 22:45 Some of Amazon’s brand-new Mercedes-Benz delivery vans are suffering a mechanical failure

16/10 22:45 Breastfeeding rooms are now required in all major US airports, thanks to a new law

16/10 22:45 17 of the most memorable ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ couples, ranked

16/10 22:45 27 of Lady Gaga’s best red carpet looks


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