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Waar leren volwassenen iets? Juist ja, op de werkplek…

01/03 00:15 - Waar leren volwassenen iets? Juist ja, op de werkplek…
Netflix heeft een interessante documentaire van Michael Moore momenteel. Moore reist naar Europa om ideeën voor de USA te ‘stelen’. Wat vooral naar voren komt, is de waarde die Europeanen hechten aan gezond leven. Vermindering van stress komt daarin voortdurend naar de voorgrond. Moore laat zijn Amerikaanse landgenoten zien hoe nuttig dat is. Wat hij […] The post Waar leren volwassenen iets? Juist ja, op de werkplek… appeared first on Jonge Bazen....


Meer over economie

18/01 07:45 William Barr answered 2 questions during his confirmation hearing that could spell trouble for Trump in the Russia investigation

18/01 07:30 Opening Lelystad Airport politieke en logistieke thriller

18/01 07:30 VS niet aanwezig op economisch congres Davos wegens 'shutdown'

18/01 07:30 'ING zet het mes in bonussen wegens schikking in witwaszaak'

18/01 07:15 Vergader 8 uurs vergaderarrangement op een kasteel in Limburg

18/01 07:15 Search personality Aleyda “linkbuilding is het meest complexe aspect van SEO”

18/01 07:15 Pro versie van slim bolletje Homey

18/01 07:15 Michael Cohen reportedly admitted his talks with Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. about the Trump Tower Moscow deal were far more detailed than previously known

18/01 06:45 Omzet Montapacking naar 50 miljoen euro

18/01 06:45 Topper van Naspers naar Picnic

18/01 06:45 US troops were highly visible regulars at the Syrian restaurant where a suicide bomber killed 4 Americans

18/01 06:30 'ING kortwiekt bonussen vanwege megaschikking'

18/01 06:30 Amsterdam jaagt woningbouwers weg

18/01 06:15 Weer stapt topman van geplaagd Snapchat op

18/01 06:15 ABP steekt half miljard euro in groene hypotheken van Rabobank

18/01 06:15 ABP steekt half miljard euro in groene hypotheken van Rabobank

18/01 06:15 Trump reportedly instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about Trump Tower Moscow deal

18/01 05:15 Netflix ziet de winst fors teruglopen ondanks een recordaantal nieuwe klanten

18/01 04:15 12 details you probably missed in ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’ that hint at the plot of ‘Glass’

18/01 04:15 A church in Alabama gave away $16,500 worth of grocery store gift cards to furloughed federal employees

18/01 04:15 Charles Barkley rips Kyrie Irving over LeBron James ‘I would have whooped his a–‘

18/01 03:45 Australian leaders call Israeli girl’s brutal murder in Melbourne ‘incredibly shocking’

18/01 03:15 Chaos dreigt bij import vanuit Verenigd Koninkrijk na brexit

18/01 03:15 Netflix says more ‘choose your own adventure’ shows are on the way after the success of ‘Black Bandersnatch’

18/01 03:15 Acxiom, a huge ad data broker, comes out in favor of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s quest to bring GDPR-like regulation to the United States

18/01 02:45 Tulsi Gabbard apologizes to LGBTQ community over past rhetoric, ‘I said and believed things that were wrong’

18/01 02:15 If donors raised enough money, here’s how they could theoretically build the wall

18/01 01:45 VS niet aanwezig op economisch congres Davos wegens shutdown

18/01 01:45 LuLaRoe supplier files new demand for immediate seizure of $34 million and alleges the company is quietly liquidating goods

18/01 01:45 Atlassian shares soar over 9% after beating Wall Street estimates and posting $1 billion in annual revenue for the first time ever

18/01 01:30 Vaste lasten dit jaar explosief gestegen

18/01 01:30 Groei landbouwexport stagneerde in 2018

18/01 01:15 Instagram influencers are so overwhelmed by hackers, they’re hiring hackers of their own to get their accounts back

18/01 01:15 The Republican who represents more of the border than anyone in Congress has an idea to secure the border, and it’s not a wall

18/01 01:15 White House cancels US delegation trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos hours after throwing wrench into congressional trip to Afghanistan

18/01 01:15 Microsoft’s CEO says that facial recognition technology can be ‘terrible’ and detrimental to society, even as Amazon sells it to law enforcement

18/01 00:45 Groei landbouwexport stagneert

18/01 00:45 Groei landbouwexport stagneert

18/01 00:45 Senators from both parties have introduced a bill to keep Trump from ditching NATO, but they may not be able to stop him

18/01 00:45 24 personalized Valentine’s Day gifts worth putting the extra time and thought into

18/01 00:45 These popular K-beauty watermelon masks and moisturizers keep selling out — we tried the new skin care brand’s best sellers to figure out why

18/01 00:45 The government shutdown has gotten so bad that agencies are using legal loopholes to restart critical functions

18/01 00:30 Groei landbouwexport stokt door prijsdalingen

18/01 00:15 Winst loopt terug bij Netflix

18/01 00:15 Winst loopt terug bij Netflix

18/01 00:15 17 vintage photos of bizarre exercise fads from the last 100 years that required little effort and probably yielded little results

18/01 00:15 The next ‘Mortal Kombat’ game could be the bloodiest yet — take a look at the new fatalities

18/01 00:15 Jack Bogle said one of the ‘most important landmarks’ of his career was linking his employees’ benefits to those of their clients

18/01 00:15 Mexico’s largest airline is trolling the US with a brilliant ad about Trump’s border policies

18/01 00:15 Sunny Beach, a resort that skirts Bulgaria’s Black Sea, is the cheapest place to travel in 2019. These photos will make you want to book your vacation there.


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