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Nestlé, Facebook, Made.com en PUMA naar Retail Europe

nestl%C3%A9-facebook-madecom-en-puma-naar-retail-europe17/09 08:15 - Nestlé, Facebook, Made.com en PUMA naar Retail Europe
Nestlé, Facebook, Made.com en PUMA zijn enkele van de bedrijven die spreken op Retail Europe, het Engelstalige congres dat daags voor Emerce eDay wordt gehouden als onderdeel van Amsterdam eWeek....


Meer over economie

23/10 22:45 9,8 miljoen nieuwe klanten voor PayPal

23/10 22:45 Stilstand voor veilinghuis eBay

23/10 22:45 ‘ Dark Fate’ is a surprisingly feminist action movie — and a much-needed update to the franchise

23/10 22:45 ‘Who gives a s— about Afghanistan?’: Trump stunned officials with his comments during a military briefing, former aide says

23/10 22:45  Microsoft reports a huge quarter that blew away expectations, and the stock goes nowhere

23/10 22:45 A 24-year-old who has shared photos of himself partying with Rihanna and Bella Hadid just became Hong Kong’s newest billionaire overnight

23/10 22:45 13 of the world’s most beautiful sites that are incredibly difficult to get to

23/10 22:45 Here comes Tesla …

23/10 22:45 ‘Do PS4 controllers work on PS3?’: How to connect your PS4 controller to a PS3 in 2 ways

23/10 22:15 Groei voor Microsoft cloud, maar Surface producten verkopen minder goed

23/10 22:15  staakt-het-vuren Noord-Syrië permanent, sancties voorbij

23/10 22:15 Stijging van automobilisten die uit verzekering worden gegooid

23/10 22:15 Hoe bespaar ik op de dagelijkse boodschappen?

23/10 22:15 Stijging van automobilisten die uit verzekering worden gegooid

23/10 22:15 17 facts that sound fake, but are actually true

23/10 22:15 A person with measles visited Disneyland last week and could have exposed other parkgoers

23/10 21:45 ‘Dagelijks worden vrachtwagens met gesmokkelde mensen tegengehouden’

23/10 21:45  Here come Microsoft’s earnings

23/10 21:45 The best shaving cream for women

23/10 21:45 An author who has spent 35 years traveling the world reveals how it’s changed in the last 3 decades

23/10 21:45 Walmart is kicking off Black Friday-style sales this week and touting free, next-day delivery as it gears up for a record-short holiday shopping season

23/10 21:45 Trump’s plan to leave some US troops in Syria to guard its oil is now doomed, thanks to Putin

23/10 21:15 Republikeinse parlementsleden bestormen verhoorruimte

23/10 21:15 Zuckerberg probeert sceptische Amerikaanse politici overtuigd te krijgen van cryptomunt

23/10 21:15 Zeker tienduizend bouwvakkers gaan protesteren op ‘Laat materieel thuis’

23/10 21:15 How to remove your Apple ID from an Apple Watch by unpairing it from your iPhone

23/10 21:15 You can get Amazon’s Echo Dot for $1 when you buy it with an auto-renewing Music Unlimited subscription for $7.99 a month

23/10 21:15 25 photos of tiny living spaces around the world

23/10 21:15 Beyond Meat falls below $100 per share ahead of earnings after a series of wins for competitors

23/10 21:15 An Italian designer debuted a pair of heels reportedly worth $20 million, made of solid gold, 30 carats of diamonds, and meteorite — and he claims they’re ‘the most expensive shoes in the world’

23/10 21:15 The best hair spray

23/10 21:15 ‘Why won’t my iPhone connect to Bluetooth?’: How to fix your Bluetooth connection in 6 ways

23/10 21:15 A 9-year-old has been charged with murder after a house fire killed five of his relatives. Juvenile justice advocates say the charge is ‘unusual’ and ‘wholly inappropriate.’

23/10 20:45 Affiche met Dries Van Langenhove dient klacht in

23/10 20:45 ‘Beelden van koning Albert II met minderjarig meisje’: Michel Nihoul, relict van het oude corrupte België, is niet meer

23/10 20:45 Is sparen voor pensioen kapitaalvernietiging?

23/10 20:45 Trump’s lawyers say he couldn’t be investigated or prosecuted if he shot someone on 5th Avenue

23/10 20:45 Here’s how much sugar is in your favorite fall-themed drinks from Dunkin’ and Starbucks, ranked

23/10 20:45 A Phoenix police officer was fired after he was seen in a viral video pointing a gun at a black family and screaming, ‘You’re going to get f—ing shot’

23/10 20:45 Ohio congresswoman rips into Mark Zuckerberg, calling it ‘appalling and disgusting’ that he failed to answer questions about Facebook’s civil rights and diversity problems

23/10 20:45 Uber start met e-bike dienst in Rotterdam – met een volle accu kom je 40 km ver

23/10 20:45 The ‘Game of Thrones’ script reveals what was going through Dany’s head before she chose to burn down King’s Landing

23/10 20:15 Gantz krijgt opdracht om regering te vormen in Israël

23/10 20:15 ‘Ik heb een arm zo lang als de Donau’: Michel Nihoul, relict van het oude corrupte België, is niet meer

23/10 20:15 Hoeveel abonnementen heb jij? Zo zeg je ze op

23/10 20:15 Hoeveel abonnementen heb jij? Zo zeg je ze op

23/10 20:15 36 years ago, the Beirut bombing took the lives of 220 US Marines, the worst single-day loss for the service since World War II’s Iwo Jima

23/10 20:15 LeBron James has played with many former All-Stars who were past their primes when they joined forces. Here are all 15, ranked

23/10 20:15 Zuckerberg said Facebook would drop out of its controversial payments project if US regulators don’t approve it

23/10 20:15 Police are warning about marijuana-laced Halloween candy. Here’s what that could do to a kid’s body and brain.


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