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Werkgevers aan Droom eens hardop van Schiphol in zee

werkgevers-aan---droom-eens-hardop-van-schiphol-in-zee15/09 03:15 - Werkgevers aan Droom eens hardop van Schiphol in zee
Het kabinet moet met gedurfde plannen komen voor een splinternieuw ov-netwerk, warmtenet of een vliegveld op zee. Aan de vooravond van Prinsjesdag roept voorzitter Hans de Boer van VNO-NCW premier Mark Rutte en minister Wopke Hoekstra van Financiën op lef te tonen en met private investeerders op te trekken....


Meer over economie

23/04 01:15 Tesla is taking direct aim at Uber and Lyft with plans to roll out 1 million robotaxis by next year

23/04 00:45 30 sentimental gifts perfect for everyone on your list

23/04 00:15 Demand is so high for ‘ Endgame’ that many AMC theaters will be open 24 hours a day all weekend

23/04 00:15 15 inexpensive bar cart accessories under $30 — electric wine openers, stemless glasses, and more

23/04 00:15 Two Google employees who spearheaded the walkout against sexual misconduct say the company has retaliated and demoted them

23/04 00:15 AT&T’s controversial use of the term 5G ‘E’ even fooled tech billionaire Marc Benioff

23/04 00:15 Kensington Palace just shared 2 new photos of Prince Louis taken by his mom Kate Middleton

23/04 00:15 Elon Musk slams rivals’ self-driving-car tech, says ‘anyone relying on lidar is doomed’

22/04 23:45 67 wild Kentucky Derby hats that rival the royal family’s

22/04 23:45 This candle startup has a beautiful gifting and unboxing experience that’s a home run for Mother’s Day

22/04 23:45 The 12 best amusement parks in the US that aren’t Disney

22/04 23:45 Facebook hired a top State Department lawyer to be its new general counsel

22/04 23:15 You can rent a beautiful 6-bedroom mansion with a pool on Airbnb for $17 per night, but you only have one day to book

22/04 23:15 Sean Hannity knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting more than a week before it became public, according to the Mueller report

22/04 23:15 15 things you didn’t know about ’13 Going on 30′

22/04 22:45 Nederland ontbost voor biomassa, roepen critici – onzin, zeggen ze bij deze pelletfabriek

22/04 22:45 What 53 A-list celebrities looked like when they first started acting

22/04 22:45 Sean Hannity knew about the famous Trump Tower meeting more than a week before it became public, according to the Mueller report

22/04 22:45 Starbucks is installing needle-disposal boxes in locations across America following OSHA penalties and worker concerns about drug use in bathrooms

22/04 22:45 THEN AND How the ‘ Endgame’ heroes have transformed since their first appearances

22/04 22:45 Demand is so high for ‘ Endgame’ that many AMC theaters will open 24 hours a day all weekend

22/04 22:45 Tesla’s biggest challenge with full-self-driving technology is obvious

22/04 22:45 An Arizona county is expected to pay almost $150 million over former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s racial profiling case

22/04 22:45 Elon Musk slams rivals’ self-driving car tech, says ‘anyone relying on Lidar is doomed’

22/04 22:30 Weinig beweging op afwachtend Wall Street

22/04 22:15 VS voert sancties in om Iraanse olie-export 'naar nul' terug te brengen

22/04 22:15 Tesla unveils the ‘best chip in the world’ for self-driving cars at its autonomy day event

22/04 22:15 A $2,000 bridal get-up, $100 of body glitter, and $30 thrift store We asked 11 people how much their Coachella outfits cost, and here’s what they told us

22/04 22:15 5 facts about the animal kingdom that ‘The Lion King’ ignored

22/04 22:15 ‘Game of Thrones’ star Gwendoline Christie says Brienne’s defense of Jaime was ‘like a declaration of love’

22/04 22:15 Bernie Sanders’ advisers blast Pete Buttigieg’s ‘intellectually dishonest’ comparison of Sanders and Donald Trump

22/04 22:15 Here’s where you may recognize the cast of Netflix’s ‘Someone Great’ from

22/04 22:15 13 things you can at Costco for under $10

22/04 22:15 Trump insists ‘nobody disobeys my orders’ after Mueller report cited numerous examples of aides disobeying his orders

22/04 21:45 Fans think Captain America is the most likely to die in ‘ Endgame,’ but they would be the most upset over the loss of Iron Man

22/04 21:45 Here’s the only chance Main Street has to get in on the red-hot IPO market

22/04 21:45 21 celebrities that are totally obsessed with Disney

22/04 21:45 Elon Musk says the chances of Tesla’s autonomous computer failing are ‘substantially lower than somebody losing consciousness’

22/04 21:15 Here’s everything we know about National Thowfeek Jamaath, the terror group Sri Lanka has blamed for the Easter bombings that killed nearly 300 people

22/04 21:15 We taste-tested 8 of Trader Joe’s ‘Two-Buck Chuck’ wines. Here’s how they ranked from worst to best.

22/04 21:15 Leaked documents show that McDonald’s is adding international hits to its American menu, including the Spanish Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger and the Dutch Stroopwafel McFlurry

22/04 21:15 11 mind-blowing facts about Texas’ economy

22/04 21:15 How to use balance transfer card to pay off your credit card debt, in 5 steps

22/04 21:15 This ‘Game of Thrones’ fan theory could mean our heroes won’t be facing the ultimate villain on the next episode

22/04 21:15 16 outrageous things people have actually done to get jobs

22/04 20:45 How to enable cookies on an iPhone to help streamline your web browsing

22/04 20:45 Tesla just kicked off a special event to show off its robo-taxi tech

22/04 20:15 Samsung stelt lancering vouwbare Galaxy Fold uit

22/04 20:15 ‘Avengers’ star Paul Bettany was told his career was dead right before he was asked to play a superhero in ‘Age of Ultron’

22/04 20:15 Chase just launched its first-ever rewards transfer bonus — here’s why you might want to take advantage


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