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België en Noord-Frankrijk lanceren tienjarenplan om wilde bestuivers te ‘Met wat kleine ingrepen redt ook u de bij’

belgi%C3%AB-en-noord-frankrijk-lanceren-tienjarenplan-om-wilde-bestuivers-te--%E2%80%98met-wat-kleine-ingrepen-redt-ook-u-de-bij%E2%80%9918/06 06:15 - België en Noord-Frankrijk lanceren tienjarenplan om wilde bestuivers te ‘Met wat kleine ingrepen redt ook u de bij’
Weinig bedreigde soorten krijgen zoveel aandacht als de bijen. Toch gebeurt er volgens natuurorganisaties weinig dat echt helpt. Een Belgisch-Frans tienjarenplan moet soelaas bieden....


Meer over economie

21/08 02:15 NYU professor calls WeWork ‘WeWTF’, says any Wall Street analyst who believes it’s worth over $10 billion is ‘lying, stupid, or both.’

21/08 01:15 The best copper cookware you can buy

21/08 01:15 Ivanka tried convincing Trump on background checks by visualizing it as a ‘historic’ Rose Garden ceremony. The NRA had other thoughts.

21/08 00:45 Trump evoked anti-Semitic tropes against American Jews while trying to prove how pro-Israel he is

21/08 00:45 How to change a flat tire, and all the tools you need to do it safely

21/08 00:45 MoviePass customers’ credit card information was reportedly left exposed in an online database without a password

21/08 00:45 Aside from the Trump campaign itself, the biggest spender on pro-Trump Facebook ads is reportedly a secretive New York-based newspaper

21/08 00:15 Betekenis van een woning in het buitenland

21/08 00:15 89 celebrity babies that were born this year so far

21/08 00:15 LIVE Headset CEO Cy Scott and leading cannabis investor Emily Paxhia on raising money in the red-hot marijuana industry

21/08 00:15 New Epstein accusers say he used his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell and a ‘Massage for Dummies’ book to coach girls

21/08 00:15 YouTube will reportedly stop serving targeted ads on videos for kids in a move that could cost it tens of millions of dollars per year

21/08 00:15 Trump sparked widespread outrage after saying Jewish Americans voting for Democrats shows ‘great disloyalty’

21/08 00:15 ‘Spider-Man’ could be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe and fans are sharing their grief and anger online

21/08 00:15 Nanigans hangs a for-sale sign, Viacom joins CBS, Facebook preps its news tab

21/08 00:15 Boeing plans to hire hundreds of temp workers to help deliver grounded 737 Max airplanes, but the families of people who died in a crash involving the plane say not so fast

20/08 23:45 SmileDirectClub’s $79 LED whitening kit worked exceptionally well — and it didn’t cause me any tooth sensitivity

20/08 23:30 Slordig Ajax ontsnapt aan nederlaag op Cyprus

20/08 23:15 Helft huishoudens heeft ‘slimme’ meter

20/08 23:15 LeBron James has played with many former All-Stars past their peak — Here are all 14, ranked

20/08 23:15 Apple’s ‘The Morning Show’ will reportedly be one of the most expensive TV series in history, costing $150 million per season

20/08 23:15 Trump confirms he’s considering payroll tax cuts, a day after the White House denied such a proposal

20/08 23:15 Track sensation Matthew Boling was used as a ringer in a race between University of Georgia football players and coaches and recreated one of his iconic finishes

20/08 23:15 Russia’s new high-altitude drone just flew for the first time, and they want to arm it with one ton of bombs

20/08 23:15 Walmart slams Tesla with a lawsuit claiming its solar panels caught fire at 7 stores

20/08 23:15 WHERE ARE THEY The cast of ‘Bring It On’ 19 years later

20/08 22:45 Netflix turned the Fyre Festival disaster into a horror series, and the first trailer looks wild

20/08 22:45 Trump just said Jewish Americans voting for Democrats show ‘great disloyalty’

20/08 22:45 Starbucks confirms that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming back earlier than ever before

20/08 22:45 The White House says it’s not worried about the economy. But its calls for tax cuts and lower interest rates suggest otherwise.

20/08 22:45 Trump is reportedly so worried about the threat of recession he’s considering reversing some of his signature China tariffs

20/08 22:30 Wall Street eindigt in het rood

20/08 22:30 Wapengekletter over cao bij KLM

20/08 22:15 Uw huis zit vol beestjes, en dat is maar goed ook

20/08 22:15 Volgens experts schakelde Rusland meetstations voor radioactiviteit uit na explosie

20/08 22:15 Kan Nederland niet beter Groenland kopen?

20/08 22:15 A ‘Revenge Body’ trainer doesn’t think revenge is the best way to lose weight. She says your relationship with food plays a bigger role.

20/08 22:15 Odell Beckham Jr. calls trade to Browns ‘personal,’ saying the Giants thought ‘they’d send me here to die’

20/08 22:15 12 of the most powerful fully electric cars money can buy, including the car James Bond may drive in the next ‘007’ film

20/08 22:15 8 apps that celebrities use to build their brands and express themselves

20/08 22:15 How to fix or reset the proximity sensor on your iPhone if it’s not working properly

20/08 22:15 My mom was an accountant, and she taught me 4 important lessons about earning more money

20/08 21:45 How to block videos and channels on YouTube that you don’t want yourself or your children to see

20/08 21:45 The Apple Card’s terms and conditions require you to agree to arbitration — here’s how to opt out of it

20/08 21:45 We pitted a $33,000 turbo Ford Mustang against a $38,000 turbo Chevy Camaro to see which was the better budget sports car — and the winner was clear

20/08 21:45 Khloe Kardashian defended her vacation photos after she was accused of treating her daughter like an ‘accessory’

20/08 21:45 Netflix turned the Fyre Festival disaster into a horror series and the first trailer looks wild

20/08 21:45 The iconic film ‘Alien’ came out 40 years ago. A scientist explains why Hollywood depictions of extraterrestrials have changed since then.

20/08 21:45 This soldier may look like Chewbacca, but his suit makes him one of the deadliest fighters on the battlefield

20/08 21:30 Duitsland komt met renteloze dertigjaarslening


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