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‘Wilde neuronen’, taal en change

01/06 00:15 - ‘Wilde neuronen’, taal en change
Er is momenteel veel discussie over de vraag waar het bewustzijn zetelt in ons brein, maar ook hoe het ontstaan is. Bij veranderingen en leren is dit van belang. De vraag hoe ons brein zich heeft ontwikkeld door de evolutie heen geeft inzicht in de wijze hoe we dingen leren, en welke mogelijkheden en onmogelijkheden […] The post ‘Wilde neuronen’, taal en change appeared first on Jonge Bazen....


Meer over economie

19/06 23:45 Omstreden anti-nepnieuwsbureau blijft

19/06 23:45 Brand in vliegtuig op Eindhoven Airport

19/06 23:45 Salaristools op internet zijn niet altijd handig, een extern bureau kan meer duidelijkheid scheppen

19/06 23:45 Ondanks douaneposten, slagbomen en metershoge muren mondialiseren bedrijven vrolijk door

19/06 23:45 Lawsuit alleges Milwaukee cop involved in Bucks player’s controversial stun-gun arrest made a joke about doing something similar to JR Smith

19/06 23:45 ‘Where are the girls?’: Reporters press the Trump administration to release information and images of detained migrant girls and toddlers

19/06 23:30 Terrorist Abdeslam heeft blindedarmontsteking

19/06 23:30 Kleine explosie in Londense metro

19/06 23:15 72 former US attorneys call on Sessions to end ‘tragic and unsustainable’ family separations in scathing letter

19/06 23:15 These $2,400 Sennheiser headphones will ruin all other headphones for you

19/06 23:15 Trump is about to walk into a minefield as Republicans scramble to figure out how to solve the immigration crisis

19/06 23:15 This is what happens when families get separated at the US border, step by step

19/06 23:15 Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly shared at least 17 tweets from a Russian troll

19/06 23:15 When do Republicans start to bail on Scott Pruitt? When Trump finally starts to care

19/06 22:45 Telefoonmerk Oppo komt naar Nederland

19/06 22:45 Kijkje in superdeluxe trainingscomplex Feyenoord

19/06 22:45 ABP en Aegon investeren samen meer dan een miljard euro in vervuilende teerzandbedrijven

19/06 22:45 Starbucks sinks after announcing a weaker-than-expected sales forecast and plans to close over 100 stores next year

19/06 22:45 The downfall of Audi’s CEO won’t affect the company’s plans to take on Tesla, experts say

19/06 22:45 A new list of the top CEOs ‘for women’ is mostly men — and it reflects a wider problem in business

19/06 22:45 Oracle beats Wall Street’s expectations across the board with earnings up 11%

19/06 22:45 A computer glitch forced American Airlines to cancel hundreds of flights, and customers are furious

19/06 22:30 Angst voor hongerige roofvogels

19/06 22:30 Russen rekenen ook af met Salah en Egypte

19/06 22:30 Republikeinen kind hoort bij ouders

19/06 22:30 ’Agenten aanslag Luik gewond door eigen vuur’

19/06 22:15 The hidden meanings behind Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘APES—‘video

19/06 22:15 It looks like most Central American migrant families entering the US have no idea that their children could be taken from them

19/06 22:15 The CEO of Europe’s largest airline reveals how his company is thriving in the world’s toughest airline market

19/06 22:15 The Dow erases its 2018 gains as Trump moves closer to an all-out trade war with China

19/06 22:15 Ex-Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya’s VC firm just lost 3 partners in 2 weeks, and it signals more changes to come

19/06 22:15 Police investigating ‘minor explosion’ at Southgate Tube station in London

19/06 21:45  vrienden zeulen heel WK rond met kartonnen voetbalmaatje

19/06 21:45 The New York Times said it was going to have Stephen Miller on its podcast to explain Trump’s zero tolerance policy then bizarrely backed down

19/06 21:45 The internet is projected to surpass TV in 2019 as people’s favorite source of media

19/06 21:45 This is the Trump administration’s reasoning for separating families at the border

19/06 21:45 The 17 most successful Kickstarter projects of all time and where they are today

19/06 21:45 Astronaut Mark Kelly says Trump’s order to create a Space Force ‘is a dumb idea’

19/06 21:45 The youngest self-made billionaire on Earth says his success is less about his own brilliance and more about his employees — and luck

19/06 21:30 Delftse hyperloop pod moet Teslabaas imponeren

19/06 21:15 Ontmoeting tussen Ryanair en vakbonden draaide uit op een "fiasco"

19/06 21:15 Senegal scored one of the most controversial goals of the World Cup when a player ran back onto a wide-open field after an injury

19/06 21:15 The US is trying to boost its military ties with India, but Russian weapons are getting in the way

19/06 21:15 An increasing number of tech CEOs are speaking out against Trump’s border policy

19/06 21:15 Mark Zuckerberg asks Facebook users to donate to help migrant ‘We need to end this policy right now’

19/06 21:15 Air Force Global Strike Command says B-1 bombers are good to fly, but is still trying to figure out what’s wrong with ejection seats

19/06 20:45 Ergernis om borden voor ‘Erdogan-verkiezingen’

19/06 20:45 Hongarije wil asielzoekers helpen strafbaar maken

19/06 20:45 Haagse imam verrast met trucje

19/06 20:45 Ook de nieuwe Nederlandse baas van Audi is een fan van diesel


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