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Acht valkuilen rondom Big Data!

01/06 00:15 - Acht valkuilen rondom Big Data!
Het digitale optimisme heeft veel invloed momenteel. Men spreekt van een revolutie en die valt ook moeilijk te ontkennen. Zoals wel vaker bij technologische groeisprongen leidt dat tot optimistische prognoses over de invloed van de technologie. Big data zullen ons intelligenter maken. Shoppen zal veel leuker worden. Bedrijven kunnen exponentieel groeien. De honger in de […] The post Acht valkuilen rondom Big Data! appeared first on Jonge Bazen....


Meer over economie

18/09 21:45 The organization behind ‘Sesame Street’ issued a statement regarding Bert and Ernie’s ‘They remain puppets, and have no sexual orientation’

18/09 21:45 Apple made a big mistake by killing its smallest and most affordable iPhone

18/09 21:45 36 examples of Tom Brady’s insane competitiveness

18/09 21:45 The Pittsburgh Steelers are having a horrific start to their season — and now Stormy Daniels is adding to the drama

18/09 21:30  SBM uit de overlevingsstand

18/09 21:15 'Vluchten Nederlandse toeristen met Small Planet Airlines gaan door'

18/09 21:15 Nederlanders somber over financiële toekomst van hun kroost

18/09 21:15 Is 5 procent meer loon te veel of juist te weinig?

18/09 21:15 De trein van de zwevende capsules die voorbijrazen met een snelheid van 1.100 km per uur

18/09 21:15 'Vluchten Nederlandse toeristen met Small Planet Airlines gaan door'

18/09 21:15 Take a look inside Johnson & Johnson’s new startup incubator in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood, that feels more like a rustic-chic coffee shop with jewel-toned couches

18/09 21:15 ‘Sega Genesis Classics’ will bring more than 50 retro games to the Nintendo Switch

18/09 21:15 People don’t want to work at stores like Target and Macy’s, and it’s creating a huge problem for the industry

18/09 21:15 The CEO of the Gates Foundation says a wave of progress rippling through China and India could slash poverty in Africa — if women lead the way

18/09 21:15 There’s a giant plane sitting in the middle of the Nevada desert 2 weeks after Burning Man — and officials are demanding it be removed

18/09 21:15 Taylor Guitars took a big risk by investing in an African sawmill — but according the company’s co-founder, it was a great move

18/09 21:15 Bill and Melinda Gates reveal the one global problem they’d each fix if they had a magic wand

18/09 21:15 Experts say federal prosecutors now have ‘the perfect storm of cooperators’ against Trump

18/09 21:15 Poland says it’s willing to pay $2 billion to build ‘Fort Trump,’ and Trump sounds interested in the offer

18/09 20:45 This $446 million mansion in Hong Kong could break the record as the most expensive home ever sold in the world’s most expensive housing market — and it’s surprisingly modest

18/09 20:45 There are growing calls for Kavanaugh’s friend, Mark Judge, to testify on sexual assault allegations

18/09 20:45 PSV weet nu ook hoe het is om tegen Messi te 4-0

18/09 20:45 Google finally solved one of the biggest annoyances with Apple CarPlay, the iPhone’s car integration

18/09 20:30 TomTom uitgenavigeerd

18/09 20:30 VEH mist maatregelen tegen woningtekort

18/09 20:30 'Amerikaanse justitie ook achter Musk aan vanwege tweet over beursexit'

18/09 20:15 The death of big box stores could lead to a new kind of homeless housing. Here’s what that might look like

18/09 20:15 ‘Maybe we’ll both be on it’: Elon Musk said he’d consider flying around the moon in a giant SpaceX ship with a Japanese billionaire and a crew of artists

18/09 20:15 Collegiate swimmers at the Air Force Academy facing prison time for shocking ‘bad fraternity movie’ hazing

18/09 20:15 Eminem’s new diss track had the biggest debut of a hip-hop song in YouTube’s history

18/09 20:15 Spokeswoman for group supporting Kavanaugh says sexual assault allegations could have been ‘rough horseplay’

18/09 19:45 Wall Street hoger ondanks handelsvete

18/09 19:45 'Justitie VS ook achter Musk aan vanwege tweet over beursexit'

18/09 19:45 Inside the Trump MAGA hat factory

18/09 19:45 17 photos show Hurricane Florence’s devastating flooding from the sky

18/09 19:45 Tesla says DOJ asked for documents after Elon Musk’s ‘funding secured’ tweet about taking the company private

18/09 19:45 What it’s like to visit Burning Man for the first time

18/09 19:45 The first tourist to fly around the moon on SpaceX’s new rocket ship bought all the seats for artists — and Elon Musk said it restored his faith in humanity

18/09 19:15 Schippers misnoegd over staking aan de "Ze laten ons in de mist zitten"

18/09 19:15 This image could contain hundreds of nearby undiscovered planets — including a few like Earth

18/09 19:15 The best places to live in the US right now are under-the-radar cities many Americans have never heard of

18/09 19:15 United just made major changes to the way you board the plane and they say it’s going to make things a lot easier

18/09 19:15 New downloads of MoviePass have plummeted as the service has introduced unpopular features

18/09 19:15 The woman behind Bonobos’ most hated ad is its new CEO

18/09 19:15 Soybeans plunge to near their lowest level in a decade

18/09 19:15 Amerikaanse justitie doet onderzoek naar Tesla vanwege de tweets van Elon Musk over het van de beurs halen van zijn bedrijf

18/09 19:15 Brewers Christian Yelich hit for historic cycle thanks to teammate’s hustle in a blowout

18/09 19:15 Gary Cohn rips into Wall Street critic Elizabeth Warren, calling her attacks on banks ‘naive’

18/09 18:45 Sociale op de goede weg maar we zijn er nog niet

18/09 18:45 'Unilever biedt op Indiaas onderdeel GSK'


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