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'Aandeelhouders Unilever tegen verhuizing'

16/04 07:30 - 'Aandeelhouders Unilever tegen verhuizing'
Een groeiende groep aandeelhouders van Unilever keert zich tegen de plannen van het concern om naar n hoofdkantoor in Rotterdam te gaan....


Meer over economie

21/09 06:45 Economisch groeicijfer opwaarts bijgesteld

21/09 06:45 Economisch beeld onveranderd

21/09 06:45 Ruim 6 procent meer investeringen in juli

21/09 06:45 Nederlandse 1,25 miljard omzet via Alibaba

21/09 06:45 ‘Uber overweegt overname Deliveroo’

21/09 06:45 Mueller reportedly interviewed Michael Cohen for hours about every aspect of Trump’s dealings with Russia

21/09 06:15 Isobar en Kraftwerk openen NowLab Amsterdam

21/09 06:15 All the TV shows that have been canceled in 2018

21/09 05:45 Gap is coming straight for Lululemon with $100 workout pants for men

21/09 05:30 ’Pensioenakkoord nabij’

21/09 05:30 Contract onbegrijpelijk, maar toch tekenen

21/09 05:30 Woede over ’dga-taks’

21/09 05:15 Havenarbeiders hoeven niet meer verplicht op pensioen op hun 65e

21/09 05:15 Scientists think a giant artificial wall propped up under Antarctica’s ice sheets could stop catastrophic sea level rise

21/09 05:15 Amazon plants fake packages in delivery trucks as part of an undercover ploy to ‘trap’ drivers who are stealing

21/09 05:15 Spare change investing app Acorns is working with an economist that wants you to skip your Starbucks latte to save for retirement

21/09 04:45 Facebook is taking on Tinder with the official launch of its dating service — but it’s only in Colombia for now

21/09 04:45 Christine Blasey Ford begins negotiations with the Senate over her testimony about sexual-assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

21/09 04:45 Wells Fargo says it will cut as many as 26,500 jobs in the next 3 years

21/09 03:45 NFL WEEK 3: Our official predictions for who wins this weekend

21/09 03:45 Goldman Sachs’ head of stock trading is leaving, as incoming CEO David Solomon continues with his shakeup

21/09 03:15 A solid majority of Massachusetts voters don’t want Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2020

21/09 03:15 Amazon just introduced a new $50 Alexa gadget that can make any car smarter

21/09 02:15 All the confirmed original shows coming to Netflix in 2018

21/09 02:15 Amazon is taking on TiVo with a new Fire TV DVR that can record live broadcasts

21/09 02:15 Amazon is releasing a redesigned Echo Show with a larger screen and better speakers

21/09 02:15 Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in visited North Korea’s tallest peak, the latest sign peace talks are making progress

21/09 01:45 Amazon just announced a $60 smart Alexa-powered microwave you can control with your voice

21/09 01:15 Amazon is making a $25 smart plug that can make almost anything in your house ‘smart’

21/09 01:15 Amazon made a $30 wall clock with its Alexa assistant built in

21/09 01:15 Walmart is doubling down on a futuristic way to train employees

21/09 01:15 Subway is running a new commercial that tries to slam McDonald’s — but it’s only making customers confused and angry

21/09 01:15 What happens when you let employees pick how much they want to be paid? This company decided to find out.

21/09 01:15 Amazon is releasing four new products to make your speaker system way smarter — including a subwoofer

21/09 00:45 Amazon’s brand-new $150 Echo Plus is an easier way to make your home smart

21/09 00:45 20 of the most outrageous-looking skyscrapers of all time

21/09 00:30 Veel telefoons onbeschermd

21/09 00:15 Mattress Firm claims in a lawsuit that its former executives accepted private-jet trips, expensive watches, and luxurious hotel stays from brokers in exchange for opening so many new stores that it spurred conspiracy theories

21/09 00:15 It’s Adobe will acquire Marketo for $4.75 billion

21/09 00:15 The computer model that nailed the NFL’s 2017 season has made its picks for Week 3

21/09 00:15 Amazon just introduced a brand-new Echo Dot — it’s louder and has a new design, but it’s still only $50

20/09 23:45 Everyone wants to ‘fix’ baseball, but almost no one is talking about one simple solution

20/09 23:15 Vóór het volk het weet, is Nederland voor Brusselse journalisten weer een ‘bananen-republiek’

20/09 23:15 6 things other governments provide that Americans still have to pay for

20/09 23:15 Paddlers are so mad Trump’s visits to his Virginia golf course keep shutting down the Potomac River that they’re suing the administration

20/09 23:15 Trump feliciteert de hele VS met nieuwe recordstanden op Wall Street

20/09 23:15 Amazon just accidentally leaked details about 2 new Alexa devices ahead of an event today

20/09 23:15 Tesla Model 3 scores 5-star safety rating from NHTSA

20/09 22:45 Ekoplaza krijgt tik op de vingers van Reclame Code Commissie

20/09 22:45 Minister Schouten heeft grote plannen met circulaire landbouw. ‘Duurzaamheid gekoppeld aan onze hoge opbrengst, daar zit de hele wereld op te wachten’


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