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Tinder Users Don't Have More Casual Sex

14/06 16:45 - Tinder Users Don't Have More Casual Sex
Are certain types of people more likely to use Tinder? These researchers set out to determine which characteristics differentiate people who use "picture-based dating apps" (aka Tinder) from those who don't. By surveying over 600 Norwegian university students, they found a few obvious things -- like men were more likely than women to emphasize "desire for sex" as a reason for using dating apps. But they also found some surprising things, like no evidence that people who used the apps actuall...


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19/10 23:30 Massive Coral Die-Off Found Just 7 Miles from BP Oil Spill Site

19/10 23:30 What's Next?

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19/10 23:30 The moon that almost wasn't

19/10 23:30 What intra- & inter- population genetic variance tells us

19/10 23:30 Big Confusion on Climate Science Communication vs. Activism

19/10 23:30 Going Researchers Change Skin Into Blood With No Stops in Between

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19/10 23:30 Tarantula Terror Study Captures the Ebb & Flow of Panic in the Brain

19/10 23:30 Stewart Brand Gets Fact-Checked

19/10 23:30 NCBI Churchgoing may be hazardous to your health.

19/10 22:45 Federal Trade Commission Takes Action Against Stem Cell Clinics

19/10 22:45  “Climate change endangers dozens of World Heritage sites”… Unmitigated horst schist

19/10 22:30 Vertigo, Panic and Trouble What's Going On Here?

19/10 22:30 Protecting Olive Trees From Above

19/10 21:45 Want to be a Mars Astronaut? You'll Need the Proper Mindset

19/10 21:45 Child Buried With Rock in Mouth May Have Been A 'Vampire'

19/10 21:45 Astronomers Find the Youngest Known Pulsar in the Milky Way

19/10 20:45 Anne van Driel deed vast ervaring op met ‘Hij weet veel. Maar ook veel niet’

19/10 20:30 @nytimes promotes an “eff you level” of irreproducible science

19/10 20:15 China krijgt extra maan aan de hemel

19/10 19:45 Ancient Andeans Had Novel Genetic Advantages to Adapt to Altitude

19/10 19:45 Canine Virus, Parasites Kill 24 Endangered Lions in India

19/10 19:45 Ook voor Google is China het beloofde land, censuur of niet

19/10 19:45 Kun je ziek worden van een telefoonscherm?

19/10 19:30 In a First, Astronomers Find a Blazar That Cycles Every Two Years

19/10 19:30 Using Gamma Rays, Scientists Map Out 21 New Constellations

19/10 19:30 Ook voor China is Google het beloofde land, censuur of niet

19/10 19:30 Beter/ Kun je ziek worden van een telefoonscherm?

19/10 19:30 Deze astma-patiënt verliet haar gezin voor frisse lucht in een Spaans bergdorpje

19/10 18:45 New therapies pack a triple-drug punch to treat cystic fibrosis

19/10 18:45 De Apple Watch 4 heeft een functie die niemand hoopt te gaan een automatische valdetectie

19/10 18:45 Techniek. redder of boosdoener?

19/10 18:45 Hoe kan het dat het getal 1.300 soms als veel wordt ervaren en soms als weinig?

19/10 18:45 De Magic Leap- een giant leap voor de werkelijkheid?

19/10 18:45 Hoe bouw je dan wel?

19/10 18:45 Tectonics Game

19/10 18:45 Communist China caught funding US environmental groups to undermine military

19/10 18:30 In a first, scientists spot what may be lungs in an ancient bird fossil

19/10 18:30 EPA Postpones Decision on Rule to Restrict Scientific Input

19/10 18:30 Hoe gevaarlijk is zo’n berg drugsafval?


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