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Eleven Minute Friendly Interview with Climate Skeptic Ian Plimer

-eleven-minute-friendly-interview-with-climate-skeptic-ian-plimer16/04 10:30 - Eleven Minute Friendly Interview with Climate Skeptic Ian Plimer
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Sky News, one of Australia’s most popular news services, just gave climate skeptic and geologist Ian Plimer an honest opportunity to explain what is wrong with Australia’s climate obsessed energy policies. It’s ‘not possible’ to have cheap, reliable energy and reduce emissions Geologist Ian Plimer told The Outsiders that Energy…...


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16/12 20:30 Ten years ago, @AlGore predicted the North polar ice cap would be gone. Inconveniently, it’s still there

16/12 19:30 There is hope amidst environmental anxiety, says a scholar of ecotheology

16/12 18:30 Vraag een (grijze) dokter gerust of hij echt iets van zo'n extra bloedtestje verwacht

16/12 14:30 Bepalen computers straks ons hele leven?

16/12 13:30 Sometimes a failure to replicate a study isn’t a failure at all

16/12 13:30 An Example of AR4 WG2 False Alarmism

16/12 11:30 Californian Climate Scientists Discover Farmers Adapt to Changed Conditions

16/12 11:15 3 bijna-kernoorlogen

16/12 07:30 Akkoord VN-klimaattop stelt ngo’s Greenpeace spreekt van “schuldig verzuim”

16/12 07:30 Jerry Brown Tells UN That Trump ‘Does Not Represent The People’ Of The US

16/12 07:15 Maakt tweetaligheid je slimmer?

16/12 03:30 Surging levels of greenhouses gases are making people tired and stupid, scientists claim

16/12 01:45 Predicting The EDOR® Enigma (Part 3)

15/12 23:30 How complexity science can quickly detect climate record anomalies Santa Fe Institute

15/12 20:30 Stop the Personal Attacks and Answer the Climate Questions

15/12 19:30 The Social Benefit Of Carbon

15/12 18:45 Most Apollo Astronauts Had Tattoos

15/12 18:45 Blue Water Task Force expands its reach by teaming up with Swim Guide

15/12 15:30 Bacteriebioloog Emmanuelle “Genetische modificatie zal ons helpen te overleven”

15/12 15:30 U.N. conference climate alarmists out of touch with energy reality as world’s nations embrace increased use of fossil fuels

15/12 13:15 Opvouwbare drone wurmt zich door openingen

15/12 11:30 “…it is the change in temperature compared to what we’ve been used to that matters.” – Part 2

15/12 09:15 Pissebed helpt energieproducent

15/12 07:30 Switching to a home battery won’t help save the world from climate change

15/12 07:15 Column #27 van Hens Kunstmatige intelligentie in de ruimte

15/12 03:30 Colorado energy company Xcel goes crazy green

15/12 01:00 In the Blink of an Eye, We're Turning Back the Climatic Clock by 50 Million Years

15/12 01:00 Juno's Mission to Jupiter Just Hit Its Halfway What We've Learned So Far

15/12 01:00 With Fruit Flies, Researchers are Gaining New Insights Into Autism

15/12 01:00 NASA’s GEDI Mission Will Track Carbon Emissions in Earth’s Forests

14/12 23:30 Let’s help Cliff Mass

14/12 21:45 Alzheimer's-Related Protein Can Spread by Tainted Growth Hormone

14/12 21:30 Journals Retract 13 Papers from Heart Stem Cell Lab

14/12 20:30 Counting the breaths of wild porpoises reveals their revved-up metabolism

14/12 20:30 New research may upend what we know about how tornadoes form

14/12 19:45 Zoveel gekke dingen als de Israelische schrijver Etgar Keret meemaakt, dat is ‘statistisch onmogelijk’

14/12 19:45 Lekker hoofdrekenen in het contactloos-betaal-roulette bij iedere pintransactie

14/12 19:45 Luistert Huawei af? Ga er maar vanuit dat iederéén alles afluistert

14/12 19:45 Kindertekening of microscopisch beeld van celdeling?

14/12 19:45 De verdwenen grafstenen van Zakynthos

14/12 19:45 Zij ontdekte de wetenschappelijke doorbraak die de wereld nodig Crispr-Cas

14/12 19:30 “Nee, het klimaat is niet onze grootste prioriteit”

14/12 19:30 Endangered northern bettongs aren’t picky truffle eaters

14/12 19:30 arXiv

14/12 19:30 China Demands USA Give Money to China Because Climate Change

14/12 19:15 Plattere vorm mensenschedel gelinkt aan Neanderthaler-genen

14/12 18:30 Introducing The Ingenio® EZporator® Electroporation System from The Experts in Transfection

14/12 17:45 Streamlining the workflow with INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 96/384 

14/12 17:45 Wat kan de SSC-8, die nucleaire kruisraket van Rusland?

14/12 17:45 Voetgangers houden graag 75 cm afstand om niet te botsen


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