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Tweede Kamer staat machteloos bij onrust Air France

14/06 18:30 - Tweede Kamer staat machteloos bij onrust Air France
De Tweede Kamer kan niets uitrichten tegen de mogelijke nieuwe stakingen bij het Franse deel van luchtvaartcombinatie Air France-KLM....


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24/05 03:15 Self-help guru Tony Robbins filmed using N-word repeatedly during 1980s seminar

24/05 03:15 12 iconic moments missing from the live-action ‘Aladdin’

24/05 03:15 ‘Game of Thrones’ extra and NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers lost a beer-chugging contest in embarrassing fashion to a teammate at NBA playoff game

24/05 02:45 Southwest Airlines is going to allow people who don’t want to fly on the Boeing 737 Max to switch planes for free

24/05 02:15 BioLite is responsible for some of the most innovative outdoor gear on the market today — and it’s all up to 35% off for Memorial Day

24/05 02:15 Klay Thompson gave an all-time eye roll and grew frustrated after learning he missed out on nearly $27 million by not making an All-NBA team

24/05 01:45 Sarah Huckabee Sanders hasn’t held a press briefing in 72 days, but since then she’s appeared on Fox 12 times

24/05 01:15 Local-newspaper giant GateHouse Media is laying off journalists across the US in cuts their CEO is calling ‘immaterial’

24/05 01:15 Businesses in Toronto are offering Kawhi Leonard free food, rides, and a luxury condo for life if he re-signs with the Raptors

24/05 00:45 Here are all the major US tech companies blocked behind China’s ‘Great Firewall’

24/05 00:45 13 of the best restaurants in Paris, according to chefs

24/05 00:15 The best beach chairs you can buy

24/05 00:15 Mark Zuckerberg says the Chris Hughes solution to break up Facebook would actually ‘make it a lot harder’ to solve election and privacy problems

24/05 00:15 Here’s what happened to Daenerys Targaryen’s armies on the finale of ‘Game of Thrones’

24/05 00:15 Esquire’s editor-in-chief showed us how not to announce your job resignation

23/05 23:45 21 products we were hesitant about at first but ended up really liking

23/05 23:45 One brutal sentence captures what a disaster money in America has become

23/05 23:45 Multiple Snap employees reportedly accessed user data improperly — including location information, phone numbers, and saved Snaps

23/05 23:45 Local newspaper giant GateHouse Media is laying off journalists across the US in cuts their CEO is calling ‘immaterial’

23/05 23:45 How to turn on your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature, and use it as a portable internet hub for your other devices

23/05 23:45 Nancy Pelosi says she’ll start working with Trump once the ‘extremely stable genius’ starts acting more presidential

23/05 23:45 Khloe Kardashian spirals as the Jordyn-Tristan affair is exposed on ‘KUWTK’ — watch the chilling teaser

23/05 23:15 ‘Ongelijkheid is niet meer houdbaar’

23/05 23:15 Spectaculaire winst voor Nederlandse socialisten

23/05 23:15 Teachers who posed with fake mustaches and sombreros for yearbook photos have been accused of being ‘culturally insensitive’

23/05 23:15 Mark Zuckerberg personally made the decision that Facebook would keep running political ads, even though the ads were weaponized in 2016

23/05 23:15 I toured the most expensive condo for sale in a Billionaires’ Row skyscraper in NYC, a $58.5 million residence that spans the entire 87th floor. Here’s what it looks like inside.

23/05 23:15 Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff reportedly scandalized Cisco’s board by video-calling in to meetings from an elliptical machine in Hawaii

23/05 23:15 Trump repeats the false claim that China pays tariffs after rolling out a $16 billion bailout package for farmers

23/05 22:45 May komt vrijdag met vertrekdatum

23/05 22:45 Vlakke omzet computermaker HP

23/05 22:45 HAK voert als eerste voedselfabrikant Nutri-Score ‘waar wachten we nog op?’

23/05 22:45 New York is finally catching up to the rest of the world and moving away from its iconic MetroCard. But there’s one glaring problem with the replacement.

23/05 22:45 The women behind 4 successful brands tell us the best — and worst — career advice they’ve ever received

23/05 22:45 Here’s what the cast of ‘Rocketman’ looks like in real life

23/05 22:45 Local newspaper giant GateHouse Media is laying off hundreds of people in cuts their CEO is calling ‘immaterial’

23/05 22:30 Wall Street sluit met duidelijke verliezen

23/05 22:15 Kan polderdesperado Dikkie de Kid ooit uit zijn graf herrijzen?

23/05 22:15 This $225 clutch folds out flat to reveal a clever organizational system for all your essentials — it can also be worn 4 ways

23/05 22:15 12 of the best frozen foods you can get at Aldi

23/05 22:15 Mark Zuckerberg personally made the decision that Facebook will keep running political ads, even though the ads were weaponized in 2016

23/05 22:15 GOP voters agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when it comes to one of the thorniest questions in health care

23/05 22:15 Stephen Curry is wowing the NBA world all over again, and some think he’s playing the best basketball of his life

23/05 22:15 We tried beer ramen — here’s what it tastes like

23/05 22:15 Hydro Flask water bottles are lightweight, nearly indestructible, and just downright fun

23/05 22:15 DOJ charges WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with 17 counts for publishing classified US government documents

23/05 21:45 7 women try Universal Standard’s new size-inclusive line of jeans that goes from 00 to 40 — here’s the verdict

23/05 21:45 A star of Nickelodeon’s ‘Henry Danger’ opens up about his transgender ‘I transitioned’

23/05 21:30  Deelneming KLM in Air Antwerp doet denken aan Belgenmop

23/05 21:15 Indiase premier Narendra Modi kan na imposante overwinning nog vijf jaar regeren


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