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Onderzoek naar kartel in agrarische sector

18/11 12:30 - Onderzoek naar kartel in agrarische sector
ACM stelt onderzoek in naar mogelijke verboden prijsafspraken....


Meer over economie

10/12 04:15 Every single cameo on The CW’s ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover, so far

10/12 03:45 Peter Frates who started the viral Ice Bucket Challenge died after a battle with ALS

10/12 03:15 Overstappen loont

10/12 03:15 Zorgverzekering en wat wordt er vergoed?

10/12 03:15 Vergoeding zorgverzekering laserepilatie 2020

10/12 03:15 Vergoeding bril zorgverzekering 2020

10/12 03:15 Zorgverzekering orthodontie 2020 (tot 18 jaar)

10/12 03:15 Vergoeding ADHD-medicijnen zorgverzekering in 2020

10/12 03:15 Check je eigen risico hier

10/12 03:15 Hoe werkt het?

10/12 02:45 SoftBank is selling back its stake in embattled dog-walking startup Wag, amid the company’s ‘painful’ layoffs

10/12 02:45 Republicans hijacked the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearings and turned them into a circus

10/12 02:15 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson released an awkward parody of ‘Love Actually’ as a major election looms

10/12 01:45 ‘Brexit, actually’: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson parodied ‘Love Actually’ as a major election looms

10/12 01:15 At least 5 people are dead after a New Zealand volcano erupted. Experts say the disaster was not predictable, despite warning signs.

10/12 01:15 A man has died after a shooting at an Amazon staffing contractor in Arizona, according to local reports

10/12 01:15 Away CEO steps down days after investigation revealed she perpetuated cutthroat culture of bullying and burnout at the buzzy luggage startup

10/12 01:15 Bankrupt trucker Celadon told laid-off employees that they’ve lost health insurance and won’t receive unused-vacation-time pay — read the full letter here

10/12 00:45 Take a look at Louis Vuitton’s new collection of video game clothes, a collaboration with League of Legends that includes a $5,000 leather jacket

10/12 00:15 Hudson’s Bay trekt spoor van keten laat boze verhuurders en rekening van 300 miljoen achter

10/12 00:15 MLB released jerseys with a Nike swoosh for next season, and baseball fans are freaking out

10/12 00:15 Small business owners who fly American Airlines should look twice at this credit card offer for 70,000 AAdvantage miles after qualifying purchases

10/12 00:15 The best microscope videos of the year reveal the ferocious, mesmerizing behavior of Earth’s tiniest creatures

10/12 00:15 Leesa’s extended holiday deals include up to $400 off mattresses

10/12 00:15 The NFL is reportedly investigating the Patriots after a Bengals official saw them filming in the press box, but New England says the team was just shooting a documentary

10/12 00:15 Away CEO ousted days after investigation reveals she perpetuated cutthroat culture of bullying and burnout at the buzzy luggage startup

10/12 00:15 Here are the biggest takeaways from the DOJ watchdog’s highly anticipated report on the Russia probe’s origins

10/12 00:15 Google’s parent company is adding Nobel-winning scientist Frances Arnold to its board, in Sundar Pichai’s first big move as chief exec

09/12 23:45 A teacher in Massachusetts adopted a former student with Down syndrome after his mom died from breast cancer

09/12 23:45 The 16 biggest box-office flops of 2019

09/12 23:45 The federal government is investigating whether Google violated labor laws in firing four workers involved in unionizing

09/12 23:45 Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’ has an Oscar-worthy performance from Paul Walter Hauser, who plays the security guard caught up in the aftermath of the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing

09/12 23:15 Photo shows Jeffrey Epstein went to royal party dressed as a Navy SEAL

09/12 23:15 THEN AND The biggest celebrity transformations of the past decade

09/12 23:15 ‘You guys are based in California, not Ukraine, right?’ — an analyst mocked Trump’s CrowdStrike conspiracy on the firm’s earnings call

09/12 23:15 ‘Why won’t my PS4 update?’: 3 ways to fix a PS4 that isn’t updating

09/12 23:15 The US military is testing water-penetrating bullets, reportedly so Navy SEALs can shoot from underwater

09/12 22:45 Pershing Square neemt belang in Agilent

09/12 22:45 Walmart apologizes for selling a Christmas sweater that showed Santa at a table with lines of white powder and the words ‘let it snow’

09/12 22:45 Top 11 waiver-wire pickups for Week 15 of fantasy football

09/12 22:45 12 TV shows coming to 2020 that we’re most excited about

09/12 22:30 Vapebedrijf Juul denkt minder waard te zijn

09/12 22:30 ’Hedgefondsen oorzaak krapte op repomarkt’

09/12 22:30 Verliesbeurt voor Amerikaanse beurzen

09/12 22:15 ▶ Video opgedoken van seksistische uitspraken Jef Hoefberghs aan UGent

09/12 22:15 I sit on the Purple seat cushion while I work — it helps improve my posture and makes sitting much more comfortable

09/12 22:15 How to add an account on your PS4 from the login screen, instead of playing as a guest user

09/12 22:15 The US spent $133 billion to build up Afghanistan as part of a plan officials secretly called ‘idiotic’

09/12 22:15 Some of White Castle’s frozen sliders have been recalled over listeria concerns

09/12 22:15 Bankrupt trucker Celadon told laid off employees that they’ve lost health insurance and won’t receive unused vacation time pay — read the full letter here


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