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Hollywood Victor Castillo’s Characters Brought To Gigantic Life

hollywood--victor-castillo%E2%80%99s-characters-brought-to-gigantic-life19/11 07:30 - Hollywood Victor Castillo’s Characters Brought To Gigantic Life
Chilean artist Victor Castillo reveals the dark truths of his country (under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet) masked by nostalgic propaganda through his work, “Hollywood Dreams”. In addition to Castillo’s own work, a documentary of the same title was created, where he explains his artistic ideas as his painting come to life in CGI animation, thanks to Loica and Barefoot Productions. KCET has the details: The paintings feature characters that have become his trademark: children (adults are rare in his universe) and animals with long, red noses and deep, dark and hollow eyes.The short film features animated versions of his characters blown up to gigantic proportions. A little girl in pigtails, for example, stands many stories tall and starts excavating a newly industrialized region of the country. Meanwhile, CGI versions of his characters appear alongside him in real-life settings such as the annual Halloween party and parade in West Hollywood and inside a bar where Castillo enjoys playing pool.image credit: Victor Castillo via KCET...


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