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Early Europeans Prospered Despite Abrupt Climate Change

-early-europeans-prospered-despite-abrupt-climate-change16/04 23:30 - Early Europeans Prospered Despite Abrupt Climate Change
Guest essay by Eric Worrall Archaeologists have overturned theories that climate change caused by a nearby super volcano eruption killed early European settlers. First Europeans survived climate change following ‘super-eruption’ by working together, say archaeologists Experts suggest we can learn from our prehistoric ancestors when tackling changing climate today Josh Gabbatiss Science Correspondent Monday 16…...


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25/09 09:45 Zwanger worden zonder eigen eicel

25/09 09:30 Krakatoa volcano stirs to life again

25/09 09:15 Mysterieuze drab blijkt vroegste dierlijke fossiel

25/09 09:15 Ieder mens heeft toch een ‘aura’

25/09 07:30 Mass Extinctions

25/09 07:30 Octopuses

25/09 07:30 Personality

25/09 07:30 Milky Way

25/09 07:30 Science of Music

25/09 07:30 Neanderthals

25/09 07:30 The Science Behind Coincidence

25/09 07:30 Revisiting The Bosnian Pyramid Scheme

25/09 07:30 The Man Who Lost His Language Overnight

25/09 07:30 Searching For Tonight’s Supernova

25/09 07:30 The Vanishing City

25/09 07:30 20 Things You Didn't Know About ... Graphene

25/09 05:30 East Antarctica's Sleeping Giant Awakes

25/09 05:30 Utah Pterosaur Was Desert-Dwelling Badass...Pelican?

25/09 05:30 Is the Kīlauea Eruption Winding Down?

25/09 05:30 Check Out This Beetle Trapped In Amber For 99 Million Years

25/09 04:45 Greenland Ice Sheet apparently gains mass for the 2nd year in a row

25/09 02:45 A Grocery List in 1968 Changed Computer History Forever

25/09 01:45 “He’s Probably Senile” – Homeless Man Trashes California Governor’s Climate Action Efforts

25/09 00:30 Low Note

25/09 00:30 Understanding the Amazon By Digging Into the Ground Beneath It

25/09 00:30 Not So Fast

25/09 00:30 Black Hole Sucks Down Star Stuff at 30 Percent Speed of Light

25/09 00:30 The first rovers to explore an asteroid just sent photos home

24/09 22:45  Climate tipping point busted – globe needs to reach 152°F before runaway greenhouse effect kicks in

24/09 21:45 Paraplegics Walk Again Using Electronic Implant

24/09 21:30 Horizon Discovery introduces Myeloid DNA Reference Standard to support genetic testing of leukemia

24/09 21:30 IPCC to release “October surprise” on climate change

24/09 20:45 Bijen sterven sneller door omstreden onkruidverdelger glyfosaat

24/09 20:45 A paralyzed man makes great strides with spinal stimulation and rehab

24/09 20:45 Bijen sterven sneller door omstreden onkruidverdelger glyfosaat

24/09 20:45 De patiënt is de baas bij een nieuw project van het AMC

24/09 20:30  Gene Drive Wipes Out Lab Mosquitoes

24/09 20:30 Biotechnologische ‘atoombom’ moet malariamug uitroeien

24/09 19:45 Patience, Peace and Persian Leopards

24/09 19:45 Analysis suggests Arctic sea ice is more stable than thought

24/09 19:45 A Geological Feud Over the Meghalayan? Or Just More Rubbish Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science of America?

24/09 19:30 Biotechnologische ‘atoombom’ moet dodelijke malariamug uitroeien

24/09 19:30 The “solar road” results are in, and predictably, they suck

24/09 18:30 Enorme stofstorm gezien op maan van Saturnus

24/09 18:15 Enorme stofstorm gezien op maan van Saturnus

24/09 17:45 Wetenschappers helpen mensen met zenuwziekte dwarslaesie weer (een klein stukje) lopen

24/09 17:45 6/6 Time

24/09 17:45 Kunstmatige menselijke eicellen stap dichterbij

24/09 17:45 Jongeren weerbaarder maken en ze uit de jeugdzorg houden

24/09 17:45 Doofheid versnelt geestelijke achteruitgang


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