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The Bizarre Rise of Fast Food Fused with Snack Foods

19/10 01:30 - The Bizarre Rise of Fast Food Fused with Snack Foods
Embed from Getty ImagesA lot of modern cuisine arises from the fusion of dishes that people happen to like, like taco pizza. We love tasty new ideas, like putting bacon on everything until it became a joke, and then moving on to do the same with pumpkin spice. Fast food and snack companies got in on the act, too, as when Taco Bell started making tacos with Nacho Cheese Doritos as a shell. Years later, America has moved on to other strange fare like the KFC Cheetos Sandwich, while the Doritos Locos Taco has just recently made it to Britain, where they have to ponder why. Is it an American thing?    Sure, the US loves junk food and is a massive country whose huge highways gave rise to the modern roadside drive-through. But the origins of processed food are global, diverse and span thousands of years, from the salt-cured fish stored in pharaohs’ tombs in ancient Egypt to the invention of canning in 19th Century France. Fast forward to today, and processed foods are omnipresent the world over, whether it’s a packet of crisps in the glove box or shopping centres brimming with takeaways.So maybe it’s no surprise creations like the Cheetos chicken sandwich aren’t limited to the US. In Japan in 2015, Kit Kats found their way into a whipped-cream-and-orange peel sandwich at First Kitchen, a fast food chain. Pizza Huts in Australia made pizza crusts from Doritos in 2014. Nutella was used in dessert burgers at McDonald’s in Italy in 2016. Last month, McDonald’s in the UK introduced its Galaxy Salted Caramel McFlurry, using a well-known chocolate brand.Of course, whether these "stunt foods" are any good or not, they are all worth the trouble of creating just for the publicity. Read about the rise of junk food-fast food fusion at BBC Worklife.   -via Metafilter...


Meer over lifestyle

19/11 10:30 Hazel Shannon en Willingapark Clifford winnen voor de derde keer 5* Adelaide

19/11 10:15 Vijfde paard bezweken aan Rhino

19/11 10:15 Ga voor meer drama in je interieur met indrukwekkend bloemenbehang

19/11 10:15 Te op Etsy kan je een vetplant in de vorm van een roze roos kopen

19/11 09:30 Opnieuw Holsteiner hengst naar Belgische springstal

19/11 08:45 Janine van Twist en Patricia Wolters promoveren in Stuttgart

19/11 08:30 Rhino-uitbraak op Manege Lelystad eist vijfde slachtoffer

19/11 07:45 Space Hotel With Artificial Gravity Expected To Be Operational By 2025

19/11 07:45 Why You Turn Down The Radio When You Park Your Car

19/11 07:45 Free Sailor Moon Condoms, Anyone?

19/11 07:45 Is Naruto Running Faster?

19/11 07:30 Movies That Were Better Than the Book

19/11 07:30 Hollywood Victor Castillo’s Characters Brought To Gigantic Life

19/11 07:30 Here’s How You Can Train Your Brain To Remember Almost Anything

19/11 07:30 New Formula 1 Pit Stop World Record

19/11 07:30 A Puppy With An Extra Tail

19/11 07:30 Sesame Street Highlights A Forgotten Failing

19/11 07:30 Will A Vegan Diet Help You?

19/11 07:30 Four Seasons, More or Less

19/11 07:30 5*-eventer FRH Butts Avedon verder als schoolmaster

19/11 05:30 The Nerdiest Place on Earth

19/11 03:45 Why the Elevator Shaft Was Invented Before the Elevator

19/11 03:45 Baby Greets Christmas Trees

18/11 21:45 What Happened During The 2010s Anyway?

18/11 21:45 Keano RS2 en Johnny Depp scoren opnieuw in Subli Cup

18/11 20:30 Stella Charlott Roth loopt drievoudige bekkenbreuk op bij val

18/11 19:15 Frans jaren dertig- kip met doperwten (poulet à la printanière)

18/11 18:45 Uptown Funk Is Apparently The Song Of The Decade, According To Billboard

18/11 18:30 When A Stray Cat Teaches You Lessons About Anxiety

18/11 18:30 The Legendary Chinese Banquet (That Probably Never Happened)

18/11 18:30 Can White Noise Can Put Your Life Back On Track?

18/11 17:45 KWPN-ZH Dressage Cup 2019: Driejarigen spreken het meeste aan

18/11 17:30 This Animal Chair Collection Is Totally Not Made Of Real Animals

18/11 16:30 Mariska Witte wint KNHS Eventing Cup 2019

18/11 15:30 Using Public USB Ports to Charge Your A Big No-No

18/11 15:30 The Global Crackdown of Vaccine-Refusing Parents

18/11 15:30 It’s A Plastic Made From Fish Skin and Algae

18/11 15:30 Dinosaurs Were Alive When Earth Was On The Other Side Of The Milky Way, Scientists Shows

18/11 15:30 Een zelfvoorzienend gesloten terrarium maken

18/11 14:15 Otto Becker niet blij met Million Dollars verhuizing naar Nederland

18/11 14:15 Rotan stoelen als eyecatchers in de woonkamer (dat wil jij ook)

18/11 12:45 Marlies van Baalen weer in het zadel

18/11 12:30 Een draadloze steelstofzuiger voordelen en nadelen

18/11 11:15 Thermoregulatie bij paarden

18/11 11:15 10 onverwachte producten waar lactose in kan zitten

18/11 10:45 Jeanine Nieuwenhuis’ Genua TC verkocht

18/11 10:15  dit is de kerstballencollectie van Fred van Leer ( roze en glitters)

18/11 10:15  de gedroogde berenklauw is dé must have woonaccessoire van nu

18/11 08:45 Golden Duc de Normandie

18/11 08:30 Coffee Around the World


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