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[Derde dinsdag] Borremans’ Visie

17/04 11:15 - [Derde dinsdag] Borremans’ Visie
In deze rubriek van Shopper Marketing Update, nu opgenomen in het MT-platform Food&Retail, geeft Charles Borremans van Redmint/Goud Uberconnected elke derde dinsdag van de maand zijn visie op retailontwikkelingen....


Meer over economie

19/12 03:45 15 NBA-themed stocking stuffers under $25 for the sports fan in your life

19/12 03:30 'Nederlandse bestuurders te veel gericht op winst en te weinig op duurzaamheid'

19/12 03:15 68 thoughtful and unique last-minute gifts for him — for every budget

19/12 03:15 A timid Huawei has emerged amid its global PR storm to see what’s left for it to salvage

19/12 03:15 FedEx just slashed its 2019 forecast because of ‘global economic uncertainty’

19/12 02:45 The White House implied Trump cares about Cohen’s lies, but not Flynn’s, because Cohen’s directly implicated the president

19/12 02:15 The 32 best pairs of sneakers to give as gifts this year

19/12 01:45 The US Army wants a new light tank powerful enough to shatter the defenses of a formidable adversary — here’s what it might look like

19/12 01:30 Belgische economie minder grillig dan “Belgen hebben meer spaargeld, Nederlanders houden sneller hand op de knip”

19/12 01:15 ‘Y’ is for Verizon? Oath is rebranding as Verizon Media Group, but the company appears to have flubbed the announcement

19/12 01:15 Tinder fired its VP of communications and a ‘number’ of other employees who participated in a $2 billion lawsuit against the dating app’s owners

19/12 00:45  Nederlandse economie grilliger dan Belgische

19/12 00:45 One of the biggest names in blockchain just stepped down from her role as CEO

19/12 00:45 FedEx just slashed its 2019 forecast due to ‘global economic certainty’

19/12 00:45 A new company just launched that can detect depression based on the sound of your voice — here’s how it works

19/12 00:45 Inside Trump’s daily routine, which includes 3 to 4 hours of sleep, ‘executive time,’ and no breakfast

19/12 00:30 Nederlandse economie grilliger dan Belgische

19/12 00:30 Meer innoverende bedrijven in Nederland

19/12 00:15 Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott became parents just 10 months after meeting — here’s a complete timeline of their relationship

19/12 00:15 Suns veteran Jamal Crawford cut out Capri Suns and followed a simple edict to stick around the NBA to play on his 8th team in 19 years

19/12 00:15 15 feminist gifts that give back to empower women and children around the world

19/12 00:15 6 characters from the original film that appear in ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

19/12 00:15 Inside Trump’s daily routine, which includes 3-4 hours of sleep, ‘executive time,’ and no breakfast

18/12 23:45 10 of the best vacation destinations for space lovers

18/12 23:45 AT&T customers in 12 cities can start using its new super-fast 5G network this week, if you buy a $500 5G hotspot

18/12 23:45 Chrissy Teigen made a kid-friendly menu for her picky daughter and parents are loving it

18/12 23:45 15 great TV shows you should watch if you love ‘Riverdale’

18/12 23:15 The hardest viral math problems of the year

18/12 23:15 The president of Turner knows what advertisers want, but says telecom isn’t moving fast enough

18/12 23:15 We tried a $1,000 sundae from Serendipity 3 to see if it’s actually good

18/12 23:15 Do clams belong on pizza?

18/12 23:15 Scientists say winning the lottery does make people feel better about life — even though decades of evidence suggests otherwise

18/12 23:15 An investment banker’s husband accused of eavesdropping on her discussing a $2.6 billion M&A deal was charged with insider trading by the SEC

18/12 23:15 The most unique currencies in the world

18/12 23:15 27 stars who should host the Oscars after Kevin Hart stepped down in controversy

18/12 23:00 FedEx somberder door Europese resultaten

18/12 23:00 Takeaway gaat ook bedrijfskantines bedienen

18/12 22:45 The 13 best hotels in America in 2019

18/12 22:45 MoviePass’ parent company just bought itself more time to live, but it’s still in imminent danger of being kicked off the stock exchanges

18/12 22:45 An investment banker’s husband was charged with insider trading after he allegedly eavesdropped on her discussing a $2.6 billion M&A deal

18/12 22:45 Russia’s disinformation campaign wasn’t just on Facebook and Twitter. Here are all the social media platforms Russian trolls weaponized during the 2016 US elections

18/12 22:45 Nike gave us a glimpse into the store of the future this year

18/12 22:45 People in Ohio are decorating a weed growing in a sidewalk crack like a Christmas tree

18/12 22:30 Wall Street houdt kleine winst vast

18/12 22:30 'Rome en Brussel zijn het eens over begroting'

18/12 22:15 Is de aflossingsvrije hypotheek een tijdbom?

18/12 22:15 Facebook now makes it impossible for users to avoid being tracked for advertising purposes, according to a report

18/12 22:15 6 of Penny Marshall’s most iconic movies, including ‘Big’ and ‘A League of Their Own’

18/12 22:15 85% of Americans would give NASA a giant raise, but most don’t know how little the space agency gets as a share of the federal budget

18/12 22:15 Citigroup is reportedly staring down $180 million in losses from loans gone sour to an Asian hedge fund — and a senior exec is out


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