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Opvouwen en wegwezen? Opnieuw fikse deuk in imago van Samsung

opvouwen-en-wegwezen?-opnieuw-fikse-deuk-in-imago-van-samsung18/04 14:45 - Opvouwen en wegwezen? Opnieuw fikse deuk in imago van Samsung
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26/06 01:45 Almost 40% of LGBTQ tech employees that participated in a survey said they’ve witnessed homophobic discrimination and harassment at work

26/06 01:45 Apple reportedly acquires self-driving car startup Drive.ai

26/06 01:15 Here’s how Trump’s $1.5 million Cadillac limo, the Beast, stacks up against the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s limo

26/06 01:15 Here’s how to gain early access to Nordstrom’s upcoming anniversary sale — and get a $60 Bonus Note in the process

26/06 01:15 Some ICE officers are reportedly furious with how Trump is handling immigration issues and wondering ‘what the hell is going on’ at the border

26/06 01:15 A new study from Princeton reveals how shopping websites use ‘dark patterns’ to trick you into buying things you didn’t actually want

26/06 01:15 Self-driving car startup Drive.ai is reportedly shutting down after acquisition talks with Apple fell through

26/06 00:45 The best fishing lures and flies you can buy

26/06 00:45 San Francisco’s most popular e-cigarette brand Juul may have pushed rival brands to compete in a ‘nicotine arms race.’ Now all e-cigs are banned in the city.

26/06 00:15 How to set up and make a FaceTime call from your Mac, and chat with up to 32 people at once

26/06 00:15 YouTubers are calling for Desmond ‘Etika’ Amofah’s emotional final video to be restored

26/06 00:15 Flyers mascot Gritty surprised a 7-year-old Flyers fan in the hospital and left him speechless

26/06 00:15 China might blacklist FedEx for not delivering Huawei phones. To save as much as $1.3 billion in Chinese deals, the package giant is now suing the Trump administration.

26/06 00:15 A US Senator asked the FTC to ‘take all necessary steps’ to ensure YouTube is held accountable for violating children privacy laws

25/06 23:45 How to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook, whether you’re on desktop or mobile

25/06 23:45 7 abandoned stadiums around the world that used to host huge events

25/06 23:45 More than 500 Wayfair employees send letter to execs slamming the company, alleging it furnishes border camps

25/06 23:45 Photos show Princess Beatrice, Ellie Goulding, and Ashton Kutcher celebrating Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner’s 2nd wedding at a ranch in Wyoming

25/06 23:45 Ulta shouldn’t worry about Amazon’s foray into the beauty sector, but other brands might not be so lucky, analysts say

25/06 23:15 Team Jaz Amsterdam wint Dutch Hotel Award 2019

25/06 23:15 Meet Tana Mongeau, who ran a YouTube convention that turned into a ‘Fyre Festival disaster’ and may now be engaged to Jake Paul

25/06 23:15 Dit verdient Lieke Martens, de Oranje Leeuwin die Nederland naar de kwartfinale schiet

25/06 23:15 Why the US border facilities are ‘concentration camps,’ according to historians

25/06 23:15 More than 500 Wayfair employees send letter to execs slamming the company for allegedly furnishing border camps

25/06 23:15 A couple who met in flight attendant school and fell in love on the job 30 years ago inspired their kids to become flight attendants, too

25/06 23:15 A black fashion blogger shared a bunch of pictures that prove the influencer world has a huge diversity problem

25/06 22:45 FedEx haalt meer omzet maar minder winst

25/06 22:45 Micron ziet vroege tekenen marktherstel

25/06 22:45 Zion Williamson received a surprise present from Drew Brees and says he is ready to take the torch

25/06 22:45 POWER Here’s who has the best chance of becoming the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee

25/06 22:45 Pop star Halsey said she wrote her forthcoming album in a manic state. Here’s what that means.

25/06 22:30 Verliesbeurt voor Amerikaanse beurzen

25/06 22:15 7 celebrities who have given up being vegan

25/06 22:15 SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy has successfully launched the first ‘solar sailing’ spacecraft into orbit. It will be powered purely by light.

25/06 22:15 Here are the 82 congressional Democrats and 8 additional Democratic presidential candidates who want to begin an impeachment inquiry against Trump

25/06 22:15 Inside Italy’s $1 billion mountains that produce more tons of marble than anywhere else on Earth

25/06 22:15 Trump’s new Iran sanctions are part of a ‘high risk’ strategy that could start a war he doesn’t want, experts warn

25/06 22:15 11 life-saving skills everyone should know

25/06 22:15 The DOJ is reportedly probing Tyson and other major processors over poultry price-fixing claims — and chicken stocks are sinking

25/06 21:45 ’Trump krijgt via omweg zijn zin in handelsoorlog’

25/06 21:45 G20-landen verdrievoudigen kolensubsidies, ondanks belofte te stoppen met stimuleren fossiele energie

25/06 21:45 Nieuwe reconstructie moord Julie Van Espen erg Steve Bakelmans weigert mee te werken

25/06 21:45 As the US confronts Iran with military force, less than half of Americans say they trust Trump to handle an international crisis

25/06 21:45 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez applauds Wayfair workers speaking out against migrant camps as backlash against the company brews online

25/06 21:45 Blue Apron slides after Morgan Stanley slashes its price target by more than 70%

25/06 21:45 Inside Netflix’s marketing, Amazon’s hiring spree, and a Twitter scoop

25/06 21:45 10 American companies with the worst reputations

25/06 21:45 A billionaire who built 2 Fortune 500 companies just joined the chorus of ultra-wealthy Americans begging to be taxed more

25/06 21:15 Trump opent aanval op vrouw die hem beschuldigt van ‘Ze is mijn type niet’

25/06 21:15 Waarom is ‘wat niks is’ nu weer 11 duizend dollar waard?


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