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November 2019 firmware updates are now available for various Surface devices

19/11 16:15 - November 2019 firmware updates are now available for various Surface devices
Microsoft has released a batch of updates for its various Surface devices, including Surface Pros dating back to the company’s fourth generation tablet, both the Surface Laptops 1 and 2, as well as the Surface Book....


Meer over computer Windows

07/12 04:45 The Outer Worlds gets field of view slider on consoles next week

07/12 04:15 The Game Awards promises around 15 new reveals (update)

07/12 01:45 Microsoft's InXile hunts software lead for 'next-gen' AAA single-player RPG

06/12 23:15 Korean MMORPG 'DokeV' announced for consoles and PC

06/12 23:15 Children of Morta, Wreckfest, and more join Project xCloud

06/12 23:15 Darksiders Genesis goes up for digital preorder on Xbox One

06/12 23:15 Project xCloud Xbox Streaming Games List

06/12 22:45 Children of Morta, Wreckfest, and more join Xbox xCloud game streaming

06/12 22:15 Watch Xbox's Extra Life fundraiser here and win huge prizes

06/12 22:15 Battlefield V gets Wake Island map next week

06/12 21:15 Leading Bangladesh NGO partners with Microsoft to launch a skills development project in the country

06/12 21:15 Microsoft could use the Snapdragon 7c in a Surface Go 2, but will it?

06/12 20:45 Windows Central Game Awards 2019: The best games and gaming tech of 2019

06/12 19:45 Join us for the latest Windows Central Video Podcast

06/12 19:45 Huawei's ARM chips could power desktop PCs thanks to a new motherboard

06/12 19:15 Windows 10 2004 Preview build 19037.1 is now out for both the Fast and Slow rings

06/12 19:15 This mod for Reach PC adds a collection of classic Custom Games maps

06/12 19:15 This awesome Reach PC mod adds Warzone to Reach

06/12 19:15 Windows 10 20H1 build 19037.1 heads to Fast and Slow ring Insiders

06/12 18:45 Latest Skype Insider build adds Meet Now to easily set up a group call

06/12 18:15  Watch Xbox's Extra Life fundraiser right here, and win huge prizes

06/12 18:15 Patent shows a potential Surface Book with a detachable inking keyboard

06/12 17:45 Vijf keer VPN voor freelancers

06/12 17:45 Get cheap plane tickets sent to your inbox for $21 with Matt's Flights

06/12 17:15 These Are the Best Under Desk Wire Trays for Your Home Office

06/12 17:15 Rechargeable mice are eco-friendly and convenient. These are our favorites

06/12 17:15 These are all the best AMD Ryzen-powered laptops

06/12 16:45 Microsoft begins process of pushing out Windows 10 November 2019 Update

06/12 16:15 Microsoft starts rolling out Windows 10 version 1909 to users still on last year’s version 1809

06/12 16:15 With this budget PC build you can do gaming right for less

06/12 15:45 Microsoft and Qualcomm are working to bring Project xCloud to Windows 10 on ARM PCs

06/12 15:45 Windows 10X may power IoT devices according to Microsoft job posting

06/12 15:30 Werken bij een ware hel

06/12 15:15 These are the best laptops for playing League of Legends

06/12 12:45 Online Marketing maximaal benut

06/12 12:15 The best pre-built PCs you can buy to play Special Edition

06/12 10:30  diversiteit in mobiele apparatuur

06/12 08:30 AltStore alternatief voor Apple Store, geheel zonder jailbreak

06/12 03:45 Korean MMORPG 'DokeV' announced for PC and consoles

06/12 03:45  Reach PC mod completely overhauls Campaign and Firefight

06/12 03:15 Beat big buff beasts with a new challenge in Monster Hunter Iceborne

06/12 01:15 This Reach on PC mod completely overhauls Campaign and Firefight

06/12 00:15 Riot Games announces new publishing initiative

06/12 00:15 Korean MMO 'DokeV' announced for PC and consoles

05/12 23:45 The Game Awards promises around 10 new reveals

05/12 23:15 Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7c and 8c SoCs are a new bid to make the Always Connected PC mainstream

05/12 23:15 Diablo IV has another system design update talking about attack and defense

05/12 22:45 Enjoy a dual monitor setup with $70 off the Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro

05/12 22:15 Here's what we know about the Safi'jiiva in Monster Hunter Iceborne

05/12 21:45 Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c and 8c deliver lower-cost ARM Windows PCs


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