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Nog steeds lekker dwars en hard

nog-steeds-lekker-dwars-en-hard16/05 18:45 - Nog steeds lekker dwars en hard
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Meer over economie

19/10 20:15 Here’s what to expect in the next year from Trump’s trade war with China

19/10 20:15 Trump wants to have a giant signing ceremony for the updated US-Mexico-Canada trade deal, but the other two countries are refusing because of tariffs

19/10 20:15 Scammers have started using a fake Spotify email to steal people’s Apple IDs — here are the red flags to watch out for

19/10 20:15 9 novels with diverse characters that should be made into movies

19/10 20:15 As Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods recall salads, here’s what a food-poisoning expert says you should avoid buying

19/10 19:45 Wall Street laat overwegend plussen optekenen

19/10 19:45 EU gaat met VS onderhandelen over invoer hormoonvrij rundvlees

19/10 19:45 Canadian Girl Guide sells out of cookies in under an hour after setting up shop outside a marijuana store

19/10 19:45 The new ‘Halloween’ movie was going to kill off a main character — then creator John Carpenter stepped in

19/10 19:45 I asked 21 people for the worst thing about living in the Bay Area — here’s what they said

19/10 19:30 'Arcelor doet hoogste bod op Essar Steel'

19/10 19:30 EU gaat onderhandelen over import rundvlees VS

19/10 19:30 Fed volgt zaak Khashoggi en impact oliemarkt

19/10 19:15 Britse ex-toppoliticus Nick Clegg wordt pr-baas Facebook

19/10 19:15 Britse ex-toppoliticus Nick Clegg wordt pr-baas Facebook

19/10 19:15 Amazon is reportedly revisiting HQ2 contenders as it prepares to make its decision — here’s who’s left in the running

19/10 19:15 Earth’s largest living organism is now in danger of disappearing because of fire and damage from humans

19/10 19:15 A NATO fighter jet accidentally fired a missile 2 months ago, and now Russia is sending an ominous warning about it

19/10 19:15 Scientists say winning the lottery does make people feel better about life — even though decades of evidence suggests otherwise

19/10 19:15 Top Senate Democrat accuses Trump of being too ‘soft’ on Saudi Arabia because of his business ties to the kingdom

19/10 19:15 Spain will have the world’s longest life expectancy in the next 20 years — and the US will fall behind China in the rankings

19/10 19:15 Sears is reportedly betting on a lifeline from its controversial former CEO to keep it from liquidating in the next few weeks

19/10 18:45 Karlie Kloss just married Jared Kushner’s brother Joshua — here’s what their wedding was like

19/10 18:45 ‘All Americans should recoil from the president’s praise for a violent assault’: White House Correspondents’ Association condemns Trump’s praise of lawmaker who body-slammed journalist

19/10 18:45 The Interpol chief who vanished in China is feared dead after even his wife hasn’t heard from him in weeks

19/10 18:45 Prince Harry held Meghan Markle’s hand behind his back with both of his hands, taking their PDA to a whole new level

19/10 18:45 ‘He’s going to cash out’: Joe Scarborough says he doesn’t think Trump will run for reelection in 2020

19/10 18:45 The best value plays in your DraftKings lineup for Week 7 of the NFL season

19/10 18:45 Meghan Markle visited a beach in Australia wearing $120 wedges, a type of shoe the queen reportedly doesn’t like

19/10 18:15 9 managers reveal the resume red flags that keep them from hiring someone

19/10 18:15 9 high-paying jobs you never knew existed

19/10 18:15 10 of the most common last names in the world and the fascinating origins behind them

19/10 18:15 Amazon is revisiting HQ2 contenders as it prepares to make its decision — here’s who’s left in the running

19/10 18:15 Bella Thorne says people think she’s a ‘heroin addict’ because of her cystic ‘I’m just smoking weed’

19/10 18:15 12 things on your work desk that are making you look unprofessional

19/10 18:15 After using Samsung Galaxy phones for 5 years, I made the switch to the iPhone XS

19/10 18:15 Lena Dunham’s feminist newsletter, which ran articles by Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Obama, is shutting down

19/10 17:45  Dag- en weekwinst voor AEX

19/10 17:45 Randstad opvallende daler op Damrak

19/10 17:45 Starbucks sluit regiokantoor in Amsterdam en verhuist naar Londen

19/10 17:45 ‘Datareus Palantir overweegt beursgang met waardering van 41 miljard’

19/10 17:45 Italië krijgt van EU vier dagen om begroting uit te leggen

19/10 17:45 Resultaten PayPal overtreffen verwachtingen

19/10 17:45 China en VS willen geschillencommissie van WTO vanwege handelsoorlog

19/10 17:45 Nieuwe eigenaar HEMA wil schuldenlast winkelketen drastisch verlagen

19/10 17:45 Groei Chinese economie op laagste punt sinds 2009

19/10 17:45 Consumentenvertrouwen daalt voor derde maand op rij

19/10 17:45 Diverse vervoersopties voor woon-werkverkeer

19/10 17:45 Bella Thorne says she was bullied by the people behind her canceled show ‘Famous in Love,’ including being called ‘ugly’ in e-mails

19/10 17:45 Google is helping a Chinese CEO being investigated for rape to bring his company to the US


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