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Lady Gaga called herself ‘a single lady’ 3 months after she was spotted kissing audio engineer Dan Horton

19/10 21:15 - Lady Gaga called herself ‘a single lady’ 3 months after she was spotted kissing audio engineer Dan Horton
The singer alluded to their breakup on her Instagram story. She and Horton were previously photographed packing on PDA in Los Angeles in July. The post Lady Gaga called herself ‘a single lady’ 3 months after she was spotted kissing audio engineer Dan Horton appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


Meer over economie

17/11 05:15 John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, projected to win second term as Louisiana governor in a major rebuke to Trump

17/11 04:15 Trump made an unscheduled trip to a hospital for what the White House says was part of his annual physical

17/11 03:15 Pete Buttigieg soars to first place in a new Iowa poll, leaving Biden, Warren, and Sanders in dead heat

17/11 01:45 Prince Andrew says he couldn’t have had sex with a 17-year-old because he was at a Pizza Express on the day in question

17/11 00:15 Volgens peilingen stevent Boris Johnson af op eclatante verkiezingsoverwinning

17/11 00:15 Grote kosten voor gemeenten en vertraging bouwprojecten door PFAS-beleid

17/11 00:15 Louisiana elects its governor tonight, follow live results as the last Democrat in the deep south tries to hold his seat

16/11 23:15 A immigration officer processed deportations for 20 years. Now he fears his own, after his Mexican birth certificate was unearthed.

16/11 23:15 Prince Andrew says the picture of him with his hand around Virginia Roberts’ waist might not be real

16/11 22:15 Labo-onderzoek wijst op asbestresten rond toekomstig asielcentrum in Bilzen

16/11 22:15 Politieke strijd? KPN bouwt alvast Huawei-antennes

16/11 22:15 Here’s everything we know about Mina Chang, who rapidly rose from a self-described singer to a State Department official with a dubious résumé

16/11 22:15 Pope Francis compared rhetoric from anti-gay politicians to Hitler speeches

16/11 21:45 Heart surgeries like bypasses may not be necessary for blocked arteries, according to groundbreaking new research

16/11 21:15 13 mind-blowing facts that show just how expensive New York City really is

16/11 20:45 Britse politie stelt onderzoek in wegens mogelijke poging tot kiesbedrog

16/11 20:15 Rode Duivels groepswinnaar en reekshoofd bij loting na klinkende 1-4 zege in Rusland

16/11 20:15 Franse hardloper eindelijk opgepakt voor brandstichting 900 auto’s: ‘Hij is opgelucht’

16/11 20:15 Sinterklaas krijgt een ‘Als er vragen gesteld worden over Zwarte Piet kan je dat niet zomaar negeren’

16/11 20:15 Venice government offices were flooded moments after lawmakers rejected a climate change plan

16/11 20:15 The high school basketball team with the kids of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade is going to be on ESPN more than some NBA teams

16/11 20:15 A Tucson deputy is being investigated for a video that shows him forcing a 15-year-old quadruple amputee to the ground

16/11 19:45 250.000 Tsjechen demonstreren in Praag tegen premier Babis

16/11 19:45 Herverkozen partijvoorzitter Van Grieken wil Vlaams Belang als beleidspartij positioneren

16/11 19:15 Google grijpt de macht in jouw auto

16/11 19:15 I saved $100,000 before age 25 with the help of one 1 app

16/11 19:15 2 students at Harvard went viral with an incredible campaign rap. Then they won the school’s election.

16/11 18:45 The next 10 years of Apple will include self-driving cars, computer glasses, and — yes — a much faster iPhone

16/11 18:45 A Bay Area startup is working to make ‘air meat’ using protein-producing microbes discovered by NASA

16/11 18:45 Attorney General Bill Barr’s speech to the conservative Federalist Society is under scrutiny for its political tilt

16/11 18:15 ‘Under the Bridge’ was een brug te ver voor de Red Hot Chili Peppers

16/11 18:15 Deze topfilms mag u niet missen vanavond

16/11 18:15 Tom Van Grieken herverkozen als partijvoorzitter Vlaams Belang

16/11 18:15 Waarom Google nu ook in jouw auto de baas wordt

16/11 18:15 I’m a tech CEO who tried to give up my smartphone for a year. I wasn’t fully successful — but it did make me a better leader.

16/11 17:45 200.000 Tsjechen demonstreren in Praag tegen premier Babis

16/11 17:45 Tom Van Grieken herverkozen als partijvoorzitter Vlaams Belang met 97,4% van stemmen

16/11 17:45 Meghan Markle is accusing British tabloids of making up ‘untrue’ stories about her, including expensive home renovations with taxpayers’ money

16/11 17:45 Leaked papers on China’s Muslim mass detention policies show President Xi Jinping urging the ruling party to use the ‘organs of dictatorship’ to round up the ethnic minority

16/11 17:45 Here are the two victims of the high school shooting in Santa Clarita

16/11 17:15 Poolse arbeidsmigrant verkiest Duitsland voor het eerst in jaren boven VK

16/11 17:15 Sinterklaas meert aan in ‘Er zijn dit jaar géén stoute kinderen’

16/11 17:15 Bestuurders van deze automerken krijgen de meeste boetes

16/11 17:15 Beste Wouter Beke, als pleegouders voelen we ons in de steek gelaten door de maatschappij. En door u

16/11 17:15 The keto diet makes mice better at fighting the flu — another clue about how the high-fat, low-carb plan changes the body

16/11 17:15 Elon Musk’s plan to build a new Tesla factory in Germany makes no sense. Here’s why.

16/11 17:15 11 red flags Black Friday shoppers should watch out for

16/11 17:15 Bitcoin would need to soar 1,670% to make an ETF possible, strategist Tom Lee says

16/11 16:45 Arme gezinnen staan niet helemaal in bijleskou

16/11 16:45 Poolse werknemers keren terug naar huis


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