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Waarom (blanke) mannen meer last hebben van haaruitval

waarom-(blanke)-mannen-meer-last-hebben-van-haaruitval20/10 07:45 - Waarom (blanke) mannen meer last hebben van haaruitval
Eerst inhammen, dan een kale plek en uiteindelijk rest alleen een haarkrans op het achterhoofd. Waarom overvalt dit de meeste mannen? En is er iets tegen te doen?...


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21/11 03:45 IEA Solar to surge past coal & natural gas by 2040.

21/11 00:30 A Weird, Orbital Dance Keeps These Moons of Neptune Safely On Track

21/11 00:30 Strange Galaxy Cluster Ignores Massive Black Hole, Forms Stars

20/11 23:45 Economists Prove Climate Change is Always Worse Somewhere Else

20/11 23:30 When a Bee Falls In Water, It 'Surfs' Tiny Ripples to Safety

20/11 23:30 Nine Things You Think You Can Recycle ... But Actually Can't

20/11 23:30 Science May Have a Better Way to Translate Dog Years to Human Years

20/11 23:30 This Skin Patch Could Add A Sense of Touch to Virtual Reality Devices

20/11 23:30  Let's Talk Custom Manufacturing

20/11 22:45 10 Geek Gifts for People Who Love Science

20/11 22:30 the Time Before And After Land

20/11 20:45 The loss of ‘eternal ice’ threatens Mongolian reindeer herders’ way of life

20/11 20:30 Sex Promotes Lasting Memories in Female Flies

20/11 19:45 Inside the media conspiracy to hype Greta Thunberg

20/11 19:30 Why Babies Are So Cute — And Why We React the Way We Do

20/11 19:30 Respect Your How These Plants and Animals Rely On Their Parents

20/11 19:30 I Tried to Find What Truth and Beauty Looked Like in My Brain

20/11 19:30 How Scientists Are Planning to Grow Food on Other Planets

20/11 19:30 The Pediatrician Who Woke America Up to the Lead Crisis

20/11 19:30 20 Things You Didn't Know About the Amazon

20/11 19:30 Ancient Egyptians Didn’t Farm Ibises, They Just Mummified Them

20/11 19:30 A New, Prehistoric Fossil Sheds Light on How Birds Took to the Skies

20/11 19:30 What is Dark Matter Made Of? These Are the Top Candidates

20/11 19:30 Astronomers Catch Water Erupting from Plumes on Jupiter’s Icy Moon Europa

20/11 19:30 Africa is Splitting in Two, Creating Dozens of Volcanoes

20/11 19:30 A Weird, Orbital Dance Keeps These Moons of Neptune From Hitting Each Other

20/11 19:30 How two gamma-ray bursts created record-breaking high-energy photons

20/11 19:30 Missing Brain Hemisphere Tied to Fortified Neural Networks

20/11 18:45 Genomes Sequenced for Every US and Canada Butterfly

20/11 17:15 Uitstoot van zeer potent broeikasgas blijkt stiekem razendsnel toe te nemen

20/11 15:45 Energy-starved Africa looks to India for nuclear reactors

20/11 15:15 Bill Gates bundelt de zon

20/11 14:30 Image of the Brittle Star

20/11 13:15  je gezicht als pincode

20/11 13:15 Na dertig jaar – eindelijk! – een neutronenster ontdekt in het restant van supernova 1987A

20/11 12:30 Dengue cases in the Americas have reached an all-time high

20/11 11:45 Decarbonizing the power sector

20/11 11:15 Toiletcoating bespaart een hoop water

20/11 11:15 Entomoloog beweert leven op Mars te hebben ontdekt

20/11 10:15 Leids studententeam wint internationale prijs

20/11 09:15 ‘Autonome auto’s voorspellen egoïstisch rijgedrag’

20/11 09:15 Was het beroemdste experiment ooit een hoax?

20/11 08:45 Jagend CRISPR-systeem blijkt razendsnel en verbazingwekkend efficiënt te zijn

20/11 07:30  First Geologic Map of Titan

20/11 06:30 TikTok gaat concurrentie aan met Spotify en is er nog plaats op de muziekstreaming-markt?

20/11 03:30 Study Says Fracking is Saving Families $2,500 Annually, Significantly Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions

19/11 23:45 Climate alarmists hide from debate, Stossel sets it straight

19/11 22:30 Bio-Rad Introduces EveryBlot Blocking Buffer that Offers 5-Minute Blocking Time and Greater Sensitivity for Western Blots

19/11 22:30 Diagenode to Offer Single-Cell ATAC-Seq Services Featuring Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital PCR Technology

19/11 19:45 Climate Extremism in the Age of Disinformation


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