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Xbox One gets ability to easily buy games friends are playing

19/11 22:15 - Xbox One gets ability to easily buy games friends are playing
The software keeps on getting better and better. What you need to know Microsoft just rolled out a new feature that allows you to easily discover games. The Xbox One Guide now features the ability to directly buy the game a friend is playing. This means that it'll be easier for players to discover titles their friends are interested in. Playing with your friends is a major aspect of Xbox Live and Microsoft keeps on introducing new ways to tell what your friends are doing. Today, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb, announced that the team is rolling out a new feature on Xbox One where you can get more information on a game your friends are playing. If you open it up, you'll see that there's a link to play it there, an option to install or buy it, and open its Official Club. We are starting to roll out a new feature for Xbox One: Directly from the Guide you will be able to quickly get more information on a game your friend is playing - with a link to play it (i...


Meer over computer Windows

23/01 02:15 Wasteland Remastered is now set to release on February 25

23/01 00:15 Microsoft sidelines Windows as it looks to power the next 46 billion devices

23/01 00:15 Microsoft Edge Dev channel updated with security settings, improved extension support

22/01 23:45 See the Microsoft Surface Duo’s dual-screen Android OS in action

22/01 23:15 Call of Modern Warfare gets crossbow

22/01 22:15 Microsoft Edge Dev channel updated with handful of tweaks and fixes

22/01 21:15 Is 1080p, 1440p, or 4K best for PC gaming?

22/01 21:15 The Nightmare of the Wolf anime film coming to Netflix

22/01 20:45 Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Mozzie skin is a pizza abomination

22/01 20:15 How to use a keyboard and mouse with any Xbox One game

22/01 20:15 Microsoft might test millimeter-wave body scanners at two data centers

22/01 20:15 Best Xbox One games coming Pillars of Eternity II and more

22/01 20:15 Senua's Hellblade II has a team twice as large as the first game

22/01 19:45 Microsoft releases preview SDK for Surface Duo, proposes web standards for dual-screen devices

22/01 19:45 Sprint now offering $15 unlimited eSIM 4G LTE plans for Surface Pro X

22/01 19:45 You can now download the Surface Duo preview SDK from Microsoft

22/01 19:15 Microsoft to open first cloud datacenter region in Israel

22/01 19:15 Office 365 ProPlus users will have a Bing search extension forced on them

22/01 19:15 You can now download the Surface Duo preview SDKs from Microsoft

22/01 19:15 Ninja Theory announces ' Mara' horror game

22/01 18:45 Project xCloud preview will come to Canada starting January 29, and you can sign up today

22/01 18:45 Windows 7 ESUs will cost the German government €800,000 this year

22/01 18:45 Xbox Project xCloud expands to Canada on January 29

22/01 18:30  vijf tips om bij te blijven met cloudinnovatie

22/01 18:15 Microsoft will soon make Bing the default search engine for Chrome users with Office 365 ProPlus

22/01 18:15  Kensington SD6000 Surface Go Docking Station

22/01 18:15 The response to Cyberpunk 2077's delay shows what gamers really want

22/01 18:15 Preorder a Resident Evil 3 collector's edition before they're gone

22/01 18:15 Windows 7 ESU will cost the German government almost €800,000

22/01 17:45 German government will pay Microsoft €800K for Windows 7 extended security updates

22/01 17:45 How to use your Windows 10 PC as a mobile hotspot

22/01 17:45 The AirSounds MAX are a great AirPods Pro alternative at just $60

22/01 17:45 Zombie Army 4 supports mouse and keyboard on Xbox One

22/01 17:15 Temtem might just be the Pokémon-like PC MMO players have been wanting

22/01 17:15 List of best Xbox One wireless headsets

22/01 17:15 Riot Games' gender discrimination settlement could get better for victims

22/01 16:45 How to run the old Edge alongside the new Microsoft Edge

22/01 16:45 Minecraft Earth gets a new Battery Saver mode

22/01 16:45 A Plague Tale, Sea Salt, and more join Xbox Game Pass soon

22/01 16:30 Zo houd je je mailbox schoon

22/01 16:15 A Plague Innocence and 3 other games are joining Xbox Game Pass for Console this month

22/01 16:15 We compare Valve's Index with HTC's Vive Cosmos to help you buy what's best

22/01 15:45 Microsoft shares details of a security breach of customer support database

22/01 15:15 Budget Cuts 2 Mutators update adds bullet time, smooth locomotion, more

22/01 15:15 MAINGEAR's Classic laptop bag GPS tracking, pockets everywhere

22/01 14:30 Kansen in 2020: de verstoorders van nu

22/01 14:15 Project xCloud on the NVIDIA Shield is almost like playing a regular Xbox

22/01 13:45 Avoid typing mistakes in Microsoft Edge by using spell checker properly

22/01 13:15 Avoid typing mistakes with Microsoft Edge using spell checker properly

22/01 12:45 You can now manually check for the Windows 10 November 2019 Update


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