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Diablo IV system design update goes over endgame progression

19/11 22:45 - Diablo IV system design update goes over endgame progression
Blizzard is still figuring out how endgame systems will work. What you need to know Diablo IV was announced at BlizzCon 2019 by Blizzard Entertainment. David Kim, Lead Systems Designer on Diablo IV, has posted an update on endgame progression and more. More news will come in the form of quarterly updates starting in February 2020. There is not yet a release window for the game. While Blizzard has confirmed that quarterly updates for Diablo IV will start providing a behind-the-scenes look at development starting in February 2020, more blog posts are already prepping players for what to expect while also engaging fans in the conversation around systems that are yet to be determined. David Kim, Lead Systems Designer on Diablo IV, posted an update on multiple systems in Diablo IV, including endgame progression. Right now, lots of features related to endgame progression aren't finalized and Blizzard is asking for community feedback. Currently, Blizzard is looking at having a seper...


Meer over computer Windows

12/12 08:30  de Dynabook X50-F

12/12 05:15 Check out these The Game Awards Xbox One game sale deals

12/12 04:45 Check out these The Game Awards sale Xbox One game deals

12/12 02:15 Doom and Doom II to get locked 60 FPS on all platforms, free content

12/12 00:15  The Master Chief Collection hit nearly 3 million players at PC launch

12/12 00:15 Don't let zombies snack on Resident Evil Resistance's Sandwich

11/12 23:15  MCC sees nearly 3 million players during PC launch week

11/12 22:45 All Android users can now make phone calls on PC with the Windows 10 Your Phone app

11/12 22:15 3 million gamers played Reach on PC and Xbox One during launch week

11/12 22:15 Microsoft's 'Your Phone' now lets anyone make calls from their PC

11/12 21:15 These are the best of the best bands for your Fitbit Charge 2

11/12 21:15 Sea of Thieves gets 'Festival of Giving' event, tutorial for new players

11/12 21:15 Minecraft 'Buzzy Bees' update lands on December 11 (update)

11/12 21:15 Forza Horizon 4 gets battle royale-like mode tomorrow

11/12 20:45  Dmax Armor anti-glare for Microsoft Surface Pro X is just $8

11/12 20:15 Upgrade the storage in your Surface Book 2 without breaking the bank

11/12 19:45  Internet of Things in de praktijk - drie succesvolle cases

11/12 19:45 Two Point Hospital may join Xbox Game Pass at launch

11/12 19:15 Destiny 2 Sundial Tips, tricks, and how to win

11/12 19:15 Will Teams or Slack ultimately win the messaging app wars?

11/12 19:15 Microsoft says people don't want Xbox VR — but Jez definitely does

11/12 18:45 5 tips and tricks to help you win in Destiny 2's Sundial mode

11/12 18:45 Blast zombies, robots, and more in the best Oculus Quest shooting games

11/12 18:45 Doom and Doom II to get locked 60 FPS on consoles, free content

11/12 18:15 Microsoft jumps in Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” list as Facebook and Google drop out of top 10

11/12 18:15 Microsoft Teams sees significant growth — but Slack isn't going anywhere

11/12 18:15 Shoot zombies, robots and more in the best Oculus Quest shooting games

11/12 17:45 These $200 Wireless Earbuds are now just $67

11/12 17:15 Remembering Windows Phone, the OS that tried to break the iOS/Android duopoly

11/12 17:15 Ready to finally give up on Windows Phone? Here are some of the best new phones you can buy

11/12 17:15 Secretlab Christmas sale helps keep your chair clean and saves you money

11/12 17:15 Building a new PC for Minecraft? Have a look at our top picks for a GPU.

11/12 17:15 Can you gift VR games in the Oculus Quest store?

11/12 16:45 Twitch fights back, signs top (remaining) gamers to exclusive deals

11/12 16:45 Two Point Hospital for Xbox One to launch in February 2020 (update)

11/12 16:45 The Resident Evil 2 remake has outsold the original version of the game

11/12 16:30  Fortigate-VM Firewall

11/12 16:15 Microsoft launches new Xbox support website

11/12 16:15 Two Point Hospital for Xbox One will launch in February 2020 (update)

11/12 16:15 The best cooling pads for your notebook

11/12 16:15 How to get The Division 2's new snowball weapon, The Sleigher

11/12 16:15 Doom Slayers Collection hits retailers, grants rebate on Doom Eternal

11/12 15:45 Windows 7 support is ending soon, and Microsoft will remind you about it with a full-screen notification

11/12 15:45 Windows 10 20H1 final build reportedly coming this week, but won’t ship until March or April

11/12 15:45 Windows 10 Mobile may be dead but the Office UWP apps for Windows 10 aren't

11/12 15:15 The Acer Predator CG437K P is a gaming monster that puts your TV to shame

11/12 15:15 Your Phone now lets you draw and jot things down with your PC's pen

11/12 14:15 These PC speakers deliver great sound without emptying your wallet

11/12 13:30  iiyama ultra wide XUB3493WQSU

11/12 12:45 LG's entire line of gram laptops refreshed with 10th Gen chips for 2020


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