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Japanners eisen compensatie om sterilisatie

japanners-eisen-compensatie-om-sterilisatie17/05 09:45 - Japanners eisen compensatie om sterilisatie
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21/10 03:45 Police found the remains of 63 more infants and fetuses at a second funeral home in Detroit

21/10 03:15 The Saudi government reportedly targeted and punished several dissidents after McKinsey identified them in a report

21/10 03:15 23 tips and tricks to get the most out of your Apple Watch

21/10 02:45 McKinsey reportedly helped the Saudi government identify several dissidents, who were then arrested or hacked

21/10 01:15 Steve Jobs fanatics may be able to buy a toilet, thermostat and other random household objects that were part of the Apple founder’s old Silicon Valley mansion

21/10 00:45 Lionel Messi scored a goal, created another, but then fractured his arm and is now sidelined for the biggest FC Barcelona match of the year

20/10 23:45 Lionel Messi scored a goal, created another, but fractured his arm in a horrific fall and is sidelined for the biggest FC Barcelona match of the year

20/10 22:45 Wim Kok is op 80-jarige leeftijd overleden – de oud-premier van twee paarse kabinetten groeide uit tot staatsman met internationaal aanzien

20/10 22:15 Lionel Messi scored a goal, created another, but injured his arm in a horrific fall and may be sidelined for the biggest FC Barcelona match of the year

20/10 22:15 16 of the Kardashian-Jenners’ best Halloween costumes

20/10 21:45 Burger King has a new spooky black slushie, but all people can talk about is how it’s turning their poop weird colors

20/10 21:15 Trump reportedly wanted to shut down the entire US-Mexico border, but his aides talked him out of it

20/10 20:15 Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith reveal why they never got divorced, despite not calling themselves ‘married’

20/10 19:15 The Weather Channel’s blazing-hot wildfire simulation clearly explains why wildfires are getting so much worse in California and the western US

20/10 19:15 Wim Kok is op tachtigjarige leeftijd overleden – de oud-premier van twee paarse kabinetten groeide uit tot staatsman met internationaal aanzien

20/10 18:30 Financieel Hollands welvaren

20/10 18:15 A Florida woman sent rescuers to save her family when she saw the word ‘HELP’ written on the lawn in aerial images after Hurricane Michael

20/10 18:15 The same question that can chart a path to early retirement is the one Warren Buffett used to build Berkshire Hathaway into a powerhouse

20/10 18:15 JCPenney is enticing workers with free vacations to New York and Miami as retail’s ‘war for talent’ heats up

20/10 18:15 Sears has filed for bankruptcy and announced it would close more than 140 stores, but it isn’t the only department store that has struggled recently — here’s why

20/10 18:15 13 easy Halloween makeup looks that you can wear without a costume

20/10 17:45 ‘Groen slotje maakt van Tikkie-fraude kinderspel’

20/10 17:45 I toured an exclusive NYC club where freelancers, fashion influencers and entrepreneurs pay up to $1,250 a month to network in a stylish Tribeca building — and I didn’t feel nearly cool enough to be there

20/10 17:45 Meghan Markle sported a new hairdo with plenty of volume, and it’s a departure from her usual style

20/10 17:15 The 17 best photos from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal tour so far

20/10 17:15 NFL betting guide — Our best bets for Week 7 of the Westgate SuperContest

20/10 17:15 This futuristic hotel is going to be built at the base of a glacier in remote, northern Norway — and it looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie

20/10 17:15 Dana White just gave a big hint as to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s next opponent, and it could be a fight that’s been years in the making

20/10 17:15 There’s a battle brewing over Google’s $1 billion high-tech neighborhood, and it could have big privacy implications for cities

20/10 17:15 Turkey says it won’t allow a ‘cover-up’ about Jamal Khashoggi after Saudi Arabia’s explanation of his death prompts derision

20/10 16:45 Pak je nu alweer het vliegtuig?

20/10 16:45 Pak je nu alweer het vliegtuig?

20/10 16:45 Sarah Jessica Parker just opened her first permanent shoe store in New York. Here’s what it’s like to shop there.

20/10 16:45 Take a look inside the largest wooden office complex in the US

20/10 16:30 Nederlandse wegen staan in mondiale top drie

20/10 16:15 This $1000 countertop smart oven uses ‘pure light’ to cook food even faster than a regular oven can preheat

20/10 16:15 How much it costs to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in the 25 biggest US cities right now, ranked

20/10 16:15 A US Marine photographer shot these beautiful portraits of troops overseas

20/10 16:15 Unlike in court hearings, witnesses are not allowed to have their lawyers present when testifying before a grand jury

20/10 15:45 MIT is giving you control of a real person on Halloween in a dystopian game that sounds like an episode of ‘Black Mirror’

20/10 15:45 Forget about ‘Fortnite’ — the new ‘Call of Duty’ makes 6 brilliant changes to the Battle Royale formula

20/10 15:30 Vertrouwen in Italië bijna weg

20/10 15:30 Nederlandse wegen staan in de top drie wereldwijd

20/10 15:15 How GM went from bankrupt and on the brink of death to being one of the world’s best-run car companies

20/10 15:15 A Palestinian-American billionaire built a $1.4 billion luxury city from scratch in the desert to be a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Palestine’s economy

20/10 15:15 Almost all the royal families of Europe are related to each other. This family tree shows how they share a single ancestor

20/10 15:15 12 devices and services that could help you ditch Amazon completely

20/10 14:45 ’Zwitserse bankier vast in China’

20/10 14:45 These are the 15 best video games to put your 4K HDR screen to the test

20/10 14:45 Republican Patrick Morrisey is betting that bipartisanship is dead in his Senate race against Democrat Joe Manchin in deep-red West Virginia


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