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There’s a stark reason why America’s 1.8 million long-haul truck drivers can’t strike

20/10 18:15 - There’s a stark reason why America’s 1.8 million long-haul truck drivers can’t strike
Trucking is powered by 1.8 million long-haul drivers, who move around 71% of America's freight. But striking isn't accessible to them. The post There’s a stark reason why America’s 1.8 million long-haul truck drivers can’t strike appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


Meer over economie

12/11 16:45 Wall Street duwt AEX door 600 punten

12/11 16:45 AEX boven mijlpaal, maar wat heeft u eraan?

12/11 16:45 Feest op het Damrak, AEX breekt voor het eerst sinds 2001 door 600 punten

12/11 16:45 Clinton bekritiseert Johnson om ‘achterhouden’ rapport over Russische invloed op brexit

12/11 16:45 Two-thirds of Bernie Sanders supporters also would support Elizabeth Warren if she’s the nominee

12/11 16:45 Viral videos have terrified people into opposing Amazon’s plastic packaging. Here’s why they’re wrong.

12/11 16:45 Republicans are trying to shift the argument over impeachment to what was going on inside Trump’s mind, after testimony tore apart defenses based on fact

12/11 16:45 Spotify is giving away Google Home speakers to all subscribers — but you only have 3 days to claim one

12/11 16:45 Wild turkeys are terrorizing the town of Tom’s River, New Jersey, by pecking at roofs, breaking windows, and attacking residents

12/11 16:30  pensioenvragen en -antwoorden

12/11 16:30 ’Stop met die flats, bouw rijtjeshuizen’

12/11 16:30 Wall Street duwt AEX tegen 600 punten

12/11 16:30 Beursfeest met AEX-mijlpaal boven 600 punten

12/11 16:30 Onderwijsaanbieder NCOI lijft concurrent LOI in

12/11 16:15 Dit mag u niet missen op tv, Netflix en Play More

12/11 16:15 Nederland hakt de knoop overdag nog maximaal 100 kilometer per uur op de snelweg

12/11 16:15 AH opent 5e Home Shop Center in Amsterdam

12/11 16:15 Colruyt maakt prijsverlagingen Pelt ongedaan

12/11 16:15 The MLB released an emotional video tribute to NL Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso that calls back to his childhood

12/11 16:15 How to get a free year of Disney Plus if you’re a Verizon customer

12/11 16:15 Electric cars may be the future, but they’re still critically flawed in 1 key area

12/11 16:15 A college gymnast died after slipping off the uneven bars during practice

12/11 16:15 Macy’s Cyber Monday deals begin December 1 — here are a few early deals, and what we expect to see on sale

12/11 16:15 You can have two Venmo accounts, even if they’re using the same bank account — here’s how to set it up

12/11 15:45 'Hogere kwartaalomzet voor Altice'

12/11 15:45 Wall Street opent dicht bij huis

12/11 15:45 Indorock van Vanja van der Leeden wint Gouden Kookboek 2019

12/11 15:45 Dit zijn de 20 beste rappers aller tijden

12/11 15:45 Maximale snelheid op Nederlandse snelwegen voortaan 100 kilometer per uur

12/11 15:45 The beauty queen wife of notorious drug lord El Chapo is set to appear on a reality TV show about the friends and families of cartel bosses

12/11 15:45 The US could end up running on gasoline forever, leaving electric vehicles to China and Europe

12/11 15:45 Keens is one of New York’s oldest steakhouses, but its most famous dish isn’t beef

12/11 15:45 Uber and WeWork are ‘middle of the road’ companies, real-estate executive says

12/11 15:45 APPLY Insider Inc. is hiring a Software Engineer

12/11 15:45 I stayed in a 182-square-foot room on the world’s largest cruise ship, where no space was left unused. Here’s what it’s like inside.

12/11 15:45 The EPA is reportedly planning to restrict the science experts can use to draw up rules to protect public health

12/11 15:30 'Wall Street wacht op toespraak Trump'

12/11 15:30 Damrak rekent op twijfelend Wall Street

12/11 15:30 Enkele meevallers, maar meeste zorgverzekeraars verhogen zorgpremie

12/11 15:15  kleine ondernemers slecht vindbaar

12/11 15:15 Na brandstichting gerechtelijk onderzoek naar racistische commentaren op sociale media

12/11 15:15 Coalitie akkoord over pakket maatregelen tegen Maximumsnelheid overdag naar beneden

12/11 15:15 How 12 celebrities compare to the real-life royals they played

12/11 15:15 Beyond Meat insiders are rushing to sell after the company’s post-IPO lockup expired. Here’s how much each sold for.

12/11 15:15 Electric cars may be the future, but they’re still critically flawed in one key area

12/11 15:15 The best casual hoodies for men

12/11 15:15 Poland’s prime minister accused Netflix of implying the country was responsible for death camps in a Nazi documentary

12/11 15:15 After a ‘loud, clear’ backlash, Sonic the Hedgehog got a major redesign for his upcoming film — here’s how he looks now

12/11 15:15 A popular liquid-filled toy is bursting in Target and Walmart stores after the toy company produced a batch with a quality issue

12/11 15:15 Disney Plus is crashing and having technical issues on launch day for some users


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