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Millennials are buckling under all kinds of debt, and they’re freaking out

20/10 18:45 - Millennials are buckling under all kinds of debt, and they’re freaking out
Millennials are stressed about all kinds of debt — mortgage, car loans, credit card, and student loans. The post Millennials are buckling under all kinds of debt, and they’re freaking out appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


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14/11 05:45 Onderzoek naar handel met voorkennis bij bouwbedrijf VolkerWessels

14/11 05:45 Onderzoek naar handel met voorkennis bij bouwbedrijf VolkerWessels

14/11 05:45 George Conway, husband of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, unleashed on Republicans in a surprise appearance on MSNBC during public impeachment hearing

14/11 05:15 We tried Rothy’s new shoes made from merino wool and loved how warm and supportive they were

14/11 04:45 Popular meal-kit subscription service Plated is set to close by the end of November

14/11 04:15 Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan led the Republican attack against Democrats and impeachment witnesses on the first day of public hearings

14/11 03:15 Meer deurverkoop van energie ‘Dit wordt een puinzooi’

14/11 03:15 Meer deurverkoop van energie ‘Dit wordt een puinzooi’

14/11 02:45 A pack of feral hogs in Italy reportedly destroyed $22,000 worth of cocaine hidden in the woods

14/11 02:15 Electric cars may be the future, but they’re still critically flawed in a key area

14/11 02:15 Facebook has fixed the bug that secretly accessed iOS users’ phone cameras

14/11 02:15 A quick guide to every ‘Mandalorian’ character you should know

14/11 01:45 Colin Kaepernick’s chance to revive his NFL career seemed to come out of nowhere and is shrouded in mystery

14/11 01:15 Voor het eerst in 5,5 jaar meer werklozen

14/11 01:15 Voor het eerst in 5,5 jaar meer werklozen

14/11 01:15 Zlatan Ibrahimovic bids farewell to LA Galaxy after saying he came and ‘conquered’ MLS

14/11 01:15 Andrew Yang preached his tech-friendly gospel at Sam Altman’s San Francisco You can’t treat tech like oil companies and breaking up Amazon won’t bring malls back

14/11 01:15 Trump keeps contradicting the Pentagon about whatever it is the US is doing with Syria’s oil

14/11 01:15 A top Facebook VR exec is taking a step away from the company to become a ‘Victorian Gentleman Scientist’ working on AI

14/11 01:15 Here’s a breakdown of the very best ESPN+ originals, including series and films exclusive to the streaming platform

14/11 00:45 13 celebrities who disappeared in the last 10 years

14/11 00:45 WeWork lost $1.3 billion in the third quarter while it was trying to go public, reflecting the rapid growth ousted CEO Adam Neumann planned

14/11 00:45 The best Nintendo Switch deals for Black Friday 2019

14/11 00:45 Here’s everyone who has been sentenced in the college admissions scandal so far

14/11 00:30 Werkloosheid stijgt door meer werkzoekenden

14/11 00:30 Werkloosheid stijgt voor het eerst in meer dan vijf jaar

14/11 00:15 This unique toy is helping my 16-month-old learn about emotions — it displays 6 different faces to show how it’s feeling

14/11 00:15 Here’s what to expect from Gamestop’s Black Friday sale — plus early deals you can already take advantage of

14/11 00:15 Apple is acknowledging 2 mistakes with its keyboards — and fixing them — with the new 16-inch MacBook Pro

14/11 00:15 Can dogs sense pregnancy? Research doesn’t have a definite answer

14/11 00:15 Walmart has already launched early deals in anticipation of Black Friday — here’s what’s on sale now and what to expect on November 29

13/11 23:45 The 20 college majors that pay the least

13/11 23:45 Hackers have become so sophisticated that nearly 4 billion records have been stolen from people in the last decade alone. Here are the 10 biggest data breaches of the 2010s.

13/11 23:45 A troubling new study shows that legalizing marijuana is linked with an increase in problematic pot use among teens

13/11 23:45 TikTok is reportedly trying to poach advertisers from Facebook as the rivalry between the companies heats up

13/11 23:45 An Air India flight was delayed nearly 12 hours after a stowaway rat was spotted in the cabin

13/11 23:30 Aandeel Disney schiet omhoog na positieve lanceringscijfers streamingdienst

13/11 23:15 Patrick Dempsey’s hair is so legendary that his celebrity makeup artist wife is releasing a pomade for men

13/11 23:15 An unprecedented study suggests the Apple Watch can help detect heart problems. But very few people actually used it to do that.

13/11 23:15 Pirates attacked an Italian ship off the coast of Mexico — the latest sign of a growing criminal industry

13/11 23:15 ‘Why won’t my PS4 connect to the internet?’: 5 ways to fix your system when it won’t get online

13/11 23:15 Bill Taylor and George Kent gave devastating testimony in the first Trump impeachment hearing. Here are the biggest takeaways.

13/11 23:15 I went on the world’s largest cruise and found getting onto a giant ship similar to boarding a flight — but way more efficient

13/11 23:15 How to delete your Steam account permanently, which will erase all of your games and account information

13/11 22:45 Facebook verwijderde miljoenen berichten

13/11 22:45 Cisco merkt vertraging wereldeconomie

13/11 22:45 50 thoughtful holiday gifts from Nordstrom — from affordable stocking stuffers to tech and fashion

13/11 22:45 How to turn off Airplane Mode on your Apple Watch in 2 different ways

13/11 22:45 McLaren’s newest supercar, the $1.69 million Elva roadster, has no windshield, roof, or windows

13/11 22:45 Bill Taylor and George Kent’s vivid testimony in the first open impeachment hearing blew up Trump’s defense in the Ukraine scandal


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