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Trump rekent op renteverlaging door Fed

trump-rekent-op-renteverlaging-door-fed20/06 19:30 - Trump rekent op renteverlaging door Fed
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25/08 23:45 Joe Walsh reportedly wants to troll Trump by recruiting George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, to work on his 2020 campaign

25/08 23:45 The 18-year-old Israeli’s 11 second submission win was completely rehearsed, just like Jorge Masvidal’s 5 second flying knee knockout last month

25/08 23:15  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian dined at a Cheesecake Factory in Ohio two nights in a row, and the people eating there couldn’t believe it

25/08 23:15 A ‘Zootopia’ land is coming to Shanghai Disney based on the popular movie. Here’s what we know.

25/08 22:45 An immersive ‘Frozen’ land is coming to Hong Kong Disneyland in 2021 — here’s what it will look like

25/08 22:15 Twee meldingen van aanranding van eerbaarheid op Kamping Kitsch

25/08 22:15 Isolatiemiljonair Ton Willemsen vecht al veertig jaar tegen koude voeten en de bierkaai

25/08 22:15 James Charles in the latest celebrity in a line of stars to voluntarily post their nude photos after being threatened by hackers

25/08 22:15 The 18-year-old Isreali’s 11 second submission win was completely rehearsed, just like Jorge Masvidal’s 5 second flying knee knockout last month

25/08 21:45 Trump says Russia might be invited to next year’s G7 Summit, though other leaders disagree

25/08 21:15 Police sent explosion warnings to residents near SpaceX’s South Texas launch site ahead of an experimental rocket flight

25/08 21:15 Hong Kong police drew their guns and fired a warning shot after being chased by protesters

25/08 20:45 Psycholoog Filip Raes na het interview met Bart ‘Psychische problemen mogen geen taboe zijn’

25/08 20:45 A look at the life and fortune of John McCain, who had a sprawling real estate portfolio and donated $1.7 million in book sales to charity

25/08 20:15 Trump schuift met pionnen op het schaakbord van de wereldhandel

25/08 20:15 WHERE ARE THEY NOW? All the big-name QBs taken with Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL draft

25/08 19:45  Nederlanders handig met tech

25/08 19:45 Een miljoen euro voor wie bewijst dat de Duitse stad Bielefeld niet bestaat

25/08 19:45 The wives of G7 world leaders enjoyed the best french wine, peppers, and traditional dances while their husbands were at the tense summit

25/08 19:15 Viroloog Marc Van Ranst na de Twitter- ‘Dit is een pure intimidatiecampagne’

25/08 19:15 Netflix’s ‘Elite’ is like ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘Riverdale’ combined. Here’s why you should be watching it.

25/08 19:15 Striking photos show how this weekend’s Hong Kong protests escalated into violence with makeshift weapons, water cannons, and tear gas

25/08 19:15 Anthony Scaramucci made a surprise appearance at a Joe Biden campaign stop following his Twitter feud with Trump

25/08 18:45 Man overleden na vermeend ‘Wat zou je gedaan hebben als het jouw dochter was?’

25/08 18:45 10 of the best and 10 of the worst Netflix originals that have come out this year, so far

25/08 18:15 Zeven doden bij botsing tussen vliegtuig en helikopter in Mallorca

25/08 18:15 Man overleden na vermeend misbruik in Nederlands ‘Wat zou je gedaan hebben als het jouw dochter was?’

25/08 18:15 How to host an outdoor dinner party in a few simple steps

25/08 18:15 Weer honderden nieuwe branden in Brazilië – Deze 24 foto’s tonen het Amazone regenwoud voor en na de verwoestende ramp

25/08 17:45 Alex ‘Op mijn twintigste ging ik werken om onze familie te onderhouden’

25/08 17:45 Take a tour of the private jet that a billionaire CEO flies around the world

25/08 17:45 How to finance a car and get yourself on the road

25/08 17:45 Trump’s company could save millions if interest rates fall like he wants

25/08 17:45 A relationship expert says making these common mistakes after a breakup can lead to a negative thought spiral

25/08 17:30 Baas Bundesbank wil geen extra stimulering

25/08 17:15 This $25 manual milk frother is the best one you can buy — I’ve been using it for 6 years to make my daily cappuccino

25/08 17:15 Doomsday preppers are thinning out across the US, and it may be because President Trump quiets their fears

25/08 17:15 White House backtracks after Trump said he had ‘second thoughts’ about escalating the China trade war, saying he regrets ‘not raising the tariffs higher’

25/08 16:45 Alex ‘Alles is omgeslagen toen mijn vader ziek werd en ik plots gezinshoofd werd’

25/08 16:45 The No. 1 sign your money will survive a recession, according to a financial planner

25/08 16:45 Social media is making it even harder to work in stores and restaurants

25/08 16:30 Japan gaat wel landbouwproducten uit VS kopen

25/08 16:30 'Nigeria moet vergunning Shell verlengen'

25/08 16:30 Kunstmatige intelligentie op lijstje Naspers

25/08 16:30 Handelsoorlog blijft beleggers bezighouden

25/08 16:15 Even chillen, dan Internationaal jeugdorkest Young staat vanavond in Flagey

25/08 16:15 Verrassing op G7: Iraanse buitenlandminister onverwacht geland in Biarritz

25/08 16:15 Gouden decennium van de Duitsers lijkt voorbij – is de achterstand nog in te halen?

25/08 16:15 I went to the DMV in NYC to get my driver’s license replaced. It took 90 minutes, and I was expected to use quarters to pay for a pen.

25/08 16:15 How to make AeroPress coffee in a few simple steps


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