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Bang & Olufsen zoekt koper

bang-&-olufsen-zoekt-koper23/08 12:15 - Bang & Olufsen zoekt koper
De bekende Deense producent van televisies en luidsprekers Bang & Olufsen zoekt een koper nu de bedrijfsresultaten tegenvallen. De nettowinst kelderde afgelopen boekjaar van 81 miljoen Deense kroon (10,9 miljoen euro) tot 19 miljoen kroon....


Meer over economie

23/09 20:45 Baby Pia kan levensreddende prik dan toch in ons land krijgen

23/09 20:45 Corvettes and Mustangs are some of the hottest cars money can buy — here’s how they compare

23/09 20:45 ‘Game of Thrones’ stars Liam Cunningham and Isaac Hempstead Wright were very candid about the fan theories they most hated

23/09 20:45 There’s a glaring loophole in Trump’s and Giuliani’s allegations of corruption against Joe Biden

23/09 20:45 This cleverly designed duvet cover uses an optical illusion to make it look like you spent a ton of time making the bed

23/09 20:45 Your Xbox One can play most Xbox 360 games — here’s how to get started

23/09 20:45 I tried to storm Area 51, but all I got was some lousy ‘alien poop’

23/09 20:45 Overstock plummets 19% on slashed profit forecast, CFO resignation

23/09 20:15 ‘Als we een huisdier houden, ontkennen we in grote mate de aard van het beestje’

23/09 20:15 Greta Thunberg boos op ‘Jullie hebben mijn dromen gestolen’

23/09 20:15 Vakbonden Thomas Cook België ‘Eén procent kans op oplossing’

23/09 20:15 Te veel toeristen? ‘Ja, in centrum van Amsterdam, maar daarbuiten volop kansen’

23/09 20:15 Te veel toeristen? ‘Ja, in centrum van Amsterdam, maar daarbuiten volop kansen’

23/09 20:15 Beyond Meat gets nailed with its lowest price target yet from firm worried about competition, stock valuation

23/09 20:15 Meet Ron Fisher, the SoftBank executive on WeWork’s board leading the campaign to oust CEO Adam Neumann

23/09 20:15 Fiscus laat nabestaanden van tientallen miljonairs ten onrechte weten dat ze geen erfbelasting hoeven te betalen

23/09 20:15 San Francisco real estate agents reveal most requested features for tech worker’s multi-million dollar home buys

23/09 20:15 iOS 13 has a new feature that limits the data usage on your iPhone — here’s how to use Low Data Mode

23/09 20:15 The life of Hunter How Joe Biden’s son went went from controversy to conspiracy

23/09 20:15 Black market marijuana vapes containing substances like alcohol and caffeine may be to blame for spate of mysterious lung illnesses

23/09 20:15 GOP presidential candidate Bill Weld accused Trump of committing treason and said death is ‘the only penalty’ for that crime

23/09 20:15 ‘What is Google Meet?’: A guide to Google’s professional video-conferencing service, including pricing options and how to join a meeting

23/09 19:45 Dina Tersago & An Lemmens helpen boeren opnieuw aan een lief

23/09 19:45 Boris Johnson in opspraak voor subsidies aan Amerikaanse zakenvrouw

23/09 19:45 Millennials kunnen het ook zonder toerismepionier Thomas Cook

23/09 19:45 A landmark decision on Tuesday could radically reshape how Google’s search results work

23/09 19:45 WeWork’s biggest investor reportedly urged CEO Adam Neumann to scrap phrases like ‘elevate the world’s consciousness’ in the company’s IPO filing

23/09 19:15 Vlaamse formatie nadert onderhandelaars mikken op landing eind deze week

23/09 19:15 Thomas Cook werd een van die plaatsen waar je ecocheques kon verpatsen

23/09 19:15 Te veel toeristen? 'Ja, in centrum van Amsterdam, maar daarbuiten volop kansen’

23/09 19:15 Chaos en onrust bij reizigers Thomas ‘Dit is een nachtmerrie’

23/09 19:15 Te veel toeristen? 'Ja, in centrum van Amsterdam, maar daarbuiten volop kansen’

23/09 19:15 Zonnepanelen voor binnenshuis hebben de toekomst

23/09 19:15 Chaos en onrust bij reizigers Thomas ‘Dit is een nachtmerrie’

23/09 19:15 Korten móet niet maar is wel wijs, zegt DNB-baas Klaas Knot

23/09 19:15 GOP presidential candidate Bill Weld accused Trump of committing ‘treason’ and said death ‘is the only penalty’ for that crime

23/09 19:15 iOS 13 allows you to mute email threads in the Mail app on your iPhone — here’s how to do it

23/09 19:15 Zweedse tiener Greta Thunberg gaat flink tekeer tegen de wereldleiders op de VN-klimaattop in New York

23/09 19:15 WeWork’s entire board should be fired before Adam Neumann

23/09 19:15 Facebook’s copycat behavior was reportedly tracked by Snapchat in a dossier called ‘Project Voldemort’ — and Snap may have given it to the FTC to help its investigation into the social-media giant

23/09 19:15 Fitbit’s 2-day surge hits 19% on reports the company is seeking a sale — and its bankers are eyeing a Google takeover

23/09 19:15 27% of Democratic voters say candidates shouldn’t attack their rivals for being too old

23/09 19:15 An Instagram star told us how she uses props to make stunning photos of herself taken at home look like they’re right out of a magazine

23/09 19:15 How a routine training flight ended with 6 Marines killed in a tragic midair collision and 4 officers out of a job

23/09 18:45 ‘Google is de grootste vijand’: handleiding voor zwangere vrouwen

23/09 18:45 17 TV shows that carried on after the main star left

23/09 18:45 The best iPhone docks you can buy

23/09 18:45 Dramaverhalen na omvallen Thomas huwelijksfeest van €37.000 in duigen en gijzeling in Tunesisch hotel

23/09 18:45 Emilia Clarke literally ducked out of the way when the ‘Game of Thrones’ cast was asked about the controversial ending for ‘the Dragon Queen,’ and then Kit Harington stepped up

23/09 18:45 11 things that make a home unsellable, according to real-estate agents


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