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Deense fabrikant Bang & Olufsen staat open voor mogelijke koper

23/08 12:45 - Deense fabrikant Bang & Olufsen staat open voor mogelijke koper
De Deense fabrikant van luxe televisies en speakers Bang & Olufsen staat open voor een nieuwe koper, zei bestuursvoorzitter Ole Anderson tegen de Deense krant Børsen....


Meer over economie

24/10 03:15 Sarah Lacy, the founder of Pando, is selling the blog, quitting journalism, and ditching Silicon Valley after 20 years because she is tired of being sexually harassed and threatened

24/10 01:45 The best men’s slippers

24/10 01:45 Google employees are raising alarms about a new tool that keeps tabs on their internal meetings, but the company says it’s nothing to worry about

24/10 01:15 Bill Belichick would fly coach and put veteran players in first class, and one former Patriot said it was a huge factor in how players judge head coaches

24/10 01:15 The FTC wants to shut down ‘stalkerware,’ apps that can hide inside people’s phones and spy on their activity

24/10 01:15 The US and Russia, and their fighter jets, are looming over Venezuela’s latest dispute

24/10 01:15 A congresswoman dared Mark Zuckerberg to spend an hour a day policing the same ‘murders, stabbings, suicides, other gruesome, disgusting videos’ as Facebook’s moderators. He declined.

24/10 01:15 Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield says that Microsoft has been ‘surprisingly unsportsmanlike’ as a competitor

24/10 01:15 Tesla is unveiling a third version of its solar roof this week, Elon Musk says

24/10 00:45 Aandeel Tesla schiet omhoog na verrassend positieve kwartaalcijfers

24/10 00:45 35 musicians you should see live at least once in your life

24/10 00:15 Ruim de helft van flexwerkers zit na een jaar nog in de flexibele schil

24/10 00:15 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grilled Zuckerberg on Facebook’s controversial ad policies and he struggled to answer her questions

24/10 00:15 Vice President Mike Pence once called Jim Mattis to see if he was interested in becoming Trump’s defense secretary. Mattis said he was busy.

24/10 00:15 This game lets you roleplay as a tech CEO, and it was way harder than expected

24/10 00:15 The best string trimmers and weed wackers

24/10 00:15 The best glass cleaners

23/10 23:45 A fencing Olympian revealed she raised $28,000 via GoFundMe so she can afford to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

23/10 23:45 Microsoft reports a huge quarter that blew away expectations, and the stock goes nowhere

23/10 23:45 5 ways to get free access to services like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus

23/10 23:45 Trump said China would buy up to $50 billion per year of US agricultural goods in a new trade agreement — but it hasn’t come anywhere close over the past decade

23/10 23:45 Why Lamborghini’s new hybrid is bad for the environment

23/10 23:45 Tesla returns to profitability and tops Wall Street’s third-quarter earnings expectations

23/10 23:45 Lawmakers just grilled Mark Zuckerberg about his company’s big plan to upend the way we send money around the world — but the questions he didn’t answer dominated the conversation

23/10 23:15 The best women’s work bags

23/10 23:15 The best tablets

23/10 23:15 The best makeup removers you can buy

23/10 23:15 Patriots player Duron Harmon is speaking out after Amazon’s facial-recognition tech falsely matched him to a mugshot

23/10 23:15 We visited a Motherhood Maternity store after its parent company filed for bankruptcy and saw why the retailer is struggling

23/10 23:15 I looked into ‘house hacking’ to live for free, but there are a few reasons I’ve decided it’s not for me

23/10 23:15 Every single Drake album, ranked from worst to best

23/10 23:15 USWNT star Alex Morgan just announced that she’s pregnant on social media

23/10 23:15 Tesla returns to profitability as its tops Wall Street’s third-quarter earnings expectations

23/10 22:45 9,8 miljoen nieuwe klanten voor PayPal

23/10 22:45 Stilstand voor veilinghuis eBay

23/10 22:45 ‘ Dark Fate’ is a surprisingly feminist action movie — and a much-needed update to the franchise

23/10 22:45 ‘Who gives a s— about Afghanistan?’: Trump stunned officials with his comments during a military briefing, former aide says

23/10 22:45  Microsoft reports a huge quarter that blew away expectations, and the stock goes nowhere

23/10 22:45 A 24-year-old who has shared photos of himself partying with Rihanna and Bella Hadid just became Hong Kong’s newest billionaire overnight

23/10 22:45 13 of the world’s most beautiful sites that are incredibly difficult to get to

23/10 22:45 Here comes Tesla …

23/10 22:45 ‘Do PS4 controllers work on PS3?’: How to connect your PS4 controller to a PS3 in 2 ways

23/10 22:15 Groei voor Microsoft cloud, maar Surface producten verkopen minder goed

23/10 22:15  staakt-het-vuren Noord-Syrië permanent, sancties voorbij

23/10 22:15 Stijging van automobilisten die uit verzekering worden gegooid

23/10 22:15 Hoe bespaar ik op de dagelijkse boodschappen?

23/10 22:15 Stijging van automobilisten die uit verzekering worden gegooid

23/10 22:15 17 facts that sound fake, but are actually true

23/10 22:15 A person with measles visited Disneyland last week and could have exposed other parkgoers

23/10 21:45 ‘Dagelijks worden vrachtwagens met gesmokkelde mensen tegengehouden’


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