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Pompeo says Trump is ‘fully prepared’ to take military action against Turkey if necessary, which would shatter NATO to pieces

21/10 22:15 - Pompeo says Trump is ‘fully prepared’ to take military action against Turkey if necessary, which would shatter NATO to pieces
This comment came a little over two weeks after Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from northeast Syria, which paved the way for Turkey to invade. The post Pompeo says Trump is ‘fully prepared’ to take military action against Turkey if necessary, which would shatter NATO to pieces appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


Meer over economie

22/11 19:45 Servische inlichtingendiensten betrappen Russische diplomaten op spionage bij strijdkrachten

22/11 19:45 N-VA en Open Vld willen werkloosheidsregels verstrengen

22/11 19:45 Geen subsidies meer voor wie enkel focust op afkomst

22/11 19:45 Luis Ortiz says Deontay Wilder is ‘the best heavyweight of this millennium’ and punches so hard, so crisp, it’s like the crack of a whip

22/11 19:45 Obama tells anxious Democrats to ‘chill out about the candidates’ and avoid putting them through ‘purity tests’

22/11 19:45 The Tesla Cybertruck is a wild mashup of famous and infamous car designs — here’s a rundown

22/11 19:45 Casper is running an early Black Friday sale that gets you 10% off any order if it includes a mattress

22/11 19:45 Kanye West has bought 2 ranches in Wyoming this year and was just denied a permit to build a ‘meditation’ amphitheater on one of them. Here’s everything we know about his plans.

22/11 19:45 A transgender woman says she was forced to remove her makeup with hand sanitizer for a DMV photo

22/11 19:45 What comes next in the House’s impeachment inquiry into Trump

22/11 19:45 John Bolton says his Twitter account was ‘suppressed unfairly’ after he left the Trump White House, and he dropped a cryptic hint that he might drop a bombshell

22/11 19:30 Reizigers nog jaren in bouwchaos Schiphol

22/11 19:15 Argenta heropent helft bankautomaten

22/11 19:15 10 things you must see in London that aren’t Big Ben

22/11 19:15 ‘Looks weird… like, really weird’: Wall Street isn’t sold on Tesla’s new Cybertruck design. Here’s what 7 analysts think about the electric pickup.

22/11 19:15 Here’s a complete timeline of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s whirlwind engagement and sudden split

22/11 19:15 Watch the viral clip of Sacha Baron Cohen tearing into Mark Zuckerberg over hate speech, violence, and political lies on Facebook

22/11 19:15 It only costs $6 to go to the saddest NFL game of the season

22/11 19:15 15 iconic moments in the LGBTQ rights movement from the last decade

22/11 18:45 Beursgang Prosus goed voor $10 miljard

22/11 18:45 TUI Nederland neemt onderdelen Thomas Cook over

22/11 18:45 Beste Peter Goossens, uw succes is duurzamer dan dat van Bart De Wever

22/11 18:45 Brooklinen’s Cyber Monday sale has already started — save 20% on bed sheet sets, towels, loungewear, candles, and more

22/11 18:45 Billie Eilish says she used to judge all of the ‘ugly a— dresses’ while watching the Grammys as a kid

22/11 18:45 The $136,000 Porsche Cayenne Turbo is a staggeringly good luxury sport SUV. We tested it to see if the 2019 Car of the Year runner-up is still the best on the market

22/11 18:45 13 fun Grinch-themed Christmas decorations — from sequined pillows to outdoor inflatables

22/11 18:45 Amazon’s in-house delivery network is about to face the ultimate test this holiday season as the retail giant doubles down on competing with UPS and FedEx

22/11 18:45 Most plastic is not getting recycled, and AI robots could be a solution

22/11 18:45 Anti-racist protesters at Syracuse University brought the chancellor to his knees, but now they want his head

22/11 18:45 Barack Obama says that he had two big lessons for his ‘be kind and be useful’

22/11 18:30 Wordt ons nieuwe pensioen eigenlijk wel beter?

22/11 18:30 Minister wil opening Lelystad Airport in 2020

22/11 18:30 Met vergrijzing en afschaffen vroegpensioen meer 55-plussers op werkvloer

22/11 18:15 10 artificial Christmas trees from Walmart that won’t break your budget

22/11 18:15 US consumer sentiment hits highest level since July as rate cuts boost optimism

22/11 18:15 Inside Emirates’ newest and most luxurious first-class suite

22/11 18:15 Jimmy Kimmel quizzed Billie Eilish on her music knowledge, and the 17-year-old didn’t know who Van Halen or Run-DMC ‘What is that?’

22/11 18:15 Walmart is ending Jet’s fresh-food delivery business in New York City just over a year after its launch

22/11 18:15 A man died after his dog licked him, leading to a rare infection that caused blisters and strange bruises

22/11 18:15 Best Buy has announced some of its Cyber Monday deals —here’s what’s on sale now and what to expect on December 2

22/11 18:15 Trump took the advice of a ‘Fox & Friends’ weekend co-host over his own defense secretary

22/11 18:15 Heat waves and floods shattered records. Fires ravaged the Arctic and the Amazon. This was the climate crisis in 2019.

22/11 17:45 Vertrouwen in handelsdeal laat AEX opleven

22/11 17:45 Staat wil langer profiteren van lage rente

22/11 17:45 Wereldwijd bewegen vier op de vijf adolescenten niet voldoende

22/11 17:45 ▶ Elon Musk onthult futuristische ‘cybertruck’ van Tesla, maar ‘gewapend glas’ gaat meteen stuk bij presentatie

22/11 17:45 De nieuwe ‘X-Files’ passen perfect bij het Trump-tijdperk

22/11 17:45 Trump suggereert in interview dat hij hoopt op ‘Ik wil een proces’

22/11 17:45 Adidas and ‘Star Wars’ launched their newest collaboration of space battle-themed Ultraboost sneakers

22/11 17:45 Trump suggests he could veto Hong Kong pro-democracy bill because of trade talks with China


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