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UPS’s medical drone empire is rapidly expanding — and now it will deliver CVS goods to your home

21/10 22:15 - UPS’s medical drone empire is rapidly expanding — and now it will deliver CVS goods to your home
UPS announced a slew of new customers to its rapidly-expanding drone delivery service — including CVS Health, its first retail drone delivery business. The post UPS’s medical drone empire is rapidly expanding — and now it will deliver CVS goods to your home appeared first on Business Insider Nederland....


Meer over economie

09/12 02:45 An American trucking giant is slated to declare bankruptcy — and it may leave more than 3,200 truck drivers stranded and jobless

09/12 02:15 The Patriots lost out on a crucial touchdown and couldn’t fight it because they had run out of challenges

09/12 02:15 A Saudi man at the Pensacola Navy base reportedly recorded the deadly shooting from outside the building where it took place

09/12 01:45 Miss Universe and Miss USA reveal how they did their makeup without any mirrors right before going onstage for the final competition

09/12 01:15 Photos show how the winning gowns from the Miss Universe pageant have changed through the years

09/12 01:15 8 details you may have missed in the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ trailer

08/12 23:45 Integriteit, privacy en acties; de krant van zaterdag

08/12 23:45 An artist sold a banana duct-taped to the wall for $120,000. On Sunday, someone tore the fruit off the wall and ate it.

08/12 23:15 The FBI is now investigating the Pensacola Navy base shooting as act of terrorism

08/12 23:15 A man who got a ‘Baby Yoda’ meme tattoo explains what led him to that decision

08/12 22:15 The ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel is finally coming to theaters next summer. Here’s the first trailer with Gal Gadot back as the superhero.

08/12 21:45 ‘250 kilometer per uur is geen mensenrecht’

08/12 21:45 At a pro-Israel conference, Trump told Jewish voters they’d vote for him to avoid a wealth tax

08/12 21:15 België legt ‘mondeling examen’ af op klimaattop in Madrid

08/12 21:15 Wat is in ’s hemelsnaam de insteek van ‘Kamp Waes’?

08/12 21:15 Van tafels maken in de tuin naar een succesvolle ‘Mensen uit het hele land wilden ze hebben’

08/12 21:15 Collaborators and industry heavyweights react to the shocking death of Juice Wrld

08/12 21:15 An 18-year-old Californian who is already 6-foot-4 scored one of the knockouts of the weekend at the Ruiz Jr. vs. Joshua event

08/12 21:15 Rapper Juice Wrld has died at age 21

08/12 21:15 12 things you should never do at the airport this holiday season

08/12 20:45 Na de peperdure banaan aan de ‘Musea kunnen gerust een extra portie humor gebruiken’

08/12 20:45 Geoloog Manuel Sintubin over het ‘Stop met mensen een depressie aan te praten’

08/12 20:45 These are all the cool bikes I saw at the 2019 New York Motorcycle show

08/12 20:45 49ers receiver Emmanuel Sanders throws a touchdown in awesome trick play during wild shootout vs. Saints

08/12 20:15 ‘Niet die banaan is kunst, wel het feit dat je me opbelt om het erover te hebben’

08/12 20:15 Het is nog steeds ellende in de chocoladewereld

08/12 19:45 Aagje Vanwalleghem over eetstoornis tijdens turncarriè ‘Als je viel of er lukte iets niet, dan was dat door je gewicht’

08/12 19:45 Jameis Winston threw his 21st interception of the season on his first pass attempt of the day

08/12 19:15 Noord-Korea haalt zwaar uit naar Europese landen, waaronder België

08/12 19:15 Spoorverkeer in Frankrijk ook begin volgende week nog ‘sterk verstoord’

08/12 19:15 ‘Het tijdperk van de klimaatwetenschappers ligt achter ons, zij hebben hun werk gedaan’

08/12 19:15 A challenge that has students lobbing footballs into trashcans for $100K in tuition highlights the dark depths of the student debt crisis

08/12 18:45 Geoloog Manuel Sintubin wil negatieve spiraal in klimaatdebat ‘We moeten uit dat doemverhaal’

08/12 18:45 House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says a jury would convict Trump ‘in about 3 minutes flat’

08/12 18:45 The College Football Playoff bracket is set and Oklahoma is in

08/12 18:45 ‘ The Movie’ has one of the worst box office opening weekends ever, earning only $668,000

08/12 18:45 A Swiss cagefighter hit his opponent with strikes so powerful it stiffened his body, knocking him out in an instant

08/12 18:15 Record aan windproductie voor België

08/12 18:15 Britse verkiezingen op 12 dit zijn de 3 meest waarschijnlijke scenario’s

08/12 18:15 The most awe-inspiring scientific discoveries of the decade include the ‘God particle,’ the first image of a black hole, and the ability to edit the human genome

08/12 18:15 Fox News dedicated a segment to QAnon, and supporters of the conspiracy theory are happy for the attention

08/12 17:45 ‘ The Movie’ has one of the worst box office opening weekends ever, earning only $660,000

08/12 17:45 I never thought I needed life insurance at 31 until 2 unexpected deaths made me realize I couldn’t be more wrong

08/12 17:15 Hennep geeft Zuid-Afrika ‘Dit land kan de cannabisschuur van de wereld worden’

08/12 17:15 Opnieuw honderdduizenden mensen op straat in Hongkong

08/12 17:15 Er werd een plan uitgevoerd waar ik niet in betrokken werd maar waar ik wel de spil van was

08/12 17:15 Your credit card number could get you presale ticket access to concerts, sports games, and more — here’s how

08/12 17:15 7 business leaders who’ve been completely open about their struggles with alcohol and drugs

08/12 17:15 The surprisingly bizarre origins of 10 popular holiday traditions

08/12 16:45 Rusland leent Iran 5 miljard dollar om nieuwe sancties VS tegen te gaan


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