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Wij hebben het milieu zo verpest, dat het vanzelf onze vijand is geworden

wij-hebben-het-milieu-zo-verpest-dat-het-vanzelf-onze-vijand-is-geworden24/08 15:15 - Wij hebben het milieu zo verpest, dat het vanzelf onze vijand is geworden
Op zijn berg in de Oostkantons schrijft Marnix Peeters over vrijheid, zijn vogels en zijn vrouw....


Meer over economie

16/09 22:45 Neemt Brussel het stokje over van Draghi?

16/09 22:45 The NRA nearly doubled its ad spending on Facebook for 3 weeks after the El Paso and Dayton shootings

16/09 22:45 55 photos that capture the beauty of the world from the air

16/09 22:30 Handelsoverleg VS en China begint donderdag

16/09 22:30 Dow na acht winstdagen omlaag

16/09 22:15 Nationale sms-actie moet doodzieke baby Pia ‘Al meer dan 205.000 sms’jes verstuurd’

16/09 22:15 Orde van Vlaamse Balies messcherp voor ‘Hij begrijpt niets van fundamenten rechtsstaat’

16/09 22:15 Friends say transgender woman Bee Love Slater was trying to escape her small Florida town just days before she was found burned to death in a car

16/09 22:15 THEN AND The cast of ‘Easy A’ 9 years later

16/09 22:15 10 of the biggest ‘Dancing With the Stars’ controversies of all time

16/09 22:15 The 20 best countries around the world to invest in now

16/09 21:45 Canadees bedrijf experimenteert met ‘geurloze’ cannabis

16/09 21:45 Orde van Vlaamse ‘Francken begrijpt niets van fundamenten rechtsstaat’

16/09 21:45 We shopped at JCPenney and Sears, and both had messy stores with deep sales. Here’s why JCPenney was still the better option.

16/09 21:45 CREDIT Here are the 11 stocks poised to get the biggest boost from spiking oil prices

16/09 21:45 The New York Times report with a new bombshell allegation against Brett Kavanaugh left out a very important detail. Here’s what it means.

16/09 21:30 Nobel Vermogensbeheer in Belgische handen

16/09 21:15 Nationale sms-actie moet doodzieke baby Pia ‘Al 172.000 sms’jes verstuurd’

16/09 21:15 Brexitlunch met Juncker loopt uit op koude douche voor Boris Johnson

16/09 21:15 Elon Musk said that when he called a British diver a ‘pedo guy,’ he didn’t mean ‘pedophile’

16/09 21:15 Apple’s iPhone 11 starts at $699 — and there’s a smarter way to buy it

16/09 21:15 If you’re laughing at the death of MoviePass, you probably aren’t paying close enough attention

16/09 21:15 If you loved ‘Game of Thrones,’ you’ll probably enjoy these 27 shows too

16/09 21:15 The New York Times’ new bombshell allegations against Brett Kavanaugh left out a very important detail. Here’s what it means.

16/09 20:45 The iPhone 11 is here — here’s how to pre-order it and the best trade-in deals

16/09 20:45 A 10-year-old Texas girl has been killed by a brain-eating amoeba after a swim in the Brazos river

16/09 20:45 Tom Brady is surprised more quarterbacks don’t follow his methods to avoid footballs getting wet from ‘swamp ass’

16/09 20:45 Ikea faces backlash and accusations of ‘cultural appropriation’ gone wrong after adding jerk chicken with rice and peas to the menu in certain stores

16/09 20:45 The New York Times’ new bombshell allegations against Brett Kavanaugh left out a very important detail, here’s what it means

16/09 20:45 I ate the cheapest cheeseburgers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King. Wendy’s was best by a slice.

16/09 20:30 ’Casino’s Bellagio en MGM Grand verkocht’

16/09 20:30 Wall Street in het rood in middaghandel

16/09 20:30 'Blackstone wil Bellagio en MGM Grand kopen'

16/09 20:30  De etalage van C&A

16/09 20:30 'Amazon geeft producten die meer geld opleveren voorrang'

16/09 20:15 Luchtvaartmaatschappijen doen zich groener voor dan ze zijn

16/09 20:15 Siska Schoeters is een presentatrice die haar plaats kent. Wat een verademing

16/09 20:15 Boris Johnson stuurt kat naar persconferentie met Luxemburgse premier

16/09 20:15 The Trump administration has no idea what it wants to do about Iran

16/09 20:15 A Marine tore up distant targets while lying on his back and shooting backwards over his shoulder with the help of this new weapons tech

16/09 20:15 A 4-year-old was so upset at Florida State’s football coach that he decide to sell lemonade for $20 a cup so he could buy out the rest of his contract

16/09 20:15 AT&T CEO’s rumored exit reportedly triggered activist hedge fund Elliott Management’s recent investment

16/09 20:15 Refinancing your student loans with SoFi could save you money — and even help you get a better mortgage rate

16/09 20:15 The 25 most fun cities in the US

16/09 20:15 The Kindle Paperwhite is now $45 off on Amazon for Prime members

16/09 20:15 6 cancers on the rise in older adults, including liver, breast, and skin cancer

16/09 19:45 N-VA wil af van tricolore burgemeesterssjerp

16/09 19:45 Deze vrouw werd wel degelijk 122 jaar oud. Dat bewijzen de statistiek en een oud krantenartikel

16/09 19:45 10 packing essentials for cruises that will save time, space, and money — from foldable luggage to a portable safe

16/09 19:45 Amazon reportedly altered its search algorithms to favor its own products, against the advice of its own lawyers


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