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Drie doden op twee jaar ‘Veel buitenlanders komen naar Tomorrowland voor de totaalervaring, en daar hoort blijkbaar ook een pilletje bij’

drie-doden-op-twee-jaar--%E2%80%98veel-buitenlanders-komen-naar-tomorrowland-voor-de-totaalervaring-en-daar-hoort-blijkbaar-ook-een-pilletje-bij%E2%80%9921/07 20:45 - Drie doden op twee jaar ‘Veel buitenlanders komen naar Tomorrowland voor de totaalervaring, en daar hoort blijkbaar ook een pilletje bij’
Drie vermoedelijke drugsdoden op twee jaar tijd. Nadat dit weekend een 27-jarige Indiër overleed, laait de discussie over poeder en pillen op Tomorrowland opnieuw op. ‘Xtc-gebruik is al dertig jaar een onderdeel van de dance-cultuur, dat krijg je er niet meer uit.’...


Meer over economie

19/08 20:45 Top Amerikaans bedrijfsleven maakt scherpe er is meer dan winst maken alleen

19/08 20:45 80% of Gen Z college students say they’re voting in 2020 — and they’ve singled out student debt as their biggest concern

19/08 20:45 Trump has spent years financially compelling people to attend his rallies

19/08 20:45 How to sign up for Spotify Premium on your iPhone or desktop computer, and get a free trial

19/08 20:45 Why mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others

19/08 20:45 This Marine Corps sniper put a bullet in a target nearly 8,000 feet away — here’s how he took one of the toughest shots of his life

19/08 20:45 You could get paid to eat and drink your way around Croatia on a luxury gourmet cruise

19/08 20:30 ’Saudi Aramco schrijft banken aan’

19/08 20:15 Amerikaanse 'Laten ons niet meer leiden door aandeelhouders'

19/08 20:15 MDMA kan alcoholisme bestrijden, zeggen onderzoekers

19/08 20:15 Zijn mensen met kinderen nu gelukkiger, of net niet?

19/08 20:15 Hoe Nederland uitgroeide tot vuilnisland

19/08 20:15 Prince Andrew says he’s ‘appalled’ by sex-abuse claims lobbed at Jeffrey Epstein and denies he participated in activities with underage girls

19/08 20:15 11 things you probably didn’t know about Amy Adams

19/08 20:15 A $1,500 drug that claims to cure jet lag has been held held up by the FDA

19/08 20:15 Save up to $400 on MacBooks at Best Buy — and 7 other sales and deals happening now

19/08 20:15 Even Trump is now admitting that US companies like Apple may be shouldering the cost of his China tariffs

19/08 20:15 The NYPD just fired the police officer who held Eric Garner in a chokehold that killed him

19/08 20:15 Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal ‘for the baddest mother——- in the game belt’ is a bout Dana White wants, but it leaves Conor McGregor in the cold

19/08 20:15 Major retailers including Nordstrom, Macy’s, and JCPenney reportedly joined Victoria’s Secret in using a modeling agency with ties to Jeffrey Epstein

19/08 19:45 Passagiers mogen stewardessen niet meer filmen

19/08 19:45 Ook Wall Street op winst

19/08 19:45 Adieu Romeo, die naast PostNL greep

19/08 19:45 Amerikaanse 'We laten ons niet meer leiden door aandeelhouders'

19/08 19:45 Topman Amerikaans gevangeniswezen uit functie gezet na dood Epstein

19/08 19:45 Tiener entertaint vanuit zijn rolstoel duizenden fans op ‘Ik heb met mijn beperking leren leven’

19/08 19:45 I moved from China to the US — here are the 14 most disappointing aspects of American culture

19/08 19:45 The US fired off a previously banned missile, the first since the collapse of a Cold War-era nuclear arms pact with Russia

19/08 19:45 Of the 3 new iPhones coming in September, the ‘iPhone 11 Pro’ will be the best for most people — here’s why

19/08 19:30 Minder pretvluchten Schiphol

19/08 19:15 Dood aan de achtergrondserie, maak tv-kijken weer actief

19/08 19:15 Jordan Decremer entertaint vanuit zijn rolstoel tienduizenden fans op ‘Ik heb met mijn beperking leren leven’

19/08 19:15 Kinderen maken gelukkig (zodra ze het huis uit zijn)

19/08 19:15 How to change your Gmail password on your iPhone using the Gmail app

19/08 19:15 Almost 800 people signed a petition to stop Costco from coming to their neighborhood

19/08 19:15 The NYPD officer who was involved in the death of Eric Garner has been fired

19/08 19:15 GE has denied recent fraud claims made by a famed Madoff whistleblower. Here’s what it said to comfort investors.

19/08 19:15 The Rock just married longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian. Here’s how the highest-paid actor in Hollywood makes and spends his millions.

19/08 19:15 I use Amex Offers to find exclusive discounts at stores and restaurants like Amazon and Starbucks — here are some of the offers you can get right now

19/08 19:15 An enraged pub owner filmed himself pouring Conor McGregor’s whiskey down the toilet, saying McGregor is ‘not a true representative of the Irish people’

19/08 19:15 How to delete your YouTube history all at once, or remove videos one at a time, on desktop or mobile

19/08 19:15 Apple’s video game subscription service will reportedly cost $5 per month when it launches this fall

19/08 18:45 'BG Asia geeft korting op Mahanagar-belang'

19/08 18:45 From smallpox to rubella, here are 6 infectious diseases you can avoid thanks to vaccines

19/08 18:45 25 shocking celebrity weddings no one saw coming

19/08 18:45 It looks like the Russians are trying to hide the truth about that nuclear accident in Nyonoksa

19/08 18:45 Some of China’s biggest pop stars have sided with the government in its fight against Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters

19/08 18:45 Discrepancies in the photos of Ghislaine Maxwell at In-N-Out Burger suggest they may have been Photoshopped

19/08 18:45 ‘Very Selfish!’: Trump blames Democrats and the Fed for the economy amid recession concerns

19/08 18:45 Bill Belichick gave a hilariously blunt interview with his thoughts on the return of wide receiver Josh Gordon


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