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Futuristic Large-Scale Installations Built In The Heart Of Al Ula Desert In Saudi Arabia

futuristic-large-scale-installations-built-in-the-heart-of-al-ula-desert-in-saudi-arabia21/02 14:45 - Futuristic Large-Scale Installations Built In The Heart Of Al Ula Desert In Saudi Arabia
A host of large-scale installations have been built amidst the canyons of the Al Ula desert in Saudi Arabia that...


Meer over cultuur Kunst

08/04 03:45 Angela Ibáñez. Fashion stylist

08/04 01:30 The Innocence Files Netflix's devastating documentary exposes how wrongful convictions can tear apart lives

08/04 00:30 Helène Aylon, Eco-Feminist Artist Who Pondered Change, Is Dead at 89 of Coronavirus-Related Causes


07/04 23:30 A Gentile’s Guide to Keeping Kosher for Passover

07/04 23:30 ARTnews in Mark di Suvero Reads Poetry—and More from April 7, 2020

07/04 23:30 Hal Willner SNL writers lead tributes to 'unique' music producer

07/04 23:30  Fears Oscars 2021 could be affected after board postpones meeting

07/04 22:45 I Had the Coronavirus. It Made Me Think About How the Art World Recovers.

07/04 22:45 Hal Willner Music producer and SNL veteran dies aged 64

07/04 22:45 Ellen DeGeneres criticised after comparing coronavirus confinement to jail

07/04 22:30 I Had the Coronavirus. It Changed My View of the Art World.

07/04 21:30 After Losing $19 M., Brooklyn Museum Joins Other Arts Organizations in Applying for Federal Aid

07/04 20:45 Two Curious Gerbils Visit (and Chew on) a Miniature Art Museum Made by Their Quarantined Owners

07/04 19:45 Lemon

07/04 19:45 Tracy Morgan gives 'bizarre' coronavirus interview on Today show saying he impregnated wife three times during quarantine

07/04 18:45 Cats director Tom Hooper accused of 'hurtful and demeaning' treatment of special effects artists on flop film

07/04 18:30 Artist Ruth Asawa’s Mesh Wire Sculptures Adorn New Stamps from USPS

07/04 18:30 Beautiful Vintage Noir Photos Of New York City In The 1940s

07/04 18:30 After Losing $19 M. Following Coronavirus Shutdown, Brooklyn Museum Joins Other Arts Organizations in Applying for Federal Aid

07/04 18:30 Vital Vittles—12 Masterful Uses of Food in Art

07/04 18:15 R Judge denies singer's request to be released from prison due to coronavirus pandemic

07/04 17:30 Russian Blogger Went On A Trip Around The Apartment During The quarantine – Repeating Photos From Real Travels

07/04 17:30 Sculptures All Over The World Are Currently Being Discovered With Medical Masks Affixed To Their Mouths – Please, Stop Doing This!!

07/04 17:30  Samy Deluxe spittet einen grandiosen „Covid19“-Freestyle // Video

07/04 17:30 Former Fox Star Megyn Kelly starts high-profile spat with CNN's Don Lemon

07/04 17:30 Killing Eve season three, first-look This once-thrilling comedy drama has grown stale and predictable

07/04 16:30 Eight Modern Puzzles, Games, and Creative Kits to Keep You Busy and Offline

07/04 16:30 We’re All Guilty Of 8 Sisters, 1 Question – Would You Say It To Your Sister?

07/04 16:30 Doraemon postage stamps? Yes please!

07/04 15:45 Astrobobi and his firends ???? II

07/04 15:45 D'oh! Simpsons infographic shows how bad the series has become

07/04 15:45 Sophia Al-Maria on Dystopias, Gulf Futurism, and Sad Sacks

07/04 15:30 Nonprofit Loans Prove Problematic, Museums Safeguard Collections, and Morning Links from April 7, 2020

07/04 14:30 D'oh! Simpsons infographic shows how bad the show's become

07/04 14:30 Modern Sarah Hyland felt disappointed by her character's ending in sitcom finale

07/04 12:45 Bedankt voor de bloemen

07/04 12:45 The scholar’s vocation

07/04 12:45 The swimmer

07/04 12:45 Trolls World Tour Hyperactive, glitter-drenched sequel is hardly brainless

07/04 12:45  Trevor Noah jokes only way to get Trump to wear face mask is to pretend it's a 'border wall for his face'

07/04 12:45 No Time To Bond 25 won't be re-edited after release pushed back over coronavirus

07/04 12:30 Noordse de negen werelden

07/04 12:30 Matthew McConaughey plays virtual bingo with retirement home residents during lockdown

07/04 12:30 Friends Matt LeBlanc says 'we got the band back together without the instruments'

07/04 12:30 No Time To Die won't be re-edited after release pushed back over coronavirus

07/04 11:45 Carbo Culture

07/04 11:45 Paul Simon performs cover of Everly Brothers classic with Edie Brickell during lockdown

07/04 11:45 BAST Architects

07/04 11:45 Paolo ‘We moeten met deze virussen leren leven’


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