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Our Moon May Have Been Hit By a Dwarf Planet Long Ago

22/05 00:30 - Our Moon May Have Been Hit By a Dwarf Planet Long Ago
The moon's far side, as photographed by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) (Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University) The familiar lunar vista humans see when they look up at night reveals a face with dark "seas" and bright craters. The mysterious far side, which wasn’t revealed until humans started sending probes and then people in the 1960s, is far more heavily cratered, with few of the dark plains of the near side. But what caused the two sides to be so different? That’s been a...


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20/06 09:15 Yoghurt helpt tegen voorstadium darmkanker

20/06 08:45 Experimental Ebola Treatments Approved for Use in Uganda

20/06 08:15 KIJK 7/2019 is een extra dik nummer!

20/06 07:45 Trump’s EPA Finalizes Plan To Repeal And Replace Obama-Era Coal Plant Regulations

20/06 05:45 NY State Passes Greenest Fantasy EVER!

20/06 05:30 Study shows that Trump's new "Affordable Clean Energy" rule will lead to more CO2 emissions, not fewer

20/06 01:45 If “Greenland is catastrophically melting”, how do alarmists explain NASA’s growing Greenland glacier?

20/06 00:45 Astronauts Test a Moon Stretcher on the Seafloor

20/06 00:45 Himalayan Glaciers Are Losing Ice Twice as Fast Now

20/06 00:45 Life’s a Blur — But We Don’t See It That Way

19/06 23:45 Climate scientists’ motivated reasoning

19/06 23:30 Study Finds Low Trust in Vaccines in Europe

19/06 22:15 Nieuwe ‘schattige’ kattensoort ontdekt op eiland Corsica

19/06 20:45 ‘Het is niet leuk voor de mannen, maar er moest iets gebeuren’

19/06 20:30 This Robot Fish Has 'Blood' That Doubles As Its Muscles

19/06 20:30 The Growing Science Behind a Fasting Treatment for Alzheimer's

19/06 20:30 Scientists Issue Warning To Climate Change Depends On Microbes

19/06 20:30 This body-on-a-chip mimics how organs and cancer cells react to drugs

19/06 20:30 Cold War–era spy satellite images show Himalayan glaciers are melting fast

19/06 20:30 Gletsjers Himalaya smelten steeds sneller

19/06 20:15 Documentaire 'Ik Ben Er Even Niet' toont ervaringen absence epilepsie

19/06 19:45 Global Man-made CO2 emissions 1965 – 2018: BP data

19/06 18:15 Europese ruimtevaartorganisatie ESA gaat komeet onderscheppen

19/06 17:45 Honeybees Know What 3 Means (and 2 and 4), Researchers Find

19/06 17:45 Our Gut Microbes Are Pickier Eaters Than We Thought

19/06 17:45 NASA's Successor to the Hubble Telescope Inches Closer to Launch

19/06 17:30 How seafood shells could help solve the plastic waste problem

19/06 16:30 Millennials

19/06 16:15 YouTuber bouwt Tesla-truck

19/06 15:30 How do you attend a Distant Climate Conference Without Flying?

19/06 14:30 Image of the Close Encounters

19/06 14:30 De CEO van Shell wil dat jij klimaatverandering oplost

19/06 13:30 Wereldbevolking groeit in 2100 nauwelijks meer

19/06 13:15 Nieuwe vorm periodiek systeem bedacht

19/06 12:30 A computer model explains how to make perfectly smooth crepes

19/06 11:30 A record of the sun left on the moon

19/06 10:45  mishandelde robot slaat terug

19/06 10:30 Cryptomunt Facebook wordt een soort ‘bitcoin voor de massa’

19/06 09:45 ‘Jongeren ontwikkelen hoorns op hun hoofd’

19/06 09:15 2019-2029: tien spannende maanjaren

19/06 08:30 How Mars lost its water to space

19/06 07:15 In Leiden staat een gigantische zwarte toren vol opgezette dieren

19/06 06:30 Wildfires rage near Siberia's "mouth of hell" — a giant depression that's getting bigger due to global warming

19/06 04:30  Please Fund Us (or the microbes get it!)

19/06 02:30 Humans Are Probably Behind the Evolution of 'Puppy Dog Eyes'

19/06 02:30 Scientists Read the Sun’s History in Moon Rocks

19/06 02:30 Honeybees Know What 3 Means (and 2, and 4), Researchers Find

19/06 02:30 Incredible Rock-Eating Shipworm Is First Of Its Kind

19/06 01:30 ‘Sneezing’ plants may spread pathogens to their neighbors

19/06 00:30 Woke kids can now terrify themselves anywhere with a new CAGW app


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