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Picnic heeft 25.000 Duitse klanten

picnic-heeft-25000-duitse-klanten24/04 09:15 - Picnic heeft 25.000 Duitse klanten
Websuper Picnic heeft het Duitse bezorggebied verder uitgebreid. Dat blijkt uit een gesprek met de Duitse directeur in de Rheinische Post....


Meer over economie

27/06 04:45 Awkward mic issues temporarily brought the first Democratic primary debate to a halt

27/06 04:15 'Personeel Huawei werkte op aantal projecten samen met Chinese leger'

27/06 04:15 2020 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard answered a question about equal pay by talking about 9/11, confusing everyone

27/06 04:15 Democrats gave Beto O’Rourke a look when he started speaking in Spanish at the first 2020 Democratic debate

27/06 04:15 Trump tweets that the first 2020 Democratic debate is ‘BORING!’

27/06 04:15 Amy Klobuchar drew loud cheers when she reminded Washington Gov. Jay Inslee that there are 3 women on the Democratic debate stage Wednesday ‘who have fought for a woman’s right to choose’

27/06 03:15  spullen uit China zijn te goedkoop

27/06 03:15 DNC Chairman Tom Perez says 2020 Democrats need to talk more about foreign policy, calls Trump and advisers ‘trigger happy’

27/06 03:15 Facebook might start treating deep fakes differently than fake news, Zuckerberg says

27/06 02:45 Everything you need to know about the time-twisty finale of ‘Dark’ season 2

27/06 02:45 Facebook might start treating deep fakes differently than fake news, says Mark Zuckerberg

27/06 02:15 DNC Chairman Tom Perez says Trump needs to ‘stop tweeting and start working’ on the ‘humanitarian crisis’ at the border

27/06 02:15 Trump’s 2020 campaign locked down a prime slot on the biggest online video platform on debate night

27/06 01:15 The best plants you can buy for your first garden

27/06 01:15 A 93-year-old grandmother — who’s ‘been a good girl all her life’ — got her dying wish of being arrested

27/06 00:45 Climate change will be the biggest issue dividing Democrats during the first 2020 debates

27/06 00:45 The 6 best restaurants in the US

27/06 00:45 LaCroix says its ‘reputation has been maligned’ in an open letter to customers following lawsuits about its ingredients

27/06 00:45 The 3 countries that have sent F-35s into combat just combined their stealth-fighter firepower for the first time

27/06 00:15 Nieuw probleem ontdekt bij Boeing 737 MAX, 1900 vluchten geannuleerd

27/06 00:15 A Marine general who said he’d ‘rather have his daughter work in a brothel than be a Marine pilot’ is still with the Corps

27/06 00:15 A complete list of the Kardashian-Jenner zodiac signs — and what astrology says about each family member

27/06 00:15 Prime Pantry lets you order small quantities of shelf-stable groceries and home items — here’s how it differs from regular Amazon orders

26/06 23:45 Nieuw probleem ontdekt bij Boeing 737 MAX

26/06 23:45 How to delete movies and shows from your iPhone or iPad to clear storage space

26/06 23:45 THEN AND How bedrooms have changed throughout the years

26/06 23:45 The 72 most daring dresses celebrities have ever worn

26/06 23:15 Meer dan 4.000 dode mezen ‘Verband met insecticiden moet onderzocht worden’

26/06 23:15 Didier Reynders grijpt nog maar eens naast Europese topjob

26/06 23:15 How to set a password on your Mac computer and lock it, in 5 different ways

26/06 23:15 Then and The winners of ‘America’s Got Talent’

26/06 23:15 The Uber executive who was linked to company scandals was reportedly vetted by Trump for a Cabinet position

26/06 23:15 Ariana Grande’s 18 most popular songs, ranked

26/06 23:15 An 18-year-old in Australia was sentenced to prison for selling thousands of dollars worth of fake music festival tickets

26/06 23:15 Adam Scott asked Mitch McConnell to stop using his image, and the campaign responded with a ‘Parks and Rec’ photo of him as the ‘ice clown’

26/06 22:45 Women now outnumber men in the college-educated workforce. They still get paid less.

26/06 22:45 Best Buy is offering up to $90 off JBL headphones and speakers for a limited time

26/06 22:45 The markets poised to outperform developed countries like the US and UK might surprise you — but investors say they’re the best places to look for growth

26/06 22:45 Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper was mistaken for a member of the media at the first Democratic debates

26/06 22:30 Opening Lelystad Airport volgend jaar no go

26/06 22:30 Chipsector in trek op Amerikaanse beurzen

26/06 22:15 Het geloof in wetenschap, is dat een religie?

26/06 22:15 In Oeganda zetten alle zelfbenoemde, witte Westerse redders kwaad ‘Het is het nieuwe kolonialisme in Afrika’

26/06 22:15 The 5 TV shows returning in July that everyone will be talking about

26/06 22:15 Walmart reveals it’s planning an Amazon Prime Day counterattack with thousands of deals

26/06 22:15 Trump threatens to expand his trade war by slapping tariffs on Vietnam

26/06 22:15 The Uber executive who was linked to some of the company’s biggest scandals was reportedly vetted by Trump for a Cabinet position

26/06 22:15 Reddit has ‘quarantined’ one of the biggest communities of Trump supporters on the internet, citing ‘threats of violence against police and public officials’

26/06 22:15 Trump falsely accuses Robert Mueller of deleting FBI emails and texts

26/06 22:15 A key metric on FedEx’s balance sheet underscores why the shipping giant dropped Amazon as a customer


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