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Supreme Court Asked To Hear Case Involving Leaked ‘Climategate’ Emails

24/05 23:45 - Supreme Court Asked To Hear Case Involving Leaked ‘Climategate’ Emails
From The Daily Caller Michael Bastasch | Energy Editor A D.C.-based libertarian think tank petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on a years-long defamation case involving leaked emails from climate scientists that seriously undermined the credibility of alarming global warming predictions. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) wants to overturn a lower court decision allowing…...


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27/06 05:30 Dijbeen gevonden van een ‘knoeperd’ van een vogel

27/06 03:45 Part of the Pacific Ocean is not warming as expected, but why?

27/06 03:30 Really Big Bird Found In Crimea

27/06 00:45 Lightning Strikes Are Foreshadowed by 'Glows' of Gamma Rays, Scientists Find

27/06 00:45 New Test Can Detect "Hidden Consciousness" in Coma Patients

26/06 23:45 Supreme Court dishes property owners a Fifth Amendment victory

26/06 22:45 ALMA Spots What May Be the Very First Stages of Planetary Formation

26/06 21:45 New-Generation Incubator Brings the Latest Technology to Mid-Capacity Microplate Cell Culture

26/06 21:45  attend the Washington D.C. climate conference with me at a special rate

26/06 20:30 DNA reveals a European Neandertal lineage that lasted 80,000 years

26/06 20:30 Cellecta, Inc. Launches the First Commercially Available Dual-sgRNA Libraries for CRISPRa and CRISPRi Genetic Screens

26/06 19:45 Why Politicians Who Don’t Understand the Science of Global Warming Don’t Need to Act.

26/06 19:30 Thick calluses don’t make feet any less sensitive

26/06 19:15 Niks mis met eeltvoeten, integendeel

26/06 18:30 Ulawun in Papua New Guinea Has a Towering New Eruption

26/06 18:30 Bystanders Try to Help More Often Than They Get Credit For

26/06 18:30 USPTO Restarts CRISPR Patent Dispute Between Broad and UC

26/06 17:45 What Does Absolute Zero Mean?

26/06 17:45  How These Destructive Storms Form, and Why They Get So Strong

26/06 17:30 What We Know About the Causes and Symptoms of ADHD

26/06 17:30 Mouse Model Shows How Parkinson's Disease Begins in the Gut

26/06 16:45 Steam Still Moving Us, Even in the 21st Century

26/06 16:45 Novel Antibody-Drug Characterization Tools and Formulation/Process Development

26/06 16:30 Sartorius debuts the Intellicyt iQue3 at CYTO® 2019

26/06 16:30 Economisch gewicht slavernij veel groter dan op het toppunt 10 procent van bbp

26/06 16:30 Reading in the Original

26/06 16:15 NASA haalt nooit bestudeerde maanstenen uit kluis voor jubileum maanlanding

26/06 16:15 Lightyear One gepresenteerd

26/06 16:15 NASA haalt nooit bestudeerde maanstenen uit kluis voor jubileum maanlanding

26/06 15:45 Expedeon AG introduces Lightning-Link Metal Labeling Kits to support single cell analysis

26/06 15:45 AI Researchers Tout their Wares to the Climate Science Community

26/06 15:15 Powerbacterie in darmen kan leiden tot opvallend beter uithoudingsvermogen

26/06 15:15 Powerbacterie in darmen kan leiden tot opvallend beter uithoudingsvermogen

26/06 14:30 Image of the Stowaway

26/06 14:15 Muziek maken met complexe eiwitten

26/06 13:30 Peru’s famous Nazca Lines may include drawings of exotic birds

26/06 12:45 ‘Myanmar is een speeltuin voor wetenschappers en ingenieurs’

26/06 11:45 Is het terecht dat patiënten in de rechtszaak tegen Monsanto miljardairs worden? Ik zeg nee

26/06 11:30 Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #363

26/06 11:15 Boeing 737 Max-toestellen staan geparkeerd

26/06 10:45 De aarde heeft hier en daar ‘plasticroest’

26/06 09:15 Perfecte crêpe bereiden dankzij de natuurkunde

26/06 07:45 MY EYES! Abandon all hope, ye who click here

26/06 03:45 Listening to climate doomsters makes our situation worse

26/06 01:30 Signs of the color blue have been found in a fossil for the first time

25/06 23:45 These Monkeys Have An Archaeological Record 3,000 Years Old

25/06 23:45 Salt-loving Bacteria's Survival Skills Bode Well for Life on Mars

25/06 23:45 CBD Might Work as an Antibiotic to Treat Bacterial Infections

25/06 23:45 Elite Athletes Get a Performance Boost From Special Gut Microbes

25/06 23:45 Resolution and Hockey Sticks, Part 1


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