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Doet u mij maar een halve staatsobligatie

01/06 00:15 - Doet u mij maar een halve staatsobligatie
Wie denkt er nog aan staatsobligaties? Staatsleningen oftewel staatsobligaties zullen deze dagen niet vreselijk populair zijn. De tekorten die een overheid heeft worden middels langlopende en kortlopende leningen op de markt gebracht. Deze staatsobligaties worden...


Meer over economie

25/04 06:45 Geautomatiseerde inkoop online advertenties steeds minder uitbesteed

25/04 06:30 Ex-Nissan-topman Ghosn vrij op borgtocht van vier miljoen euro

25/04 06:15 Nieuwe app Pascal Ontijd (SnappCar) helpt bij ultieme besteding vrije tijd

25/04 06:15 Everlane just dropped its first sneaker for $98 — it’s carbon neutral, unisex, and incredibly comfortable. Here’s what they’re like to wear

25/04 06:15 Cory Booker’s tax returns show an eye-popping financial stat that sets him apart from every other 2020 Democrat

25/04 06:15 Victims of the Christchurch massacre loomed large as Prince William joined New Zealanders and Australians commemorating ANZAC Day

25/04 05:45 Topman Ghosn mag voor 4,5 miljoen dollar de cel uit

25/04 05:30 Prijsexplosie van varkensvlees

25/04 05:15 Ex-Nissan-topman Ghosn op borgtocht van vier miljoen euro vrij

25/04 04:45 The $5 billion fine Facebook expects to pay the FTC is a joke — on all of us

25/04 04:15 With nearly 700 measles cases this year, the CDC is bracing for the disease to grab a ‘foothold’ on the US again — for the first time in decades

25/04 03:15 Serena Williams opens up about being the CEO of her tennis team and her daughter Olympia — her ‘greatest success by far’

25/04 02:15 ‘Game of Thrones’ keeps adding fuel to a popular ‘Evil Daenerys’ fan theory, but her path forward is more complicated

25/04 01:45 Facebook is bracing for a record-breaking $5 billion fine from US regulators

25/04 01:15 The founder of Craigslist and other donors will ‘reassess’ their support for the Markup following the controversial firing of its editor-in-chief

25/04 01:15 Elon Musk said now is ‘probably’ around the right time to raise capital

25/04 01:15 Slack could publicly file its S-1 this week in a major step toward an IPO

25/04 01:15 Microsoft briefly becomes a $1 trillion company after reporting earnings that blew away Wall Street estimates

25/04 00:45 Why Facebook is paying a fine of $3 billion to $5 billion

25/04 00:45 Tesla just reported an abysmal quarter with Model S and Model X sales falling off a cliff

25/04 00:45 Hillary Clinton op-ed says Mueller report shows a ‘crime was committed against all Americans,’ urges Democrats not to rush to impeach Trump

25/04 00:15 Tesla boekt stevig kwartaalverlies

25/04 00:15 Tesla boekt stevig kwartaalverlies

25/04 00:15 Lowe’s is cementing its newfound relationship with the NFL with enough 4×6 boards for 140 football fields

25/04 00:15 A dangerous parasitic illness spread by ‘kissing bugs’ that bite people’s faces at night is continuing to spread in the US

25/04 00:15 Microsoft becomes a $1 trillion company after reporting earnings that blew away Wall Street estimates

25/04 00:15 United Airlines just unveiled its first new look since merging with Continental Airlines nearly a decade ago

25/04 00:15 Here’s why Facebook is paying a fine of $3 billion to $5 billion

24/04 23:45 Iets minder omzet voor Core Labs

24/04 23:45 Tesla boekt stevig kwartaalverlies

24/04 23:45 All the celebrities who have been on the cover of People’s Beautiful Issue

24/04 23:45 One man’s dream job is taking him to 52 places around the world in a single year for the trip of a lifetime

24/04 23:45 31 thoughtful gifts for your grandparents that say ‘thank you’ for a lifetime of love

24/04 23:45 Michael Cohen says parts of his guilty plea were ‘a lie’ in a secretly recorded call with a Hollywood comedian

24/04 23:15 13 ways Venezuelans are trying to live like normal as their country falls apart around them

24/04 23:15 11 things you should never put down the drain

24/04 23:15 Best Buy is discounting MacBook Pro laptops by as much as $400 — here are the best ones to buy

24/04 23:15 A national drug rehab program sends patients struggling with addiction to work for free at some of the country’s biggest companies

24/04 23:15 It costs nearly nothing to open a Chick-fil-A — but there’s a catch

24/04 23:15 What average Americans spend on groceries every month in 22 major cities

24/04 22:45 PayPal verhoogt winstprognose

24/04 22:45 Consumentenuitgaven stuwen prestaties Visa

24/04 22:45 Boete FTC drukt cijfers Facebook

24/04 22:45 PayPals Venmo verwerkte 21 miljard dollar in eerste kwartaal

24/04 22:45 Your credit score is based on a complicated, murky calculation, but you can fix it by focusing on 2 easily controllable factors

24/04 22:45 Amazon is selling an avocado-shaped pool float with a removable pit

24/04 22:45 Microsoft beats Wall Street expectations on the top and bottom lines, and the company is inching closer to a $1 trillion market cap

24/04 22:30 Wall Street sluit licht lager

24/04 22:30 Duimen omhoog voor Facebook

24/04 22:30 Omzetgroei en hogere winst voor Microsoft


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