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De nieuwe oliebron

01/06 00:15 - De nieuwe oliebron
Goud is populair maar lithium is razend. Het is niet alleen dat er in de miljoenen telefoontjes, Ipads en andere handheld devices de lithium batterijen zitten, maar ook onze toekomst is steeds meer gericht op...


Meer over economie

15/08 22:45 Turkije is 'bereid om te praten' met VS als dreigementen stoppen

15/08 22:45 Worden na roebel ook roepia en roepie in val meegesleurd?

15/08 22:45 The Afghan military airlifted ISIS captives out rather than re-supply a besieged base — and the Taliban overran it

15/08 22:45 Romelu Lukaku says he plans to retire from the Belgian national team after 2020 and won’t play in the Qatar World Cup

15/08 22:45 The White House waited 3 weeks to announce Trump was revoking Brennan’s security clearance, and some are speculating it was to get people to stop talking about Omarosa and Manafort

15/08 22:45 A day in the life of a Disneyland manager who’s worked there for 23 years, walks 5 miles daily around the park, and has a ‘long-distance’ marriage with his wife

15/08 22:30 Rode koersenborden op Wall Street

15/08 22:30 Fairphone haalt 2,5 miljoen op

15/08 22:30 Cisco voert kwartaalomzet op naar record

15/08 22:15 Here are the oldest and youngest places in America, in one map

15/08 22:15 These are the 20 best-selling sedans in America in 2018

15/08 22:15 Stocks get whacked after Tencent’s rare profit decline raises growth concerns

15/08 22:15 The US Air Force is ordering new satellites to harden defenses against Russian and Chinese missile threats

15/08 22:15 We went shopping at Macy’s and JCPenney to see which was a better department store, and the winner was clear

15/08 22:15 Cisco beats Wall Street by a hair on earnings

15/08 21:45 Stevig verlies op fors hogere omzet Uber

15/08 21:45 Former CIA Director John Brennan says a lesson from his father helped him navigate tense situations and 3 a.m. phone calls

15/08 21:45 17 real women share what it takes to land the job, grow your paycheck, and get ahead in your career

15/08 21:45 The 21 best countries in the world to live in if you’re a woman

15/08 21:45 Google’s parent company revealed its plan for a high-tech neighborhood in Toronto — and it could be the world’s largest tall timber project

15/08 21:30 Koopavonden trekken voor het eerst in jaren weer meer bezoekers

15/08 21:15 Amerikaanse beurswaakhond stuurt Tesla dagvaarding na tweets Musk

15/08 21:15 Amerikaanse beurswaakhond stuurt Tesla dagvaarding na tweets Musk

15/08 21:15 How anesthesia affects your brain and body

15/08 21:15 An ExxonMobil-backed startup that delivers gas to people’s cars is growing across the US

15/08 21:15 What it takes to be a World Cup soccer player

15/08 21:15 A Silicon Valley startup with Chelsea Clinton on its board is launching the first at-home test for an HIV prevention drug, and you can try it right now

15/08 21:15 Trump revokes former CIA director and frequent Trump critic John Brennan’s security clearance

15/08 21:15 Tiger Woods is back — here’s how he spends his millions and lives his life off the course

15/08 21:15 I would play the Nintendo Switch way more than I do if it had these 3 features

15/08 20:45 Musk krijgt steun beursexit van hedgefonds uit Azië

15/08 20:45  game over, KLM

15/08 20:45 All the TV shows that have been canceled in 2018

15/08 20:45 20-year-old Braves rookie Ronald Acuna Jr is on a tear unlike anything baseball has ever seen

15/08 20:45 Google Assistant and Google Home won’t work properly if you completely disable Google’s location tracking

15/08 20:45 Foodora gooit de handdoek in de ring en trekt zich terug uit Nederland

15/08 20:45 De Italiaanse premier Conte twijfelt de particuliere snelwegbeheerder is schuldig aan de brugramp in Genua

15/08 20:45 Jeff Bezos runs Amazon with 14 demanding leadership principles — here’s how a 23-year-old engineer leveraged 5 of them to land a job

15/08 20:30 Maaltijdbezorger Foodora Nederland stopt

15/08 20:30 Belegger kan geld minder makkelijk vergokken

15/08 20:30 Shell voert eindeloze strijd in Nigeria

15/08 20:15 Elon Musk could take Tesla private with the Saudis — here’s what their sovereign wealth fund is all about

15/08 20:15 A former Tesla engineer says the company silenced her entire team after they brought up safety and quality issues

15/08 20:15 13 things you probably didn’t know about ‘2-buck Chuck,’ Trader Joe’s notoriously cheap wine

15/08 20:15 7 of the biggest financial problems millennials face that their parents didn’t

15/08 20:15 Mattis gave a blunt warning against generals becoming politicians, and in neighboring country where this is happening

15/08 20:15 Uber and Lyft have won a key battleground in the electric scooter wars — and it’s a huge blow to the $2 billion startup that created the scooter phenomenon

15/08 19:45 Beurzen New York behoorlijk in het rood

15/08 19:45 Dalende trend bezoekersaantal koopavonden doorbroken in eerste helft 2018

15/08 19:45 While Omarosa demonizes Trump in her new book, she raves about Melania


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