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Markt van de sportkleding is booming?

01/07 00:15 - Markt van de sportkleding is booming?
De markt van de sportartikelen verandert, hoe gaan merken als Nike en Adidas hiermee om? Het gaat goed met de markt van de sportkleding en sportschoenen. Het bedrijf dat bovenaan staat is Nike. Het merk...


Meer over economie

18/04 18:45 Advies duurder vliegen ’van beperkte waarde’

18/04 18:45 Supermarkten verwachten recordomzet te draaien tijdens paasweekend

18/04 18:45 Canada is launching a tax credit for electric vehicles. Tesla’s cars are too expensive to qualify.

18/04 18:45 The Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving free agency hype is reaching a fever pitch, and the Knicks are heavily involved

18/04 18:45 Everlane is going after Adidas and Allbirds with a new brand to tap into the $20 billion sneaker market

18/04 18:45 ‘Game of Thrones’ star Isaac Hempstead Wright says his mom had to give him the sex talk early because of Bran’s iconic scene in episode one

18/04 18:45 Mueller says Trump was unsuccessful in obstructing justice — but mostly because his aides didn’t follow his orders

18/04 18:45 5 tips and tricks to get the most out of your AirPods

18/04 18:45 ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ got a massive update on Wednesday — here’s everything that’s new

18/04 18:45 Trump’s inner circle celebrates the release of the Mueller report as a ‘complete and total vindication’ of the president

18/04 18:45 Trump broke down and cursed upon learning of the special counsel’s ‘This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency.’

18/04 18:45 Attorney General William Barr says Mueller report outlines 11 instances of potential obstruction of justice by Trump

18/04 18:30 Russische economie groeit trager

18/04 18:30  een compliment voor de fiscus is op zijn plaats

18/04 18:30 Kassa voor waterschappen

18/04 18:30 Brill tevreden over begin 2019

18/04 18:30 Wietgigant Canopy neemt Amerikaanse investeerder over na legalisering VS

18/04 18:30 Supermarkten verwachten recordomzet te draaien door paasweekend

18/04 18:15 Pinterest opent 25 procent hoger op beurs

18/04 18:15 EasyJet omarmt luchtvaartadvies, KLM vindt het een gevaar voor de economie

18/04 18:15 I completely gave up using the internet for 5 days — and it was way harder than I could have ever imagined

18/04 18:15 Read the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller

18/04 18:15 Tickets to Coachella cost $429, but one photo I took at the festival shows why it’s worth the money if you love the headlining acts

18/04 18:15 As France rebuilds Notre-Dame Cathedral, the French studio behind ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is offering up its ‘over 5,000 hours’ of research on the 800-year-old monument

18/04 18:15 Trump’s legal team declares ‘total victory’ after the redacted Mueller report’s release

18/04 18:15 Unilever en Arcadis beleven topdag op de beurs na goede kwartaalcijfers

18/04 18:15 Trump broke down and cursed upon learning of the special counsel ’This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency.’

18/04 17:45 Belastingdienst voldoet nog altijd niet aan privacywet

18/04 17:45  koek en ei dankzij Unilever

18/04 17:45 Unilever en Arcadis uitblinkers op Damrak

18/04 17:45 Wat is de 'Tesla-subsidie' en waarom is er discussie over?

18/04 17:45 Canadese wietgigant neemt Amerikaanse investeerder over na legalisering VS

18/04 17:45 ‘Milieupionier’ KLM niet blij met ‘Economie in gevaar’

18/04 17:45 Meet William What you need to know about the attorney general who just received Mueller’s report

18/04 17:45 14 things you should always buy at Home Depot — and 13 things to avoid at all costs

18/04 17:45 50 Mother’s Day gifts you can find at Target, from the practical to the unexpected

18/04 17:45 Take a look at the Genesis Mint, a two-seater electric vehicle concept with doors that ease access to the trunk in bumper-to-bumper parking

18/04 17:45 Trump said ‘I’m f—-d’ when Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Mueller probe

18/04 17:30 We gaven nog nooit zoveel uit voor Pasen

18/04 17:30 Unilever verkoopt terrein in Vlaardingen

18/04 17:30 Beursdebutant Zoom krijgt bij start in VS vleugels

18/04 17:30 Nieuwkomer Pinterest schiet in VS uit startblokken

18/04 17:15 This map shows where each state’s largest immigrant group comes from (besides Mexico)

18/04 17:15 The top comedy shows on Netflix and other streaming services

18/04 17:15 A new social club in a Rockefeller Center penthouse is betting that executives will pay $400 a month to access its lounges and its network of CEOs and directors. Here’s what it looks like inside.

18/04 17:15 This samurai slasher for Nintendo Switch and PC lets players turn every stage into a bloody highlight real

18/04 17:15 Justice Department releases redacted Mueller report to public

18/04 17:15 Ted Cruz was blasted after joking about Disney’s Notre Dame donation

18/04 16:45 Euro zakt flink weg na dompers uit grote EU-landen

18/04 16:45  mooie plussen richting Pasen


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