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Save the Penguins!

05/08 03:45 - Save the Penguins!
“Our results show that if sea ice declines at the rate projected by climate models under current energy system trends and policies, the 3Rs would be dramatically reduced and almost all colonies would become quasi-extinct by 2100. We conclude that the species should be listed as threatened under the ESA.” “And not just for penguins,” Dr. Jenouvrier noted. “For us and for our children.”...


Meer over wetenschap

26/09 23:30 “Power Mad” (Matt Ridley on the UK Energy Crisis)

26/09 20:30 Greta Thunberg Lashes Out at Deep Green World Leaders

26/09 15:45 Europe is switching back to coal to survive bleak winter

26/09 11:30 Green Energy Companies Fold

26/09 10:15 Is de wolharige mammoet dan de oplossing voor ons klimaatprobleem?

26/09 09:45 ‘Uitdrukkingen zijn alive-and-kicking’

26/09 07:30 Best Delta 8 Top 10 Brands & Buyer’s Guide

26/09 07:30 Lucy Is Going to Space!

26/09 03:45 New Evidence That Humans Populated the Americas During the Last Glacial Maximum

25/09 19:45 Intensified water cycle slows down global warming, new study finds

25/09 17:15 Oeroude, menselijke voetafdrukken zijn mogelijk oudste in Amerika

25/09 16:45 Oudste voetafdrukken in Amerika gevonden

25/09 15:45 “Insulate Now” Climate Radicals Block Imports of Insulation

25/09 14:45 Legos in the Lab

25/09 11:15 How CO2 Saves the Greenhouse Gas have Vital Warming & Cooling Effects

25/09 09:45 Nieuw bedrijf wil de wolharige mammoet tot leven wekken – maar kan dat wel?

25/09 09:15 InSight meet krachtigste Marsbevingen tot nu toe

25/09 07:30 Nancy Aussie PM “leading the way” on Climate Change

25/09 03:45 Shell Goes Full BP – Part Deux

25/09 00:45 Optogenetics and mRNA Vaccines Net Lasker Awards

25/09 00:30 Energy poverty is not an option for India’s 360 million poor

24/09 21:45 Symbols

24/09 19:30 Why Are So Many of Us Afraid of Our Thoughts?

24/09 19:30 Statisticians Reveal the Number of Serial Killers That Were Never Caught During The 20th Century

24/09 19:30 The Butterfly How Humans Made the Xerces Blue Go Extinct

24/09 19:30 Aussie Federal Treasurer Pushes for a Climate Unicorn Powered Economy

24/09 19:15 Microchips kunnen nu ook vliegen

24/09 17:30 Matching Water Purity to Fit Experimental Needs

24/09 16:30 Delta 8 THC Near Where to Buy The Best D8 Products Online

24/09 16:30 Climate vs. What’s the Difference? 

24/09 16:30 Moderna vs. Is There a “Best” mRNA Vaccine?

24/09 15:30 ‘Ice Rivers’ invites you to get to know our world’s melting glaciers

24/09 15:15 ‘Sommige dino’s zwiepten staart voor snellere tred’

24/09 14:30 A desire for knowledge on many science fronts

24/09 14:30 Readers discuss ‘uniquely human’ DNA and Mars’ volcanic activity

24/09 13:45 WHO adviseert medicijn tegen Corona

24/09 13:45 Voetafdrukken bewijzen dat 23.000 jaar geleden al mensen in Amerika rondwandelden

24/09 12:30 Rice feeds half the world. Climate change’s droughts and floods put it at risk

24/09 12:15 ‘Zelfontbranding is totale pseudowetenschap’

24/09 10:45 Het is nu wetenschappelijk mannen zijn soms echt overbodig

24/09 10:15 Ook dieren brabbelen om hun taal te leren

24/09 09:15 Hoe snel kan de mensheid zich verspreiden?

24/09 09:15 Fossiele voetafdrukken herschrijven geschiedenis Amerika

24/09 08:45 Coronapas is niets Gibraltar introduceerde vergelijkbaar immuniteitspaspoort in 1828 al

24/09 07:45 Ultimate Climate Coal Burning BoJo Demands the World “Grow Up”

24/09 03:30 Record number of Chukchi Sea polar bears in 2020

23/09 23:45 Why only some people will get COVID-19 booster shots at first

23/09 23:30 “Lying Flat”: Back to Nature Undermining the Chinese Economy

23/09 22:30 Why Couldn’t Iron Age People Throw Some Stuff Away?

23/09 22:30 Streamlining Cell and Gene Therapy Research


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