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Duncan Wardle, voormalig Head of Innovation & Creativity Disney, spreekt voor het eerst in ...

04/02 12:15 - Duncan Wardle, voormalig Head of Innovation & Creativity Disney, spreekt voor het eerst in ...
Duncan Wardle is de laatste toevoeging aan de line-up van het nieuwe evenement R.evolution of events op 14 maart 2019 in World Forum The Hague. Duncan Wardle, voormalig Head of Innovation & Creativity van Disney, spreekt tijdens dit evenement voor het eerst in Nederland. »...


Meer over economie

20/03 07:30 Nikkei eindigt hoger in lagere regio

20/03 07:30 'Tencent wil belang nemen in Kruidvat-moeder'

20/03 07:30 ’Chinezen azen op aandelen Kruidvat-moeder’

20/03 07:15 Redactie Walking Dinner Haarlem

20/03 07:15 iMacs met betere specs

20/03 07:15 Waarom deze nieuwe auto in Duitsland 11.990 euro kost en hier een halve ton

20/03 07:15 Even op en neer naar Kansas voor onderonsje met de Amerikanen

20/03 06:45 Rechters alert op misbruik van faillissementen

20/03 06:45 Rechters alert op misbruik van faillissementen

20/03 06:30 Mes gaat vaker in dure merken

20/03 06:15 Havas start expertisenetwerk retail

20/03 06:15 AH gaat retouren aannemen verkooppartners bol.com

20/03 05:15 Brexit zonder akkoord kost Vlaamse bedrijven 800 miljoen euro per jaar

20/03 05:15 USC’s campus newspaper is chastising school administrators for offering ‘flimsy solutions and weak promises’ in the wake of college admissions scandal

20/03 04:45 Investigators say the New Zealand gunman was gearing up for a ‘further attack’ when police captured him

20/03 02:15 Google’s weird name and logo for its new gaming service is part of a clever disappearing act

20/03 02:15 How to clear the cache on your Mac computer to make it run more efficiently

20/03 02:15 An off-duty pilot reportedly prevented a Boeing 737 Max 8 crash, one day before the same plane crashed and killed 189 passengers and crew

20/03 01:45 Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes used a deep baritone voice at almost all times, but former insiders say it was faked

20/03 01:45 I tried Stadia, Google’s big play to conquer video games. It’s really promising, but there’s still too much we don’t know.

20/03 01:15 The US could be guilty of war crimes in Somalia and has killed civilians under a ‘shroud of secrecy,’ according to a new report

20/03 00:45 Google just unveiled Stadia, its ambitious attempt to upend the video-game industry and take on Xbox and PlayStation. Here’s everything we know.

20/03 00:15 Thousands of female economists say they’ve been sexually assaulted or discriminated against by colleagues

20/03 00:15 Ivanka Trump reportedly used a workaround to get access to Air Force planes after being rejected. 68% of Americans surveyed think someone who uses the same workaround should be punished.

20/03 00:15 African cities are running out of water, and the continent needs $66 billion to avoid a crisis of disease and dehydration

19/03 23:45 Watch Google’s Stadia video-game-platform event in 5 minutes

19/03 23:45 Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign has been quietly getting advice from journalist David Sirota for months, even as he relentlessly attacked other Democratic candidates, and now he’s the senator’s speechwriter

19/03 23:15 Wereldwijd kantoorrevolutie grijpt om zich heen

19/03 23:15 Regulators just approved a new depression drug with the potential to be a game-changer

19/03 23:15 THEN AND How the American living room has evolved

19/03 23:15 Long before I became an admissions essay coach, I was an immigrant kid figuring out college applications on my own — and that’s why the admissions scandal upsets me

19/03 23:15 Apple News jitters, Instagram goes shopping, and chatbots rise again

19/03 22:45 Bouwfouten automatisch opsporen

19/03 22:45 Restbedrag schikking Telia gaat naar Nederland

19/03 22:45 Een op de vijf apparaten is minder zuinig dan op het energielabel staat

19/03 22:45 CEO and co-founder of crowdfunding giant Kickstarter resigns amid staff unionization effort

19/03 22:45 Google just unveiled Stadia, its ambitious attempt to upend the video game industry and take on Xbox and PlayStation. Here’s everything we know

19/03 22:45 Premier Rutte weet het even helemaal niet meer tijdens het NOS-slotdebat en roept de hulp in van zijn “Caroline!”

19/03 22:45 Trump just nominated a permanent FAA head — more than a year after the last one left

19/03 22:30 ’Onderhandelaars VS praten volgende week in China verder’

19/03 22:30  Impasse neutraliseert ‘riskante’ Europese politiek

19/03 22:30 Nieuwe voorzitter voor AB InBev

19/03 22:15 Voormalig sigarettenbaas wordt nieuwe voorzitter AB InBev

19/03 22:15 What 49 actresses look like without makeup

19/03 22:15 The White House is reportedly expected to nominate a permanent FAA head soon — more than a year after the last one left

19/03 22:15 How the Dumas family, heirs to the $49.2 billion Hermès fortune, turned a leather store into a luxury empire and became one of the wealthiest families in the world

19/03 22:15 Watch Google unveil Stadia, its new video-game platform that streams across devices without a console

19/03 22:15 Kickstarter co-founder Perry Chen resigns as CEO amid staff unionization effort

19/03 21:45 Angst voor recessie waait rond in Duitsland

19/03 21:45 FedEx voelt afzwakkende wereldeconomie


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