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Grondstoffenhandelaar Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) doet een bod op Bunge.

01/11 00:15 - Grondstoffenhandelaar Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) doet een bod op Bunge.
We konden eerder al lezen dat er een serieuze gegadigde was voor Bunge. Gisteren is bekend gemaakt dat Grondstoffenhandelaar Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) een bod heeft gedaan op branchegenoot Bunge. Het aandeel Bunge schoot vrijdagavond nabeurs met...


Meer over economie

19/01 03:15 MoviePass executives are making one more last-ditch effort to save the stock from getting delisted

19/01 02:45 Mueller’s office disputes bombshell report on Trump’s alleged involvement with Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress

19/01 01:15 50 beautiful photos of traditional wedding guest attire from around the world

19/01 01:15 Sean Payton asked Saints fans to help thwart how the Rams use one lesser-known rule to their advantage

19/01 01:15 Trump says he’ll make a ‘major announcement’ about the government shutdown on Saturday

19/01 00:30 Participatie is terug op niveau voor crisis 2008

19/01 00:30 Kloof tussen aandeel werkende mannen en vrouwen opnieuw kleiner

19/01 00:15 The shocking age differences between 32 fictional parents and their children

19/01 00:15 ‘It’s history repeating itself’: Experts say the Trump-Cohen situation is reminiscent of Nixon era

18/01 23:45 Here are all the known contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian government-linked people or entities

18/01 23:45 A Southwest flight caused an airport in Nebraska to close after it slid off the runway

18/01 23:15 The ’10-Year Challenge’ has taken over social media, but these 30 celebs don’t seem to have aged at all

18/01 23:15 SHUTDOWN DAY 28: Secret Service agents struggle with no pay; White House thinks next week could eat another 0.13 points of GDP growth

18/01 23:15 I slept with this $70 memory foam body pillow for 60 nights, and my back has never felt more supported

18/01 23:15 10 wild revelations about the epic Fyre Festival failure uncovered in Netflix’s new documentary

18/01 23:15 ‘Riverdale’ star Mark Consuelos wants his entire family to be on the show after his wife guest-stars as his mistress

18/01 22:45 Meet the Sacklers, one of the richest families in America, who built their $14 billion fortune off of controversial prescription drug OxyContin

18/01 22:45 In the wettest place in the world, people grow ‘living’ bridges out of tree roots that can stand strong for centuries

18/01 22:45 10 of the most shocking twists and turns of El Chapo’s drug-trafficking trial, so far

18/01 22:45 Everyone who’s telling you that Tesla is influencing the rest of the auto industry is completely wrong

18/01 22:30 Handelshoop zet beurzen New York hoger

18/01 22:15 376 migrants, including 179 kids, used 7 tunnels to get under the US border fence in Arizona

18/01 22:15 Mickey Drexler is severing his last ties with J.Crew at one of the most difficult times in its history

18/01 22:15 Trump has been implicated in several federal crimes, but here’s why experts say he hasn’t faced legal consequences

18/01 22:15 12 surprising ways to save money when buying things on Amazon

18/01 22:15 A Florida man arrested on charges of child porn and unlawful sex with a minor allegedly used ‘Fortnite’ to find his victim, and authorities are worried there could be up to 20 others

18/01 22:15 Marie Kondo’s Netflix special ‘Tidying Up’ has gone viral after seemingly changing people’s lives, but experts stress a clean space isn’t for everyone

18/01 21:45 ’Jaap werd in het pak genaaid’

18/01 21:45 Recordboete dreigt voor Facebook in VS

18/01 21:45 How Rudy Giuliani from went from ‘America’s Mayor’ to Trump’s pernicious pitbull

18/01 21:45 Beef jerky bouquets are a thing and they’re perfect for your meat-loving valentine

18/01 21:45 Here are the most important upcoming dates related to the government shutdown

18/01 21:30 'Boete VS dreigt voor Facebook'

18/01 21:15 The FTC is reportedly considering hitting Facebook with a ‘record-setting’ fine over privacy issues

18/01 21:15 Trump to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in February during nuclear stalemate

18/01 21:15 We compared Whole Foods stores in the city and in the suburbs — and the loser was clear

18/01 21:15 A prolific scammer posing as different celebrities is flying Instagram influencers across the world in an elaborate scheme to steal their money

18/01 21:15 A Democratic senator is asking the FBI to investigate Kirstjen Nielsen, accusing her of perjury in sworn testimony about the family separations

18/01 20:45  Niet terugkrabbelen

18/01 20:45 Wisselingen in top noodlijdend Nyrstar

18/01 20:45 The US Navy’s newest fleet is bulking up for ‘leaner, agile’ operations to counter Russia in the Atlantic and the Arctic

18/01 20:45 THE RUSSIA BuzzFeed’s bombshell, Barr’s confirmation, and Giuliani’s latest shift

18/01 20:45 Female CEOs are paying up to $8,000 for executive coaching sessions in a swanky new NYC ‘clubhouse’ — and there’s already a 3,000-person wait list

18/01 20:45 Kellogg’s released Peeps cereal and it’s a marshmallow-flavored cereal with marshmallows

18/01 20:45 Most Americans don’t think there’s a crisis at the US-Mexico border — including the people who live closest to it

18/01 20:45 A long-running scammer posing as different celebrities is flying Instagram influencers across the world in an elaborate scheme to steal their money

18/01 20:45 A ‘super blood wolf moon’ this weekend will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021 — here’s how to catch it

18/01 20:45 Tesla is slashing workers ahead of one of the most crucial deadlines in its history

18/01 20:30 Mercedes wil nieuwe fabriek in Egypte bouwen

18/01 20:30 Biertje wordt duurder


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