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Onze 6-daagse Groepsreis door mystiek en divers Marokko

04/04 15:45 - Onze 6-daagse Groepsreis door mystiek en divers Marokko
Marokko. Geen land ter wereld is zo mystiek, divers en uniek als Marokko. Daarom leent dit land zich bij uitstek voor een groepsreis. Op culinair, cultureel en actief gebied heeft Marokko veel te bieden. Hoogtepunten van de reis Reis van de ‘duizend-en-een-nacht sprookjesstad’ Marrakech naar de groene valleien met traditionele Berber dorpen naar de gele zandduinen van de Sahara in het Zuiden. Ook het prachtige noorden mag niet vergeten worden met als hoogtepunt de ‘blauwe’ stad Chefcahaouen en Koningssteden Fès en Meknes. Marokko heeft unieke overnachtingsadressen zoals traditionele riads (soms met eigen hammam), tentenkampen (slapen onder de sterrenhemel!) en natuurlijk goede hotels! De hoogtepunten van deze reis Diner met live muziek en dans Djemaa el Fna plein Lunch in de Agafay woestijn 4×4 Jeepsafari Kookworkshop Benieuwd naar het programma van deze 6-daagse groepsreis door mystiek en divers Marokko? Ontdek dit unieke land!...


Meer over economie

20/01 14:30 DSM- ’Prijs op CO2 is noodzakelijk’

20/01 14:30 DSM- 'Prijs op CO2 is noodzakelijk'

20/01 14:30 Topman ABN AMRO rekent op afbouw belang Staat

20/01 14:15 The same city has been ranked the most expensive city in the world for 5 years running, and it’s partially because of the cost of buying a car

20/01 14:15 The 33-year-old who crossed Antarctica alone once got horrific burns at a Thai beach party — and he says it’s the reason he sets world records today

20/01 14:15 After GoFundMe refunded donations to a ‘Fund The Wall’ campaign, people sent the organizer over $7 million to build the wall privately

20/01 13:45 Britse parlementariërs willen no-deal stoppen

20/01 13:30 Democraten wijzen aanbod Trump af

20/01 13:15 Apple is selling the iPhone SE again, its smallest, cheapest, and arguably best phone

20/01 13:15 I tried Uber’s luxurious London competitor Wheely, and it made me think it’s possible for money to buy happiness

20/01 12:45  nauwe band EU óf nieuw referendum

20/01 11:15 De lichtsnelheid is eigenlijk best wel traag – als je deze 3 animaties van een NASA-wetenschapper bekijkt

20/01 10:15 Top 5 Vergaderarrangementen in een stad

20/01 10:15 Floyd Mayweather ‘doesn’t have the motivation’ to rematch Manny Pacquiao

20/01 09:45 Trump doet aanbod om shutdown te stoppen, Democraten noemen voorstel ‘onacceptabel’

20/01 09:45 How Theresa May united a bitterly divided Conservative party against her Brexit deal

20/01 09:45 Manny Pacquiao rolled back the years to beat Adrien Broner in style, then challenged Floyd Mayweather to a rematch

20/01 09:15 Evan Spiegel’s old Stanford professor flamed the Snapchat CEO for failing to stop kids getting addicted to tech

20/01 09:15 Manny Pacquiao rolled back the years to beat Adrien Broner in style, then challenges Floyd Mayweather to a rematch

20/01 08:45 Column Bart Combée: Gelukt!

20/01 07:45 Manny Pacquiao rolled back the years to beat Adrien Broner in style, setting up a potential Floyd Mayweather rematch in the summer

20/01 04:45 ‘We are here for all of us’: Despite negativity surrounding the Women’s March 2019, thousands rallied for unity in DC

20/01 03:15 Trump’s strategy for the government shutdown is a mess and most Americans aren’t on board

20/01 03:15 Trump made an alarming comment about mothers giving their daughters birth control before they migrate

20/01 02:15 Trump’s ‘common-sense compromise’ on immigration to end the government shutdown isn’t a compromise at all, critics say

20/01 00:15 Trump offered Democrats a limited immigration ‘compromise’ to end the shutdown. Democrats say it’s a ‘hostage taking.’

19/01 23:45 Trump offered Democrats a limited immigration ‘compromise’ to end the shutdown. Democrats say it’s ‘hostage taking.’

19/01 23:15 Trump offered Democrats a limited immigration ‘compromise’ to end the shutdown. Democrats say it’s ‘unacceptable.’

19/01 23:15 No worries, you can still get a passport during the government shutdown

19/01 22:15 Astronauts can attend Amazon’s new cutting-edge tech conference for free

19/01 22:15 The best new technology we saw at CES 2019

19/01 22:15 The organizers of the Google Walkout are calling on the tech industry to end forced arbitration employment agreements completely

19/01 22:15 The 7 biggest things to expect from Nintendo in 2019

19/01 21:45 Democrats rejected Trump’s latest reported shutdown offer before it was even announced, calling it ‘unacceptable’

19/01 21:15 Video shows teenagers in ‘MAGA’ hats mocking and harassing Native American protestors at Indigenous Peoples March

19/01 20:15 Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon shares the story of how he became a DJ

19/01 20:15 How Patrick Mahomes went from a high school baseball star to the most exciting player in the NFL and future of the league

19/01 19:45 Welke bijbelvertaling veroordeelt eigenlijk homoseksualiteit?

19/01 19:45 A genetic testing company you’ve never heard of could become a household name as it takes on 23andMe

19/01 19:45 Experts explain what to do with your money right now, whether or not a recession is looming

19/01 19:45 A Silicon Valley company just launched ‘smart’ cancer pills that track you with tiny sensors stamped into your medications

19/01 19:45 Video shows catholic high school group in ‘MAGA’ hats mocking and harassing Native American protestors at Indigenous Peoples March

19/01 19:15 Vruchtbare grond voor familiebedrijf ziet techgiganten naar de polder komen

19/01 19:15 Kirsten Gillibrand broke down what her ‘Abolish ICE’ proposal would look like during a campaign visit to Iowa

19/01 19:15 The government shutdown is now the longest on record and the fight between Trump and Democrats is only getting uglier. Here’s everything you missed.

19/01 18:45 Trump will reportedly bring DACA to shutdown negotiations in ‘major announcement’

19/01 18:45 Most Americans would rather spend the $5 billion Trump is demanding for the border wall on infrastructure, education, or healthcare

19/01 18:15 Altijd koud op kantoor? Zet de sfeerverlichting aan

19/01 18:15 BlackRock accidentally posted spreadsheets full of information on thousands of financial advisors that use its ETFs, calling some ‘dabblers’ and others ‘power users’

19/01 18:15 THE OTHER BORDER ‘CRISIS’: While America is fixated on Mexico and the wall, thousands of migrants are fleeing for Canada in a dramatically different scene


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